Time will tell, I've been following VR since the rift Kickstarter and still haven't bought a headset. When you’re using it as a basic grip button, you don’t get solid confirmation that you’ve squeezed hard enough. Especially when the thus-far-prime manufacturer for SteamVR hardware (HTC) is trying their best to go the way of the dodo in the consumer market by pricing their headsets out of reach for 99% of Steam users. Is Valve Index (the entire pack, aka Headset + Controllers + Stations) worth its price? The Index’s screen easily outstrips the Rift or Vive; at 1440 x 1600 pixels per eye, it’s got the same resolution as the high-definition Vive Pro. I would think the price is only going to drop when something better comes out, as is the normal cycle for tech like this. I expect to see a full bundle for ~$700, personally, but there's a lot we don't know yet about the specs, etc.

the steam link and steam controller were not particularly well received. Even when it was first launched it was 50 dollars. Two or more recommended. Experience everything with the exact hardware used in its development. Due to the increasing impact of COVID-19 on global logistics, we are seeing unexpected delays in getting units to customers. Having used both the Oculus CV1, windows mixed reality, and quest with link and wireless, I think the Valve index still stands miles above the rest in quality tracking. Ergonomically designed padding means pressure is evenly and comfortably distributed. You can track the current status of your order here. So in a few years, people might want very different things out of a VR system. That's why they spent tens of millions on getting into hardware - so that they aren't at the whim of other hardware manufacturers to enable their ideal software design choices. In fact, I find it strange from an economics standpoint that they haven't raised the price to lower the back-order. #15 < > Showing 1-15 of 45 comments . The Index features two speakers that look a lot like headphones, but they sit about an inch away from your ears, projecting sound without actually pressing against your head. Learn More. You may recall that Valve has its own virtual reality headset, the Valve Index, which it surprise-revealed one month ago. © Valve Corporation. The soft surfaces that touch your head and face are made with high-quality, woven antimicrobial fabric, which is soft on the skin and easy to clean. And you might even remember that Valve said preorders will … You can adjust the distance between lenses to find the best focus, which is an excellent feature that Oculus controversially removed from the Rift. Impressive actuators, a gyroscope, there's literally a ton of firmware on the controller itself. The only hardware that makes sense for Valve to release are the Index Controllers. It’s not my favorite aesthetic, and with its two cameras, it shares the “sad robot with giant forehead” look of the Rift S. But Valve more than justifies its bulkiness. The headset's dual 1440x1600 RGB LCDs provide 50% more subpixels than OLED, resulting in greater sharpness for the same rendering cost. Dialed all the way in, the Index’s only compromise is a black half-circle at the very edge of the screen. From my perspective, the last thing the market needs is another $400 - $600 HMD (headset only) that has a display panel with yesterday's PPI/PPD. But since the Index is a top-of-the-line system aimed at people who want loud, intense gaming experiences or who work in professional settings, I wish Valve had looked for a slightly more discreet solution. © 2020 Valve Corporation. “The best way to experience VR.” IGN Headset. Unless the price drops in the future, it’s a product for people who play VR games very heavily, use headsets for professional work, or have a very large disposable income.

New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. If they drop the price by $200, that's about $666 you will need to spend on Steam for big boy Valve to get money back. Also, don't forget the screens are better than competition with 144 hz refresh rate, and 120~130 degrees field of view. Casematix XL Waterproof Gaming Case Compatible with Valve Index VR Headset, Controllers and Select Accessories in Customizable Foam, Includes Case Only $109.99 $ 109 . We made sure there was room to experiment and play. All orders will be processed in the order they are received. Really great controller tracking is an underrated feature of the index, and it doesn't show up on a spec sheet.

Also I'm pretty sure this is going to be the first hardware product they plan on advertising and selling with any sort of quantity. We've pushed visual, audio, and ergonomic technologies to create the best-in-class VR experience. Prime. To me this accounts for the price drops. If you want the best you are going to pay for it. You can find headsets with a bigger pixel count, including the HP Reverb. It costs $999, which is more than twice as much as the $399 Oculus Rift or $499 HTC Vive. Specs and details will be provided soon. View Other Options. This is a 5x improvement over first-generation PC VR HMDs. It features a comfortably padded, helmet-like headband that tightens with a dial on the back, similar to HTC’s alternative Vive head strap. Without going into any sort of detail, there is no single product that valve can build that will begin to generate as much revenue as Steam does. About 11 $60 AAA games (which will likely boom in VR due to the large team available for realistic graphics) or 22 $20 Indie games. Rear cradle adapter included. Valve Index Price Discussion and Rift S price decrease With the official reveal of the Valve Index and its original leaks what type of price point do you guys think it … The Index uses the same “Lighthouse” tracking system as the Vive, so it ships with two laser-emitting base stations that you’ll need to mount in opposite corners of your play space. And unlike a gaming PC or other hardware with a predictable development cycle, the Index isn’t future-proof. He's saying that they're making hardware so that they can create merged experiences and enable their software to be that much better. The Index works with a base station for tracking purposes using SteamVR Tracking 2.0, and at least two Base Stations are recommended for room-scale VR, but you can use up to four to increase the play area. Valve Index displays have a reduced illumination period of 0.330ms to 0.530ms (framerate dependent), allowing imagery to remain just as sharp when your head is in motion as when you're standing still. When you dial it all the way out, the Index has the same goggle-like effect you’ll find in other headsets. Instead of a mount perpendicular to the user’s eyes, the headset’s displays cant outward by 5 degrees. Bad bluetooth, or lighting/things in the room to track, etc. If you need convenience and portability, it’s not the right choice. The price of the complete Index package? 5m tether, 1m breakaway trident connector. 10 product ratings - Valve Index VR Kit 2020 - FREE GUNSTOCK Headset Base Station controllers NEW $1,478.99 Trending at $1,550.00 Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days. Will the Index get a little cheaper considering it has 1440x1600? Cookies help us deliver our Services. Who knows, I doubt anyone who knew about a price drop would actually talk about it. We encourage after-market mods and solutions, and will soon be providing the specifications for these face pads. The Index is still the best headset in many areas. It could just be cheap from the start like the other hardware Valve has sold. This is a 5x improvement over first-generation PC VR HMDs. Valve Index Base Station Requires Vive Pro or Valve Index Headset, Controllers, and PC.

Originally posted by BOLL: Who knows, I doubt anyone who knew about a price drop would actually talk about it. These headsets all share one basic problem, though: everybody can hear exactly what you’re doing from several feet away.

Shortly after the samsung odyssey+ came out, it was heavily discounted and sold out to backorder status. I’ve seen some complaints about grayish-blacks due to the LCD display, but it’s still a very impressive screen.

Innovative off-ear audio solution optimized for immersion and comfort. 99 FREE Shipping Per page: 15 30 50. $2,399. But for people who spend a lot of time in VR, it offers solid visuals, thoughtful hardware design, and the coolest VR controllers on the market. But for anyone just getting into Valve’s system, it’s a frustrating hurdle. The Index has hand tracking just like the Quest, but nobody has implemented it in anything yet, although I think Neos VR does have a demo or feature using the Index's hand-tracking feature. The steam link. They're selling so many they're on back-order for 8+ weeks already. "Hardware's actually traditionally been kind of a lousy, low-margin business. All ... VAT included in all prices where applicable. Valve Index Base Station Includes: 1 SteamVR 2.0 base station, 1 15-foot power cable, 1 power supply, regionalized power adapter(s), cleaning cloth. The plastic rims dug into my forehead too much, despite buffering from the headset’s padded mask. Technically not true. There's a lot that can be said about the difference between a profit driven product and not profit driven products, enough to fill a semester of an economics class. A dial lets you change the distance between your eyes and the lenses, giving you even more control over the image.

That’s very comfortable in long VR sessions, and it sounds richer and more realistically ambient than the Oculus Rift or Quest’s strap-based speakers.

With knuckles controllers and perhaps one or more of their 3 VR titles that's already a much, much better deal than the Vive ever was. In addition, the fill-factor is three times better than OLED, greatly reducing “screen door” effect. So if you fail to pick something up in a game, it’s not immediately clear why. The price drop of the headset allows it to compete with other devices such as the Valve Index. Not any time soon--they are sold out. Basically, the field of view depends on how far the Index’s screen gets from your eyes. In theory, you can use it with an Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 or AMD RX480 graphics card at the low end, but a GTX 1070 or higher is recommended.

With this earspeaker design audio feels greatly externalized - virtual sound sources appear to come from the environment around you, rather than from inside your head. That's where I'm at too. You can find headsets with higher resolutions or wider fields of view. But I expect it to be priced more reasonably than a vive pro, and have small margins over the cost to manufacture it. To get an idea I guess look at other hardware Valve has sold and check how long it took for them to be reduced in price. The Index controllers enable some great interactions. Not to forget there would also be a lot more sales. The face gasket for this headset is replaceable with a magnetic interface for easy cleaning and swapping. Its price fell almost immediately and rarely returned to its starting 50 dollars. Gaming company Valve pioneered VR as we know it today, creating a sophisticated tracking system and prototyping several headsets. $149.00 . So when Valve says they can also be used for computer vision experiments, that makes a lot more sense. The Valve Index HMD includes stereo, global-shutter RGB cameras made for computer vision, enabling applications like high-quality stereo pass-through.

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