Sometimes we only did two pages of dialogue in four days. Robert Taylor received the 1953 World Film Favorite – Male, award at the Golden Globes (tied with Alan Ladd).

I hope I hear from you again. Buffalo Bill and Wild Bill Hickock work to establish the Pony Express and fight Indians and California Separatists who seek to destroy it. 10 of 14 people found this review helpful. Taylor was also a chain-smoker. The music is scored by Louis Forbes and it's a Technicolor production with John Alton on photography. Taylor learned to fly in the mid-1930s, and served as a United States Navy flying instructor during World War II. You may well be right about Miss Ferguson.

But with American character actors Fuller & Caruso playing the in fighting leaders of the Blackfoot tribe, it just comes across as corny and wholly unbelievable, while Dwan was indeed a more than capable director, here the action lacks zip and the film gasps for some dramatic air as the narrative goes around in circles.The story off screen is more entertaining than the film itself, where Reagan was constantly at odds with producer Benedict Bogeaus. In 1965, after filming Johnny Tiger in Florida, Taylor took over the role of narrator in the television series Death Valley Days, when Ronald Reagan left to pursue a career in politics. Whatever Stanwyck was, she was one hell of an actress, and knew all about proper lighting i.e. During the surgery, doctors discovered that he had lung cancer.

I'm just pleased as punch to do it again.

He did have a sickening mother who flipped out when he got married, but there were lots of mothers like that in those days–and they got away with it because they were “mothers.” A woman who was terrified that her son was getting married earned sympathy from millions of other American mothers instead of the condemnation they would receive today. Gary Richard Collins II (, Other Works . There’s a great story in the book about Taylor and Stanwyck coming home after an anniversary dinner. After she won the Oscar, Jack Warner announced Wyman for "A Streetcar Named Desire" and "Ethan Frome.' You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Of course, the studios COULD have kept the industry clean from the outset by exposing and removing these individuals but, as we know, that never happened. Crawford, Garbo and Dietrich were also lovers shared by Bankhead and Stanwyck. We both know Stanwyck lived in an era of extreme homophobic ethos; even today remnants of this miasma of prejudice still persists – sadly. As a child, my only solution to the problem of shyness was to hide, to make myself as small and insignificant as possible. View all posts by pezhammer. As with most issues in history we can only investigate as carefully as possible, then formulate an opinion based on an assessment of what we have found. During the final months of his life, he was hospitalized seven times due to infections and complications related to the disease. So he had one of “those” mothers. Copyright © 2020 | WordPress Theme by MH Themes, Top 10 Historical Movies About The American West, Top 10 Historical 19th/20th Century Dramas. A chain smoker, Taylor was diagnosed with lung cancer in October 1968.

Babs wuz robbed.

The two had been married from 1940, until their divorce in 1949. Lung cancer claimed him at 57 in 1969.

Lived in Palm Springs, California, in retirement.

But all that aside and, in the end, there was no way to compare the two of them in acting. It crippled mine for many years. Add the first question. We were just two rows behind Irene Dunne.

[on her popularity while playing the sixty-something Angela Channing on Falcon Crest]: It's not that she's vicious, it's that she wants her own way. Much is coded for obvious reasons.Many of the troubled high earners would be blackmailed by studio heads.My uncle noted that this action could backfire .I couldnt help think of Taylor taking less money for 24 years!!!!! We will never know. Also, she placed her 3200-sq.-ft. Rancho Mirage condominium on the market. I can wallow in her acting till the day I die. My mother took custody of his files with no instructions as to what should be done.My mother died in 2008 and I currently possess them. When it came to questions about her sexuality, Barbara Stanwyck was the old studio days’ equivalent of today’s Tom Cruise.

And Taylor himself once “proved” his heterosexuality by exhibiting the hair on his chest to somebody who asked if he was “queer.”. Nobody knows what arthritis is like unless you have it. Personally, I have the same level of interest if someone is gay or not, right-handed or left-handed, redhead or blonde, Jew or Gentile. Thank you for your informed comments, Linda. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Unfortunately, the studios lied so consistently about most of their stars that we tend to think EVERYTHING they said was untrue. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. And the pace! This discussion had to do w/ the media being in the bedrooms of presidents, and others. Lived in a retirement home in Palm Springs, California, before she resided at the Rancho Mirage Country Club, where she died. In 1958, he left MGM and formed his own production company, Robert Taylor Productions, and the following year starred in the ABC hit television series The Detectives Starring Robert Taylor (1959–1962). If I write a piece about gay actors I do so because their sexuality is of interest to a proportion of readers and because I enjoy setting the record straight, given the decades of lies told by the studios about their stars. For his contribution to the motion picture industry, Robert Taylor has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 1500 Vine Street. Having said that, after their divorce in 1952 she embarked on a four year affair with the much younger Robert Wagner, beginning when they appeared together in Titanic. After the divorce from Taylor, the only person that lived with her was her “Uncle Buck,” James Mack, who had known her since her days as a chorus girl in NYC. [Who recalled about the dwindling family finances that made it very hard for her to find a job]: Well, it didn't last long. You may very well be right. In 1964, Taylor co-starred with his former wife, Barbara Stanwyck, in William Castle‘s psychological horror film The Night Walker.

I was so sure I wouldn't win that when I heard my name called out, I didn't recognize it. Use the HTML below. No funeral, no grave, as per her instructions. Top 5 TV: 'Mr. History is at best educated guesswork based on piecemeal information. ( Log Out / 

Everybody in the company knew that ‘protege’ meant private ‘rehearsals’ in overnight stays at the director’s home. They both swore like troopers, told similar risqué, foul jokes, but nobody knows for certain if they were intimate. They remained on good terms, until Reagan's death, in mid-2004. |  I didn't get up. Gary Cooper? I have not been idle. And I am not saying all actors are stupid or without character. Was this review helpful to you? They were sordid. It was reported that Wyman died in her sleep of natural causes at the Rancho Mirage Country Club. Cowboys and Indians, good and bad on each side, go head to head in a cliché riddled movie bogged down by a pretty turgid script. This was also the first movie that I saw that former President Ron Reagan was in before he went into politics. She had numerous affairs with both sexes. I thought: Never again. (9G)-Barbara Stanwyck, her various careers.

Bob Taylor’s record of female lovers would surely indicate he was heterosexual, although it was not uncommon for straight men to indulge in acts contrary to their nature in order to advance up the Hollywood totem pole.

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