So I did summer school in Chem 11 and Pre-Calc 12. They are considered to be separate schools curriculum wise. Multiple mini interview weekends held at the Life Sciences Centre, UBC campus. The online community of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada! its all online now. So in that sense, I am dead set on UBC. All deadlines are firm and applicants will be made ineligible or offers rescinded if documents are not received by the stated dates.

Read, and re-read the question at least 3 times, and make sure you're actually being concise, to the point and thoughtfully answering the question, because odds are, you aren't.

I am a highschool student who's attending school in canada, and my school doesn't offer any second language courses, and I see that second language 11 is mandatory for every course(for students who are from BC). Is PTE eligible for MASc or MENG of Civil Engineering? I worked for the government for the past few years and have zero experience with computer science in any regard. I read more on the offer and it looks like I need to accept it by May 15.

The UBC website has been great, and I am slowly making my way through the subreddit (although I don't understand many of the terms used haha), however I felt hearing from real people would be ideal. 1,647 topics in this forum. SAT2 is for US university application.

Everyone is always more helpful when it seems like you've already tried to solve your problem. Just info, my top 6 average mark for grade 11 was about 92%.

And how bad is it actually? Has anyone here been in my situation, or any tips/advice/resources to help me out? Will I even get a scholarship?

I had 83% average in my last 30 credits, and my CGPA (not sure if this matters) was in the low 70’s; finished a BCom in UofT.


Congratulations! as a first-year student. I suspect they do process applications by date of submission but I’m not sure. I had a really tough time in high school, not academically, as when I applied myself to things I was passionate about I could achieve high 80's, it was more the structure of high school, being forced to take classes I didn't enjoy, not seeing the point etc, although I believe I have grown out of that. TheGradCafe.

This is so wholesome, congrats!!

Did they move the date ahead of the original May 1st deadline? Current first years are the only class to have gone through this new process so far. Stuck in Zoom calls.

When could we expect decisions now that Corona has slowed things down? It is not easier to transfer between UBCO to UBC Vancouver, or between the Faculty of Arts/Forestry -> another faculty. edu 1 Student Affairs – Undergraduate Admissions.

All applicants must complete a minimum of 90 credits and all English prerequisite courses.

Instead, you would apply at the end of your first year, or in your second year. Also, if you have a question related to being new to UBC - planning your degree out, what residence is like, that sort of thing - it should go here, too. I applied around Dec 3rd. Suggest taking multiple offers from UBC, SFU or other competitive admissions-based schools when you have no real intention of going there or in case you fail to maintain your conditional offer. i applied late november and still no decision–is this normal? Ubc Admissions Reddit 2020. Congratulations to everyone who got in :)87% (final 30 credits) in UBC Mech Eng with 16 months of co-op experience. High school students sometimes consider UBC (and other university) courses to be harder than their college-transfer counter-parts. You would declare it after completing your first year of UBC Arts (there may be other procedures depending on your degree program) in SSC.

High school students sometimes consider UBC (and other university) courses to be harder than their college-transfer counter-parts. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.

When can I apply?

Important: For Arts, Sciences, Commerce, and Engineering, you generally don't pick your specialization/major until at least the end of your first-year. ECE mengsooooo happy! Congratulations to everyone who got their offers today, I just got mine as well. While I was waiting for my results, I was beginning to feel l discouraged after seeing high 80’s GPA and all the great/related work other people done. Pre-med and pre-law are not real major/specialization options at UBC.

Of JEE MAINS-2020, as per JEE MAINS-2020 admit card. We strongly encourage you to contact the UBC Admissions office, and relevant faculty advising offices, to confirm any answers you get here. For example, you can't directly enter into the Computer Science program (except through BUCS or the BCS second degree program). I started a small student led organization to raise awareness about current events too and am apart of a youth committee and a facilitator in both parts of the organization so I’ll be talking about that in my personal profile among other things (I’m in grade 12 this year). any chance of getting a scholarship in UBC or even admission?

You'll be banned for admissions fraud.

if you take AP cal in school, & doing well, it will overwrite pre-cal 12 for grade 12 average calculation.

If you don't know what to put in a certain field of your application, take a screenshot of the application, but we probably don't need to know what your GPA is. (Interesting enough I never been to UBC in my life, the closest is SFU). This also applies to Pharmacology, Biology, Finance, etc. Valid test dates April 17, 2015 - August 31, 2019. I have a friend that attends UBC, and when I visited the campus, it was a whole different world from the UofR or UofS. Do you need 6 academic courses in grade 11 in order to omit your lowest grade that isn’t degree related?

All successful and waitlisted applicants must submit (if applicable). It’s super encouraging. They email you if you're accepted.The time they take to evaluate an application varies, although most people seem to receive a decision within a day after their status changed.

I am really hoping on getting accepted for the 2021/22 school year, however I have no clue how any of this university stuff works, and am afraid of essentially wasting the application fee if I have pretty much no shot of being accepted.

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