“Venezuelanalysis is an invaluable resource for anyone who wants to know what is happening today in one of Latin America's most dynamic countries". No council is convened. Was he an incompetent leader too. Oct. 12th, 2017: 3 days prior to the rescheduled regional elections, more than 250 polling stations (many in areas that showed strong support for the opposition) suddenly move. Rather, command economies have some inherent problems that are more or less impossible to overcome. The funding source can just want to fuck with the current balance of power, it can be trying to establish trade, it can be trying to make a narrative for the domestic audience... infinite reasons. ", "A must-read for anyone who wants to follow what is happening in Venezuela, especially in English. Stalin then coined the term Marxist-Leninism, which is an offshoot of socialist theory (that, i may add, is not even close to being a theory that most socialists subscribe to) which calls for this enactment of state capitalism to achieve socialism. I'm getting troll botted in another thread and this was helpful to me to steer the discourse to facts. Get a roundup of the most important and intriguing national stories delivered to your inbox every weekday. February 2019: A high-ranking Venezuelan general calls on the armed forces to rebel against Maduro and recognize Guaido as interim president. i cant copy paste the whole section, just read it, The horrible shortages began under Chavez.

August, 2017: The Constitutional Assembly moves regional elections to Oct. 15, 2017, giving opposition candidates a month to campaign. Mismanagement has certainly played a large role, but while they certainly havne't been without flaws, this isn't solely the leadership of Chavez and Maduro - Venezuela has long, ongoing problems with corruption, too - problems which long predate Chavez.

To tack on to you point: which was very well stated and completely accurate.

[2 - this source might be bias I'm not 100% sure how I feel about it]. April 5th, 2017: The Venezuelan comptroller's office declares Henrique Capriles, the foremost opposition leader & 2 time presidential candidate, is ineligible to run for office for 15 years. So, yes, socialism is to blame for the crisis in Venezuela (mostly). This is despite the CNE's requirements that elections be scheduled to allow for 6 months of campaigning. Over 3 million Venezuelans have fled the country so far. May 23rd, 2017: The CNE announces that municipal elections & regional elections (the 1st municipal elections since 2013), previously scheduled for mid-2017, were to be delayed until Dec. 10th.

March 2017: Venezuela‘s Supreme Court, which has consistently sided with the ruling Socialist Party, announces it is taking over the functions of the National Assembly. This gives the opposition a supermajority; Maduro vows to not let this happen. I don't think China is starting wars with countries to get it's Belt and Road initiative through. In addition to the debate over markets and planning, the varieties of socialism differ in their form of social ownership, how management is to be organised within productive institutions, and the role of the state in constructing socialism. Cuba had been involved in multiple attempted infiltration in the past in Venezuela, when the American backed dictator ruled. His regime was one of inconceivably medieval brutality. The administration of George W. Bush — whom Chávez infamously called “the devil” in a speech before the United Nations — backed a failed military coup against Chávez in 2002. Ortega & her family hastily flee to Colombia, with Maduro vowing to seek out an international arrest warrant for the couple. Documentary Filmmaker (“War on Democracy”) and author of Freedom Next Time (Bantam, 2006), Economist, co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR), Coordinator of the Cuba and Venezuela Solidarity Committee of the ANSWER Coalition, Historian, writer and filmmaker, editor at New Left Review. All macroeconomics within a country is a delicate balancing act, one person cannot be too powerful. The National Assembly officially responds they do not recognize the Constitutional Assembly's authority. March, 2017: The Attorney General of Venezuela, Luisa Ortega, a member of Maduro's party & a strong Chavez supporter, criticizes the TSJ's move & declares it unconstitutional. August 18th, 2017: The Constitutional Assembly announces they were the sole authority on legislative matters. The US has done it around the world and so many of those countries and regions have been fucked because of it. We had this thing called Grand Area which we determined to be most of the world vital to US and its allies' economic interests. He put it to him a few times, "Well how exactly would you do that? Brett Wilkins is a San Francisco-based author and activist. Ironically I spoke with many old people who lived during his rule, 1 of them is the grandmother of an old ex-girlfriend of mine, lovely lady, I loved speaking to her every time I visit her, she told me her father was once gunned down by some military men from Jimenez, he survived, but this lady acknowledges her father was a "troublemaker" (troublemakers were usually socialist/communism/guerrilla crap), and she said, even though her father was targeted by the government, she was never touched or her mother and she was later recruited by the government around the age of 20 to become a teacher because the government had plans to educate the population, illiteracy was a big problem, even around the 90s, she also said to me "After the democrats took Jimenez down, crime started to appear, the country was no longer safe, now people had to lock the doors at knight", this last part was also said to me by my grandfather who also lived during his rule. It is nominally tasked with rewriting the constitution but quickly takes over crucial legislative functions, leading to accusations that Maduro is undermining democracy. June 29th, 2017: The TSJ votes to freeze Attorney General Ortega's finances & forbid her from leaving the country, citing "serious misconduct". its extremely disingenuous to blame any of this on socialism considering socialism as a whole does NOT call for private property as exists in Venezuela, does NOT call for state ownership of the means of production as exists in Venezuela, does NOT call for a centralized planning economy as exists in Venezuela.

He was believed to be worth a staggering $200 million, or more than $3.6 billion today, at the time of his death. Chavez extended term limits to 6 years, then finally removed them, despite losing an initial referendum to do so. With the Iranian example, it was about rejecting outside influence, particularly the US' Shah. I do not normally engage with internet haters but I’m done letting them speak for us. "I can't think of another website on the web more deserving of support. Imagine what will happen when PSUV gets less than 10% of the votes in an election.

Given Maduro's blatant incompetence, it is very difficult to argue that capitalist entrepreneurs and corporate executives in a free market would have led to a worse outcome than Venezuela is currently experiencing. In this Dec. 18, 2007 file photo Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez, talks to then Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro in Montevideo, Uruguay. ", "Venezuelanalysis not only offers readers the crucial political context denied to them in the pages of the MSM, it exposes them to the revolutionary reality that is still living and breathing in Venezuela today. Stores would be stocked with goods, even if the prices were not affordable to some citizens. Why were there still massive shortages of basic essentials like tp, milk and rice when oil revenues were skyrocketing? Bernie likes to say he wants “Sweden” Socialism, not “Venezuela” Socialism, but fails to point out that Chavez’s original pitch was to be like Sweden, not “2019 Venezuela”. Dec. 2015: The TSJ announces shortly after in that 3 opposition legislators are disqualified, citing voter fraud. May, 2018: In the face of campaign violations & allegations of vote buying, Maduro 'wins' the presidential elections. Markets in Venezuela cannot respond freely by raising prices or increasing production. If only people with left-leaning tendencies would understand that defending Maduro widely discredits them. Right? Everything out of his mouth sounded like rehashed hippy idealism. Destiny is finally getting his world history reading going, even though he's said he wants to end this arc. Venezuela has larger proved oil reserves than any other country. Would your feelings be as mixed if the roles were reversed and Maduro's Venezuela was considering removing Trump?

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