*1 Fingerings for the lower notes may change depending on the tuba's make or model.

*1 Fingerings for the lower notes may change depending on the tuba's make or model. Here's a picture of it also, for quick access. Here in Sydney I have been finding many band directors, students, parents and even the tutors are confused about Eb Tubas.Many schools, especially primary schools, but high schools also, will often have an old 3/4 Eb Tuba in the cupboard. Furthermore, some tubas have five valves. Fingering guides are not absolute. Although it is possible to produce higher or lower notes than shown with these fingerings, you will need to consult an advanced player's manual or ask your teacher to help you. Tuba. These are often from when the band program was first formed in the 60s and 70s. School students in brass bands may have heard comments of confusion regarding the fourth piston valve. You can use a tuner or reference your notes from a piano or any other handy instrument you are certain of the pitch of. The number of times I've turned up to a school for a workshop, band camp or other event, gone to help out the Tuba player who is obviously struggling and realised very quickly that they are trying to play an Eb Tuba like it's a Bb Tuba - is truly staggering. If you aren't sure if what you have in front of you is an Eb Tuba, here's a few tips to help you figure it out.I'm going to assume it's only got 3 valves, which almost all of these old school tubas are.1) The 3/4 Eb is a smaller than the now common 3/4 Bb Tuba made by Yamaha and Jupiter, which is what most primary schools now purchase.2) They have less length of total tubing, which can usually be noticed by counting how many times the tubing loops around.Heres a picture comparison between a Yamaha YBB-105s 3/4 Bb Tuba and a Boosey & Hawkes Regent 3/4 Eb Tuba (which are wonderful little tubas to learn on.) Due partly to it often being the least played and partly due to these tubas being very durable (although often not good quality). *2 Slide 1 and slide 4 fully open *3 Slide 1 almost fully open.

With these scales in your musical vocabulary, you have something to draw from when improvising. Being able to use the fourth valve increases the possibilities available to you, so there is no reason not to use it. These pictures are not scaled to size, the Yamaha is bigger and hopefully you can see the extra length of all the tubes. Anyway, you may be able to tell, I am very passionate about seeing young musicians taking up the Tuba, but equally frustrated by the appalling job many programs are doing of starting their students on Tuba.For this reason, I have created a quick beginners fingering cheat sheet.This can be very quickly printed out or pulled up on a phone even and help a young student at least start to get the right valves down to play their notes. Remember, the #9 is the same as a flat 3rd; the #11 is the ... notes - have fun with these! Please ask your teacher for guidance and experiment to find fingerings that work well for you. An Eb Tuba will give you the following progression of available notes from low to high: Eb, Bb, Eb, G, Bb, Db, Eb; Whereas a Bb Tuba will give you: Bb, F, Bb, D, F, Ab, Bb; This is the only certain way to know what key your Tuba is in. Is There No Relationship between Bore Size and Volume? Even with four valves, fingerings change with compensating systems. It seriously happens all over the place.Mostly its due to the problem that band directors are keen to get excited young musicians onto Tuba to fill out the bottom end of the band sound and see that poor neglected instrument get some love, yet these directors don't know the first thing about Tuba.

It's very common for a Tuba or two to be the only remaining instruments from the time. *3 Slide 1 almost fully open, Twists and Turns in the Development of the Tuba. Title: 12 Major Scales Tuba Author: Lieto Nicholas Created Date: 1/23/2012 8:29:19 PM

The Harmonic Series is the underlying physics of how Brass instruments play 30+ notes using only 3 valves or 7 slide positions.Mastery of the Harmonic Series is one of the greatest challenges for Brass players and is an area of ongoing development from beginner to professional.

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