The Visa Canada team can help you! These programs make sure there are no predicaments regarding health, security, and criminality while sponsoring refugees to Canada. Access support services for childcare, transportation, health, resources for disabled people, translation services, and short-term counseling. To qualify for the refugee status in Canada you must be referred by the United Nations, a supporting group, or a referring organization. However, a less restrictive interpretation of the feared persecution may also lead to refugee status. Each year Canada grants permanent residence to approximately 30,000 refugees under an elaborate refugee protection process comprising of two main components, the Refugee and Humanitarian Resettlement Program administered outside Canada and the In-Canada Refugee Protection Process. Canadian Citizenship & Immigration Resource Center (CCIRC) Inc.Montreal Head Office

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COVID-19 : Mesures de sécurité . You must show legitimate reasons that you are a refugee and will go under a strict scrutiny process. +1 647 794 7370., Refugee and Asylum Program | The Visa Canada, If you would like to know more, you may call. You achieved citizenship of another country which will provide you protection. Resettlement Assistance Program (RAP) is for government-assisted refugees and aims to provide immediate support to refugees which include: Income support under the RAP program is for refugees who are unable to fulfill their basic needs and can be provided. To be eligible for this program you must have no criminal convictions and any prior denied refugee claims. If you pass the identity check and meet the entry requirements, the border services officer stamps your passport and lets you know how long you can stay in Canada. Make them familiar with life in Canada by admitting them in programs such as Canadian Orientation Abroad Program. All rights reserved. Stories from former refugees Watch inspirational stories from former refugees about coming to Canada. The decision to move to Canada is life-changing. +1 647 294 6631 Canada has recognized this basic human right since 1951 when it signed the Convention relating to the Status of Refugees (the Geneva Convention). Greeting at airports or any other port of entry. Private sponsors are responsible for providing financial and emotional support to refugees they sponsor until they can support themselves. People who get to Canada on their own can claim refugee protection at any border point, or inside Canada, at a Canadian Immigration Visa Office. Explanation of the public transport system. A person who is residing in Canada and who if are made to go to their native place or home country may be exposed to life-risking situations, torture or cruel/ unusual treatment can be offered refugee status in Canada.

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