Hosting four British ex CS:GO players and ScreaM, one of the most sensational players in CS: GO’s history, the team is just getting warmed up for the competition. His KD ratio of 1.27 and 21 percent HS rate may look average compared to the best of the best, but it’s ShahZaM’s clutch success rate of a whopping 47 percent that separates him from the crowd. TenZ’s currently ranked No. ScreaM compliments his KD ratio of 1.22 with a 39 percent HS rate, which is close to unheard of. If you’re a basketball fan, you could identify Wardell as a role player who comes off the bench and just casually drops 40 points to wrap up a game. You can choose which categories you want to be notified for. G2’s currently the No. With a kill/death (KD) ratio of 1.29 and a headshot (HS) rate of 27 percent, not many of Sayf’s enemies live to tell the tale. Considering landing a headshot instantly deletes enemies off the map, you won’t have a chance to react one-third of the time against Drone. Zyppaan, without a clear CS:GO past in sight, is a true VALORANT prodigy at the age of 18. At present, WARDELL is ranked #1746 in highest overall earnings, and #57 in highest earnings for players from Canada. TSM and Sentinels have been going at it to prove which one of them is the best of what NA has to offer, and TSM seems one step ahead for the time being. The young talent has been actively showcasing impressive signs of promise and skill with his 1.30 KD ratio, which he supports with a 20 percent HS rate.

Wardell, also known as Matthew Yu, is a pro VALORANT player, and a pro CSGO player. Since there haven’t been any global events where teams from all over the globe could clash, we had to use our imagination to some extent. Discover the world of esports and video games. Copyright © 2012-2020 Esports Earnings.

WARDELL has been awarded $9,200.00 in cash prizes from 4 tournaments within the last 90 days, none of which came in the last month. Sayf seems committed to making up for his young mistakes that prevented him from advancing in the ranks of CS:GO, and his overall performance to this date is a solid statement of that. 1 team in VALORANT based on total earnings. While G2 are too busy sweeping the European region, there’s a clash between two formidable forces in the west. This isn’t takej’s first rodeo either since the player has been an active part of the Japanese CS:GO scene ever since its existence. Featuring a smooth and action-rich gameplay, VALORANT looks like it’ll be a significant threat to CS:GO‘s throne in the upcoming years. When VALORANT launched, it suddenly became the safe haven of CS:GO pros who were done with the game.

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