And, while the writers and producers didn't have the time to do all that they would have liked, he doesn't believe fans will be disappointed. “We consider each other family, all the actors on the show, and I want to say to fans, you’re a part of our family, the Warehouse 13 family, as well.

(One wonders what Marie Curie and Mary Shelley would have to say about that.).

Syfy is preparing a new series based off the popular 'Warehouse 13', starring a fan-favorite character: the fictional female version of sci-fi legend H.G. And SGU. Unfortunately, the idea has hit a wall. As Warehouse 13 comes to a close, both actors wanted to thank their fans. Wells. Vuoi fare lo stesso? I love the little asides, like the fact that the only man she hasn't seduced in London is Oscar Wilde. When it went off the air it disappointed all of these fans. The unnamed spin-off wouldn't be Syfy's only show inspired by literary greats. The idea of Jaime Murray resurrecting her morally ambiguous inventor character as a slutty Sherlock Holmes — with Torchwood's Ianto, Gareth David Lloyd, as her Watson! And Caprica. Then there's ABC's Poe project, which sets the grisly poet on the same investigative task, and NBC's Fables, which pits the legendary Brothers Grimm against all manner of mythical monsters. (I wonder if one day Pete and Myka will learn that Warehouse 13 is being replaced with Warehouse 14, in China or India?)

Interesting that they took Jinks out. But the emotional arc of the episode was actually Pete working through some of his anger at H.G. We would be able to work out scheduling and such, so it could work.” Even more, both “Defiance” and “Warehouse 13” are filmed in Toronto, so transportation and lodging wouldn’t be an issue if the H.G. When not writing for Screen Rant, Michael's a freelance graphic designer. Wells), was an amazing fan favorite! I’m not sure what the plans were for the reboot, but this would be an amazing thing to move forward with. Michael Crider is a native-born Texan, as well as a movie and TV junkie. There has already been CONFIRMED talk of a spinoff series, with H.G.

When it went off the air it disappointed all of these fans. Wells spinoff] to happen, it still could happen. Fans need to sign this petition to make sure it keeps gaining momentum and is renewed or kept in production plans.

I loved pretty much everything about the episode's Victorian flashbacks — even the slightly dodgy English accents from one or two of the guest stars, and the soundstagey Victorian London.

TV Network. Warehouse 13 is Syfy's most popular original series, regularly scoring more than three million total viewers for new episodes.

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