I was up and running within minutes of setting up my account and processed payments flawlessly. Long story short, they closed my account. These are what I’ve found to be the most common complaints: The lack of fraud protection is not something to take lightly, so I really dug into it. Then after accepting my account, and I had my first charge through them, for $ 1500.00, they sent me an email saying, they could no longer do business with me, I was too much risky, and they were going to hold my money for 60 days. Collect for Stripe finally admitted it was a faulty reader, but they refuse to refund the money. Unless you are a very large company, they often will not even bother to respond to you at all.Everything about the way Stripe’s arrangements with small businesses is stacked against the client. Do not use Stripe if cashflow is important to your business. (we work today with authorize.net).They charged us $136 for absolutely no reason.We weren’t be able to work with stripe or cash in customers because they denied our application, but still, they charged us $ 136 and they aren’t able to justify the fee clearly.STRIPE is the WORST experience we ever had in 20 years business.I don’t Recommend them at all. They don’t transfer money to your bank account (hold funds without reason or explanation), and best of all, they completely ignore you. Stripe appears to be a company started by 2 guys in their basement, and it looks like they’re still there. Nothing (your account balance will be placed on reserve for the next 90 days,) actually they don’t have any reason to do that, i have 0 disputes, and 0 risky payments because of their RADAR feature which is useless if they handle the risk and get your account blocked after that lol.i don’t recommend you guys to risk your business with those guys until if you want your earnings get blocked for 90 days. That is disappointing but not exactly surprising. See Our #1 Pick For eCommerce With No Monthly Fees. We literally screen ourselves and don’t send out a good 20% of our orders due to fraud suspicion. Square POS is one of our top picks for Point of Sale! They pointed me to Stripe instead. Additionally, Stripe charges an industry-standard chargeback fee of $15. Here’s some insight I can give you.

I’ve made a business selling stuff online and at first I had make about $500-$800 monthly!

We take all correct precautions like having our customers sign cc authorization forms and supporting documentation. I would give them a better review if the past 3 months haven’t been this horrible. Ugh! They only revert back to their terms of service” placing blame in ‘”their bank”.I advise no one to use Stripe as a processor and if you are in business with a business that use them refrain from the transaction. That can help you keep regular income flowing rather than taking in a bunch of cash at once and then nothing for months. I am also willing to go to internation court or any forum i can raise my voice and get my right. Stripe, Braintree, and probably others I haven’t discovered yet are all vying for the top spot. Thoroughly exasperated in the end with ‘Percy’ constantly interrupting me (I couldn’t get a word in edgeways) I hung up the phone in disgust. A smart man learns from his own mistakes and a wise man learns from the mistakes of others.

But if Shopify says this is the best course of action for your type of business, and that it can help you to avoid the 2% surcharge, then it’s probably your best bet. Unprofessional. Plus, Shopify’s white-label payments service, Shopify Payments, is powered by Stripe, but you get a much more merchant-friendly platform that isn’t reliant on your ability to write code. They created a product that helps small businesses that are trying to build a customer base get started. too so we have to work with that. Be very careful with Stripe if you run a legal business!Their verification system is flawed and you will end up with your funds blocked if you can`t provide two separate official documents that show both your address and name.If your business address is the same as your home address, you will have to beg them to verify your paperwork!The story so far: I live at my business address, so my ID card shows exactly my name and address – just like Stripe wants. Unless they are doing something special for you from a tech development perspective, there are better options out there for just about every size business . They processed everything, told us we were good to ship our products. OnDeck is our featured vendor for business loans and lines of credit. Same exact thing happened with my account. Check out a few Stripe reviews just about anywhere on the web, and you’ll see some unhappy merchants with terminated accounts. But the problem of potential holds is still a real worry. In case something bad happens, you’re protected.

6 months ago when we communicate with their customer services. PayPal and Square (read our review) figure in there too, especially as they move more and more into the realm of omnichannel commerce, not just mPOS or eCommerce. So we send in photo idea. so every month Stripe charges my client, credits my account then the client disputes it and stripe withdraws the amount with penalties. For all of these reasons, Stripe has earned itself a respectable score of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

NOPE. To all who read this avoid this company.

They just froze my account and disabled payouts because I reported an unauthorized email address update, and couldn’t sign in. I had a problem when I changed my username/email address. They will halt your account for no valid explanation and automatically refund your clients without any prenotification. I’m pissed my client is pissed…. These people are insane . I have had 2 sales with them in the last couple of weeks and still no payment in my bank account which it states the funds were transferred. An hour later, I get the following emails from Stripe using the following ‘canned’ email messages:======================================================”Thanks for signing up with Stripe.

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