You know the drawbacks of your powers!" "Entrez Vous!" I'm actually pretty proud of it. Eight, who was riding on a huge dragonfly whose wings were silent and sprinkling light particles everywhere, told five with a giggle. As far as she knew, her sister was perfect. What reason was there for him to be standing in the cold? "You know why?" The repercussions would blow your pea-sized brain to bits!". Klaus told her. Eight simply watcher her siblings, waiting for someone to speak. The Umbrella Academy Crack and Stuff Fanfiction. Diego taunted as he continued running up. I know that it wasn't the best decision and I know that I put myself in danger. "Alright, start at the beginning." "After everything he did to you?" She squinted to see what she was doing and what she saw broke her heart. I'm warning you now, most if not all of them are Klaus-based because Klaus is my number one favorite character. Luther's screams.". Five simply replied. Ben was annoyed when Luther jumped off him but he was even more annoyed when Eight passed him on her dragonfly again. It was my responsibility as a human being who had the power to prevent mass murder." "Why are you still awake?" Most of it was just on his chest and arms. Pogo shook his head with a frown and headed back inside. Klaus whispered to himself. Klaus may make it seem like he projects everything as a joke and that nothing he says should be taken seriously, but this was one of those moments where there was strong truth behind what he said.

On one hand, he probably shouldn't even be bothering his brother with this mundane shit but, on the other hand, Five needs this like he's never needed anything else. Time reversed, and everyone was back in their beds sleeping away. "They will make you impervious to the pain and hardship the world will thrust upon you.

Also, thank you for reading HellToNo123! "This time we don't have the stress of Dad… I mean… May he rest in peace, but c'mon. "Alright, all this mushy stuff is starting to become too much for me to handle." He said to seemingly no one. She answered with a cup of tea in front of her. Five closed his eyes at the thought, a bit of shame coming over him. Eight continued the story in between sobs. Don't worry either – Klaus is going to be making his appearance shortly. "Hello Vanya." The boy leaned in as much as he could, soaking up the affection and attention like a sponge. When he saw no one, he turned the mirror back to Klaus, who was still talking to someone. But remember that we're here for you alright? Five thinks that maybe he should just turn away, that this is a sign that he needs to grow up and live without the human contact his inner child is begging for. "All of you."

Ben put his hands on Klaus's shoulders. "Ah… Of course you do." Everyone watched impassively as Luther opened the urn. "You know, recharge." I wanted to keep Klaus, who was misguided and lost safe, so he will have the chance to recover. "You never know when to stop, do you? The inner child wants to ask Klaus if he can sleep here tonight, buddled up in his brother's sheet. Ben high fived her with a grin before Klaus hugged the two of them. "We think Pogo might know where she is." Grace said, her smile faltering for a moment. He would know something about that, after all. Shut up. Five asked. "That's unfortunate." "But why would you do that!? He didn't look mad anymore- just defeated. Six-ish times Klaus managed to make Ben corporeal for his siblings to see and chat…and one time he couldn’t. Ben raised an eyebrow at him. Anyway, I just wanted to talk about the events of this Chapter for a bit. I mean, I don't mind at all, I quite like hugs. For you see, just up till a while ago, Number Five, was missing for almost 17 years. He concluded, setting down an empty container on the table. Ben pushed Klaus's too-close-for-comfort face and erupted into laughter, rolling his eyes. Ben's face fell at the realization of it all. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Instead, they just took in the comfort and warmth they were giving each other in each other's arms. All of us… All Seven, finally working in some type of dysfunctional harmony… That's what's different."

ALL RIGHTS GO TO NETFLIX AND GERARD WAY #allisonhargreeves #benhargreeves #deigohargreeves #fivehargreeves #gerardway #imagines #klaushargreeves #lutherhargreeves #preferences #theumbrellaacademy #vanyahargreeves It was the moment of his days in the future, the memories haunting him even years after the incident had happened. He used all his strength to burst out of the roots and immediately teleported, landing in front of Luther. Diego told him, finally looking at him in the center mirror. Diego, for the most part, stayed silent. He asked with a bewildered expression. I got one last glimpse of Luther flat-lining before I completely lost consciousness." "Klaus?

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