He continued with his independent scholarship, never becoming affiliated with any university, although he associated with university presidents and the leading ethnologists looked up to him as a founder of the field.

For several years "his ethnical interests lay dormant",[29] but not his scholarship and writing.

The Morgans had to endure perpetual criticism, which they accepted as true, Lewis going to far as, in Ancient Society, to take a stand against cousin marriage. Visit the 10th Grade English: Homework Help Resource page to learn more.

kind of like an educational fan club.

A. Worsaae, whose The Primeval Antiquities of Denmark was published in English in 1849. In the process, he acquired a more systematic interest in Iroquois culture.


Daniel Drew, Erie's treasurer, defended successfully by creating new stock, which he had his friends sold short, dropping the value of the stock. The OLC set about to purchase the votes of as many chiefs as it could, plying some with alcohol. Morgan identified four major areas of development: technology, government, family and property.

Pioneer cultural anthropology-- armchair anthropologist in Rochester, U.S. *studied the Iroquois *unilinear cultural evolution.

Chicago: Univ.

6 Choose 2,

Later the Confederacy paid for Parker's studies at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York, where he graduated in civil engineering.

Passengers on riverboats could shoot Bison and other game for food along the upper Missouri River. At the time, German geographers were divided over the causes of cultural variation. The book focuses on both the genesis and the impact of Morgan 1997 (cited under Books) and its establishment of the anthropological study of kinship.

What causes them to change over time? In his initial New Gordius address Morgan had said:[18].

Tooker, Elisabeth.

Morgan and his wife were active in the First Presbyterian Church of Rochester, mainly of interest to Mary. Morgan became independently wealthy and could retire from the practice of law.

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