The Giant Lantern Festival is held in the city of San Fernando … Christmas celebrations in Venezuela’s capital begin on 16 December, with the first early morning mass (Misa de Aguinaldo). Instead, tradition states that the baby Jesus delivers two special presents while children are asleep. “The night before mass, children tie long pieces of string to their big toes and let the string dangle out of their bedroom windows. All rights reserved. Write about them in the comment box below.

developing Cultural Awareness, Understanding, Appreciation.

Like much of South America, Venezuela is largely religious; the most recent figures suggest around 70 per cent of the population is Catholic.

5 of the Most Colorful Neighborhoods Around the World, New Developments for Adventure Tourism in India in 2018, Caucasian Challenge 2016 Kicks Off in Istanbul, The Adventure Magazine | About Adventure Herald. The Norse believed that the Earth was heated by a huge wheel of fire (the Sun), which rolled closer or further away as the year progressed. Here, Mental Floss says, the tradition “involves the arrival of the horse and its party at the door of the house or pub, where they sing several introductory verses.

Streets are closed to traffic … According to children’s Christmas site The North Pole, the Portuguese often celebrate Christmas with a meal called Consoada in the early hours of Christmas Day. For locals in the capital of Caracas, it is customary to strap on your roller skates and glide to Christmas mass. HOW TO GROW AND CULTIVATE CULTURAL LEARNING? Instead it’s the story of Krampus, Santa’s demonic twin, who abducts naughty children and eats them for Christmas dinner. Of course there’s nothing bizarre about attending mass, but the residents usually opt to attend on roller skates. As a Catholic, I wasn’t aware of these really fun religious activities Venezuelans practice, such as roller skating to Christmas. _g1.setAttribute('src', _g1.getAttribute('data-src') ); Retro Roller Skates Roller Skate Shoes Roller Rink Roller Disco Roller Derby Roller Skating White Roller Skates Skater Girls Fashion Shoes In Caracas, the capital and largest city of Venezuela, there is a unique custom to roller-skate to local churches to attend this service. Not strange enough for you? The peak of Finnish Christmas celebrations comes on Christmas Eve, when Finns head to the sauna to strip off and relax before the evening festivities. Christmas presents are delivered not by Father Christmas on his sleigh, but by “the youngest of the camels that carried the Three Wise Men to Bethlehem”, says Gulf News.

Roller skating to church may not seem that unusual until you picture an entire city on roller skates in the wee hours of  the morning. in Caracas. However, I have never seen people go to mass on Christmas Eve on roller skates! Whether you’re looking to incorporate a new and unique tradition to your own family gathering or simply curious, these are some of our favourite Christmas traditions from continent to … Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Rather, on Christmas Eve they eat hallacas.

Hopefully, no kids in Venezuela are flying out of their windows!

If it’s the heel, it’s another painful 12-month wait.

During the beating, families often sing a song like this to encourage the log: “Poo log, poo nougat, hazelnuts and cottage cheese, if you don’t poo well, I’ll hit you with a stick, poo log!”. The dish is a staple at Christmastime.”. Dismiss. Do you know what they eat?! ‘We would take shoes along for the “ride”, and take them off once inside, but we always made certain to skate down the aisle first, just to rile up the priest.

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