New match days with numerous types of. If you are ready to play and win from VFL - don't miss any of the below topics. Notes: a whole virtual football season ends at one hour to two hours. Refresh this Page every ONE HOUR, for new updates, at that particular time. Virtual Football League Calculator and Indicator, VFL APK, Bet9ja Virtual Football Predictions, League Secrets & Tips, Download: All Sharpest Arena and Sharplilo PDF ebooks, Betking Virtual Cheat, Tricks and Tips to Win Betking League, Bet9ja Zoom Soccer Cheats and Tricks, 100% Accurate. Multiple by 1000 x 1.66 = 1,663. Blajburških žrtava b.b.88 000 Mostar, BIH. Yes please, I would like to receive communications by e-mail. Please state that you have read and agreed to this Privacy Policy before you continue. Get all latest content delivered straight to your inbox. We posted 'Virtual Football Prediction' from ( 5pm - 8pm ) Everyday. - Create a single league - Select name, password, number of teams. Each virtual season runs 141 minutes, with each game shown in a highlight mode consisting of halves that last 90 seconds each.

I give you guarantee of 6-7 out of 10 games. TOTAL ODDS = 1.52. TOTAL ODDS = 1.48.

Sharpest Arena: Virtual Football League (VFL) Cheat PDF - is it legit or fake. So, we will wait for our virtual football betting software to indicate games before we can play, for instance; if we play (matchday 1), it can be (matchday 5 or 6) before our software may indicate another games, so we will wait till we get the next game. The World Cup contains 32 teams, 64 matches and 1,000+ betting opportunities. Mastering the latest motion capture trends, our outstanding Visual FX team has developed a full set of proprietary technologies that establish a major precedent in the virtual games industry. Our aims is 10 games per season. The first thing to do: watch the virtual football league match without playing for good 2-3 matches which is week 1, week 2, and week3. Virtual Football is available and optimised for every channel – online, mobile and retail. For each week’s matches, 20 teams are paired in such a way that, at the end of the league, each of the teams will have matched up against each of the opposing teams twice: one match at home and one away. How to win 500k on Virtual Football (Part 1), PS2, PS3, PS4 Game Cheat Codes to beat opponent, 8 Fastest Ways to Make #5000 Everyday in Nigeria, How to Get Free 250MB & 1GB Data on Airtel line, 6 Blogs & Websites that Pays Writer in Nigeria, Best Free Android Games for 2019 (Action, Mission, Adventure), Tips to Become Popular Fast in Nigerian Universities, Best Free VPN to Hide ip Address and Location, Best Football Prediction Sites that Predict Matches Correctly, How to Turn Phone Screen into 2 and one Become Invisible.

240 fixtures per season guarantee plenty of betting activity thanks to a pool of over 240.000 videos in total. pre-match odds are also offered in short and adjustable bet cycles.

For more information, please check our Privacy Policy. Sign up for our newsletter and be the first to know about our latest product releases.

Virtual games A guaranteed turnover-driver for your business. Consider yourself to a (salary earner of 150k per month) while you are doing soft and cool business - trading virtual football online. Virtual Gaming Technologies Ltd is a company incorporated in Malta holding Company Registration How to Win #500K on Virtual Football League, (PART 1).

Today VFL Tips = 22-12-2019. Softquo Holding Ltd is a company incorporated in Malta holding Company Registration Number In On Demand League mode, the event starts as soon as the user places a bet.

We use cookies to improve your browsing experience and help us improve our websites. TOTAL ODDS = 1.56. I can predict the virtual football games myself but for saver mode incase of incasity, let's use virtual betting software indicator.

Assuming you wants to start at week 4, which represent matchday 4 in our own betting calculator software. QRM 4000, Malta. TOTAL ODDS = 1.58. THE KING OF VIRTUAL FOOTBALL IS BACK ON THE FIELD.

Posts. Single, combination and system bets are also available.

Superior betting experience is available for up to 4 Full HD screens with resolution of 1920×1080. So, i guarantee everyone that really wish to join us that you must win 10games daily, No chance to loss. You are able to get them through our sales channels. I also have a real Football VIP group but I focus mostly on Virtual Football because no fuck up in Virtual and I made my 6k profit daily since i started 'Virtual Football trading' with my. Multiple by 1000 x 1.50 = 1,500. You are going to follow the team name and the odds color, then check their last 5 matches below and make sure it tally or nearest to the one on the virtual screen you want to play. 240 fixtures per season guarantee plenty of betting activity thanks to a pool of over 240.000 videos in total. Mobile. I am interested in the following delivery channels: Retail A guaranteed turnover-driver for your business. TOTAL ODDS = 1.62. multiple by 1000 x 1.62 = 1,624. Join us today, we are making thousands of money everyday playing virtual football. Virtual Football League runs continuous seasons played by 16 virtual teams that reflect real-team and real-player performance parameters. The league format features 16 teams, 240 fixtures per season, 30 match days and 8 games in parallel. Virtual Football Trading - Day 1 (From 5k To 10k), Virtual Football Trading - Day 2 (From 10k To 20k), Virtual Football Trading - Day 3 (From 20k To 25k), Virtual Football Trading - Day 4 (From 25k To 30k), Virtual Football Trading - Day 5 (From 1k To 10k), Click this below link to see "Vfl reviews" of what people are saying about Sharpest Arena ". I have know all the VFL odds and matches outcome because i have calculate each odds ends-to-ends with my betting secrets - Formula 101 PDF.


Create your fantasy football league game. with its registered address at 66, Old Bakery Street, Valletta, Malta. The games posted today will valid for 24hrs, which means you can still use it before we update new games tomorrow.

NSoft d.o.o. company colours to the cashier interface, game viewers, and unique tickets, tweak design layouts as the, Softquo Holding Limited is licensed and regulated in Great Britain by the. Virtual Football League runs continuous seasons played by 16 virtual teams that reflect real-team and real-player performance parameters. Virtual Football league is a fixture that provides you with unlimited matches to be played every minute, it also provides you with 24 season’s daily non-stop matches. Alert! It is optimised for retail operations with intuitive and user-friendly interfaces with optional tools for in-venue operations. Mostar (hereinafter:NSoft) want you to know how our service work and why we need your personal data. Bet9ja virtual cheat and correct scores, 100% sure. Out of 38 games of a season, we are going to play only 10 games indicated by our software and it is 100% sure to win the 10 virtual games without losing a single match. 240 fixtures per season guarantee plenty of betting activity thanks to a pool of over 240.000 videos in total. Softquo Holding Limited, G-Virtuals Ltd and Virtual Gaming Technologies Ltd are authorised by New match days with numerous types of pre-match odds are also offered in short and adjustable bet cycles.

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