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I’d be shocked if every one of the people involved have managed to keep quiet. Low level gang members or perhaps retaliation for some type of high school rivalry. The video footage shows the five suspects “cutting through an Esso gas station on their way to the school, passing through a McDonalds restaurant on 72nd just west of King George Boulevard. I bet they have told friends and family members about what happened. It is very unique, possibly name brand, I wonder if the police tried to look into possibly where it was purchased, near by mall? Since they had knives but definitely crime was the plan. PARTY GAME Help to find justice for Devon and that this never happens to another.”. There is only one theory in this case. I agree that it’s likely the group of young adults hung out together often. Ashcroft Banks Cahill Doe Edmunds Falcone. All you need is a printer. By creating an account with, you consent to iWin's collection, storage and use of your personal and usage information as outlined in the, We noticed you were having problems signing in, you can reset your password by clicking, To protect your security, your account has been locked. All Rights Reserved.

Sort by: Release Date . I think there is no conceivable way that people out there do not know the identities of the people in this “gang.” In my opinion, people in the community are keeping quiet on purpose, either out of fear or loyalty.

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And yes, a reward can help! Mr. Lumberski was in a heated dispute with three of his neighbors, regarding a large tree he recently had cut down. Hi Peter. Play Play Play Previous Next.

They are on camera ordering food from McDonalds and walking through the gas station. (Weird Games for Parties, Wild West Frontier Game), FFG MAD27 Mansions of Madness: Horrific Journeys Expansion, One Size, Leder Games Vast Crystal Caverns Board Game, Jumanji Escape Room Game ( ages 10 and up ), Spin Master Games - Escape Room, The Game with 3 Escape Rooms, Ages 16 and Up, Identity Games Escape Room The Game: Virtual Reality Expansion Pack Edition - Two New VR Escape Room Adventures - with Viewer Glasses and Smartphone App, Spin Master Games - Escape Room the Game Welcome to Funland Expansion Pack, Unlock! The town of Deadbeat is no different. UNSOLVED CASE FILES: Cold Case Murder Mystery Game: Who Murdered Harmony Ashcroft? Facebook Twitter TicTok Instagram. You will soon receive an email in your inbox to confirm your subscription. Police noted at the time that one suspect had a unique marine-style haircut, with the sides and back shaved and a small amount of hair on top.” Keep in mind, though, years have passed since Devon’s murder and no doubt the suspects look quite different today. They seem young perhaps teens or early 20’s in the photo, I wonder if the near by high schools were questioned about five or more clique type group of Indo-Canadians, this most likely would not of been the first type of trouble that they would of been in, considering they were armed.

And the police release a poor resolution photo from behind..?? Hi Andrea. sunday june 22, 2003: an explosive device was detonated on a passenger train outside of addenberg, ny. those people who stabbed him will have guilt, and one of them will crack and come through with the truth on why they killed devon.

No DNA that I’ve seen mentioned.

Devon’s parents, Wayne Bell and Cynthia Allaire-Bell, worked with members of the community to change the once unnamed park that served as the route for Devon’s killers into what is now known as Frank Hurt Park. Enter your email address to receive our monthly newsletter and to be notified about new posts. Our Story Our Team Partner International Contact Us.

Each Game comes with easy to print invitations, booklets, clues and instructions on how to create a sensational experience for your friends. There was a problem with your change attempt. Hi Allison.

Unsolved Case Files: Ashcroft, Harmony. Download and print a murder mystery party game. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

The games also includes full dinner party recipes.

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Please check your email for instructions for unlocking your account or click. Expedition: Challenger, Scheherazade’s Last Tale, The Night of The Boogeymen Set, Exit: Dead Man on The Orient Express | Exit: The Game - A Kosmos Game | Family-Friendly, Card-Based at-Home Escape Room Experience for 1 to 4 Players, Ages 10+, Card Games DaVinci Games Deckscape - Heist in Venice SW, Space Cowboys NLK11 Unlock! This is a joke. Frank Jang told the media that “the police have spoken to many people in the investigation. Sign me up for Time to Play, a weekly email guide to what's new and trending on Iplay Games.

Verify Your Leads & Crack The Case.

Doctor Esker's Notebook, a Puzzle Card Game in The Style of Escape Rooms, Jumanji Escape Room Game ( Ages 10 and up ), Exit: The Sinister Mansion | Exit: The Game - A Kosmos Game | Family-Friendly, Card-Based at-Home Escape Room Experience for 1 to 4 Players, Ages 10+, Dispatch - Interactive Serial Escape Room Mystery - I Spy - Full 5 Box Set, Codex Enigmatum: Unique and eccentric brain teasers, puzzles and enigmas, Exit: The Sunken Treasure | Exit: The Game - A Kosmos Game | Family-Friendly, Card-Based at-Home Escape Room Experience for 1 to 4 Players, Ages 10+, Witch Hunt Game for Friends and Family – 3rd Edition - Salem 1692 Board Game - A Game of Cards, Strategy, Deceit, and Luck for 4-12 Players, Deadwood 1876 Board Game - Old West Game for Friends and Family - A Game of Cards, Strategy, Deceit, and Luck for 2-9 Players, Tortuga 1667 Board Game – Treasure Plunder Game for Friends and Family – A Game of Cards, Strategy, Deceit, and Luck for 2-9 Players, Chronicle Books Donner Dinner Party: A Rowdy Game of Frontier Cannibalism! Also, all five are Indo-Canadian I wonder if they have perhaps left the country. Unsolved case files is a murder mystery game where you get to be a cold case detective trying to solve a fictitious murder mystery using the evidence and documentation from the original murder case file.

Your email address will not be published. At first, Devon and Jack refused to give up the ball. Unsolved Case Files Games. All it takes is for one person to have a conscious and come forward.


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contact. Download and print a murder mystery party game. As the game progresses the tension builds with each new discovery. Thanks Sheila.

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Don't Forget To Use The Tip Line. No doubt anyone who knew that person would recognize the image.

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support. © 2020 The True Crime Files. Facebook Twitter TicTok Instagram. There are also pretty good stills of the suspects taken from the video, as seen below. Choosing a selection results in a full page refresh. Press the space key then arrow keys to make a selection. Gentive Case. I sure hope you’re right. This case remains unsolved even though there is a copious amount of evidence.

Devon’s loved ones deserve answers. Cases.

For instance, there is video of the five suspects approaching and leaving the scene of the crime. support. Fucking bullshit, Was there ever a murder weapon recovered

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its been what seven years since his murder.

Someone must know them and be aware that they usually hung out together in that neighbourhood. Answers How to Play Missing Docs Chat Support FAQ's. If you prefer to stay on this version of the website, with the latest Games Manager, we do not recommend proceeding. The body was found by Deputy Sweeney as he returned from a call at around 10PM. Promo by @ReverieCrimePod A Proud Member of @oracl3network

FOLLOW YOUR GUT, HUNT FOR CLUES, AND CRACK THE CASE. Popularity Release Date Title (sort by A-Z) Rating.

Each Game comes with easy to print invitations, booklets, clues and instructions on how to create a sensational experience for your friends. (function($) {window.fnames = new Array(); window.ftypes = new Array();fnames[1]='FNAME';ftypes[1]='text';fnames[2]='LNAME';ftypes[2]='text';fnames[0]='EMAIL';ftypes[0]='email';fnames[3]='ADDRESS';ftypes[3]='address';fnames[4]='PHONE';ftypes[4]='phone';}(jQuery));var $mcj = jQuery.noConflict(true); Liked it?

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DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO CRACK THE CASE? Take a second to support Christine on Patreon! CASE No: 001-08262006 YOUR OBJECTIVE: Prove Scott Lied About The Accident ... Printable-PDF-file.pdf Created Date: Anywho, after reading this story i am surprised to see that it hasn’t been solved especially with what has been mentioned above, someone out there knows something and hopefully one day one of these boys that were involved step up and do what’s right. Mystery Case Files Games.

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You're The Detective. Case File Overview On September 15, 1988, 80-year-old Thera Dieleman got a ride into town to enjoy a day of shopping in Goderich, Ontario. Unsolved Case Files is a murder mystery game that lets you solve a fictitious cold case just like a detective. Jack attempted to protect Devon while the gang continuously kicked and stabbed the pair, but both Devon and Jack were stabbed multiple times, including Devon in the heart and Jack in the lungs. Cases. Please try again. Please select a different email address.

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Thanks for reading and for all your great insights! social. Unsolved Case Files is a game that lets you solve a fictional crime using the evidence and documentation from the original case file. Printable Murder Mystery Games.

Devon’s murder remains unsolved. Printable Murder Mystery Games.

Note: Open a file, right-click, then. Your password must be a minimum of 6 characters without spaces. Five young Indo-Canadian men, believed to be in their late teens or early twenties, brutally murdered Devon and seriously injured his friend Jack on April 24th, 2011. Scheherazade’S Last Tale, A Taste for Wine and Murder - Murder Mystery Party Games, Murder Mystery Party Games - Murder at Mardi Gras, Murder Mystery Party Games - A Murder on the Grill, Murder Mystery Party Games - Pasta, Passion & Pistols, Murder Mystery Flexi Party Murder at The Manor 6-14 Player Dinner Party Game, Murder Mystery Flexi Party Murder at The Disco 6-14 Player, Murder Mystery Party Games - Murder on Misty Island, Culinario Mortale Shadow Over Westongrove Manor – Murder Mystery Dinner Party Game for 6-8 Players, Murder in the Roaring 20s 6-14 Player Murder Mystery Flexi-Party, Murder Mystery Flexi Party Murder on a Train 6-14 Player Dinner Party Game, Murder Mystery Flexi Party A Big Murder at The Manor 6-20 Player, Sherlock Holmes: The Thames Murders & Other Cases, Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: Jack the Ripper & West End Adventures Standalone Game, Asmodee Sherlock Holmes: Carlton House & Queen's Park, Sherlock Holmes Consulting: Detective Jack the Ripper & West End Adventures Strategy Board Game, Fantasy Flight Games Arkham Horror: The Card Game, Codenames: Duet - The Two Player Word Deduction Game, Greater Than Games Spirit Island Core Board Game, Thames & Kosmos Exit 2 Game Bundle: The Sinister Mansion and The Mysterious Museum, Thames & Kosmos Exit the Game Bundle of 3: The Secret Lab, The Abandoned Cabin, and The Pharaoh's Tomb, Exit: The Catacombs of Horror | Exit: The Game - A Kosmos Game from Thames & Kosmos | Card-Based, 2-Part at-Home Escape Room Experience for 1 to 4 Players, Ages 16+, Thames & Kosmos Exit Games: Polar Station, Forbidden Castle, and Forgotten Island (Set of 3), Lucky Duck Games Chronicles of Crime: Noir, Matagot TRI01 Treasure Island, Multicolor, Renegade Game Studios RGS0818 West Kingdom Metal Coins, Murder Mystery Party Games - A Taste for Wine and Murder, Murder Mystery Party Games - The Icicle Twist, Fire Emblem: Three Houses Seasons of Warfare Edition – Nintendo Switch, Top 10 Cherry Blossom Jigsaw Puzzle – Jigsaw Puzzles, Top 9 Eggman Action Figure – Action Figures, Top 7 Edna Funko Pop – Bobble Head Figures, Top 7 Drapion Pokemon Card – Collectible Card Game Singles, Top 10 Dinner Murder Mystery Party – Toys & Games, Top 9 Cessna Model Kit – Toy Building Sets, Top 9 Britains Deetail Toy Soldiers – Toys & Games, Nintendo Switch Consoles, Games & Accessories.

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