Make an account at and upload your track. It is able to get an average of 5 million views per day from different sources. Red Bull Records is an independent record label dedicated to long-term artist development with a global perspective.

Their major function is to take care of the copyright of sound and video recordings. The details my vary per music label. If your file is larger than 25MB, please give us a direct link with it uploaded somewhere else, or just send us an email to instead of filling this form out! So in order to have your music heard by Spinnin Records make sure to make it into the Top 50 of the Talent Pool which is gonna be one of the more difficult task of this tutorial. It's super easy so we won't get into that. Mastering helps to optimize playback across all systems and media formats. It’s that easy! Just fill out the form below, attach your recording and hit submit. Everyone knows SoundCloud. BLACK FRIDAY SALE | $399 All Plugins Edition. This percentage can vary from label to label and from artist to artist.

Nielsen SoundScan in their 2011 report noted that the “big 4” controlled almost 88% of the market: EMI used to be one of the big record labels, but got surpassed by Universal Music in 2012. As you can probably imagine, mastering can’t add delays to just your vocal track. Fourth is Cloudbound, a mastering tool that is available 24/7. EPs, singles, mixtapes, etc.) Costs for packaging, budget records and other costs might be deducted from the artist’s royalties as well. Worldwide, most label contracts include a specific rule. Want your recording critiqued in our Readers’ Tracks column in print and/or on our website? So, it doesn’t use human beings on the back end and it’s driven by an algorithm. WARNING! Please note that recordings done in their entirety in commercial facilities will be disqualified. They don’t actually allow their artists to be signed to multiple labels at once. The other 95% are people who barely started producing releasing music or just people who really do believe their tracks are good when they are not.

My last advice will be to repeat this tutorial and get into the TOP 50 until you get a comment from Spinnin Records with criticism or an invite to get features in their Talent Pool ranks. You simply upload your tracks to this service and it automatically masters them.

Despite the skills and experience of a mastering engineer, getting a good result naturally also depends on the material they have to work with. wildfire. All of that advanced money must first be paid back to the record label. In the music industry, a 360 deal (from 360° deal) is a business relationship between an artist and a music industry company.

This has to do with several factors. Here on the Trap Nation page you will find all the information you need to submit your mastered demo track quickly.Trap Nation will accept song demo’s in the Dance, Hip-Hop, Electronica, Chill Out music genre at the moment.So please check carefully if you demo do fit the genre(s) where Trap Nation is active.

But of course, you can always choose for personal contact with a professional mastering engineer like Some other major record labels are Island Records, BMG and Virgin Records. The days, record labels can have an elaborate list of duties. If these basics are not covered, audiobyray mastering can help you out. In This Guide you will learn the essential way of increasing your chances of getting heard by Spinning Records. on other record labels. Enter Your track into the Spinning Records Talent Pool. Traditionally, mastering uses several tools like equalization, limiting, compression and stereo enhancement. The purpose of audio mastering is to balance sonic elements of a stereo mix. Runner-up is BandLab, which has become popular among indie musicians and artist. By submitting your track you accept that we repost your track on our profiles where over 1 million of our followers can listen, like & share your track. It's super easy so we won't get into that. Mastering can do a lot for your song but it really can’t fix it.

We are still in the launching phase - those who submit their tracks now will be more likely to get the most attention. Through either loopholes in those contracts or by gaining permission from the labels, on rare occasions artists may be able to release certain records (sometimes limited to “non-albums”, ie. The third place goes out to Landr, a completely online and on algorithm based mastering platform. Discover what's missing in your discography and shop for Wasp Records releases. In most cases, record labels work directly with artists and producers to coordinate the writing and production of the recordings. For those who have never heard of LANDR before, we’ll explain. Keep in mind though, that every dime the record label invests in the artist, they expect to get back. However, there are ways to circumvent this. #HowToSendYourmusicTospinningRecords #SpinningRecords #SpinninRecords #HowToSubmitYourMusicToSpinninRecords #HowToSendYourMusicToSpinningRecords #Curbi #RevealedRecordings #EDM #Evolutionofsound, How To Send Your Music To Spinnin Records. Suppose that a music label gives a band a $250,000 advance to record an album. In return, according to the 360 deal, the artist agrees to give the company a percentage of an increased number of their revenue streams. Then it allows you to download them instantly.

Not everyone thinks the same on the matter of whether or not sending music into a professional mastering studio is a necessity. Submit your track for free to our human curated playlists. These days there are four ruling record labels.

They will function as a pseudo-manager. It’s basically an online, automated mastering service. The first spot is taken bij Abbey Road Studios, which is of course one of the world’s most iconic (mastering) studios. The label agrees to do so in return for 90% of the sales. On the fifth spot we find Metropolis Studios and last but not least is eMastered. If a Spinning Agent loves your track they will offer to repost it or post it on their official soundcloud profile for the talent pool but getting signed to Spinnin Records will only come if you can show you can bring a new sound to them. Although it works okay, the system can never replace a real professional mastering engineer like In most cases, when signing with a “major” record label, the label will offer the artist a large cash advance. Make an account using your Facebook and link your Soundcloud so you can add your track onto the Pool of Music.

Keep in mind that a lot of tracks in the Top 100 are there due to the artist having a huge fan base or hiring bot farms to vote for them. Always keep this in mind when you sign a contract with a record label. It can not effectively fix issues on a micro level. We can’t give you a proper critique if we don’t know how you’re hearing your music playback! Make an account at and upload your track. Track Submission. Please help our reviewers by being sure to list your monitors, speakers, and/or headphones. Your.

All this is done to ensure the recording sells well around the world. Want your recording critiqued in our Readers’ Tracks column in print and/or on our website? You get the approval of your friends and you feel you can get your track signed to any record label out there but you have chosen to aim for Spinning Records. 3 Free Plugins | iZotope Ozone Neutron Nectar Elements | Your Choice, John Tejada: How to use the Haas effect in Ableton to process leads, How To Mix Techno Drums (Jon Kong Trailer), Universal Music Group (USA based) — 29.85%, Sony Music Entertainment (USA based) — 29.29%. Submit Your Track. Allow you to let Spinning Records stream your music without downloading it. This should generate an estimated revenue of around $20,000 a day ($7.3 million a year) from the ads that run on the videos.

If you want to learn how to get signed to any record label read my advice here on a proven method that has worked for numerous artist like Curbi (Spinnin Records) KEVU(Revealed Recordings), Trifo(MixMash), RudeLies (Armada). Allow you to let Spinning Records stream your music without downloading it. After this, the coordination of the manufacturing follows and subsequently the distribution, marketing, promotion of the recording. Mastering is the final step of audio post-production. © 2020 Music Maker Publications, Inc. All rights reserved. If the music label never recoups what they’ve invested in the artist, the artist will never see any of the royalties that their music generated.

PLEASE MAKE SURE IT'S ATLEAST 320KBPS MP3 OR WAV Format. We have thousands of fans, DJs, Producers, Artists, mp3 Pools, Agencies, and Labels all over the world visiting our site daily for new material and talent, so we do our best to provide the best material for our general audience. Our mission is to provide our artists with an environment to succeed, including artists that may not have thrived in the traditional industry. If I had to give you an estimate on what tracks on the Talent Pool could be good enough to get released on Spinnin Records, I would say about only 5%. Click here. Explore releases from the Wasp Records label. Just fill out the form below, attach your recording and hit submit. Provide a safe outlet people trust. LESS for Upgraders! Artists don’t get paid if they are with a record label. Help Center Status Blog Please help our reviewers by being sure to list your monitors, speakers, and/or headphones. I'm gonna be very blunt with you guys, a lot of people send their music to Spinnin Records via their Talent Pool and most of it is not good enough to garner a release. When an artist signs a deal with a label, they should see themselves as an investment of the record label.Artists don’t get paid if they are with a record label.The record label lends them money that is to be paid back if/when the artist makes it.Suppose that a music label gives a band a $250,000 advance to record an album.The label agrees to do so in return for 90% of the sales. When an artist signs a deal with a label, they should see themselves as an investment of the record label.

Spinning AR Agents have been known to comment on numerous tracks that are submitted into the Talent Pool that make it above rank 50. You have worked countless of hours perfecting your song and you finally feel like it's time to send it out. In that case there’s no need for mastering. Here at AudiobyRay we have both Mixing & Mastering experience for over 9 years.We mastered over a 1000 EDM tracks, Stem Mastering sessions, and countless DJ Mixtapes so far, Proactively, positively, progressively changing the music industry.Founded in 2012 by Andre Willem, Before sending your demo to Trap Nation consider it to get it professionaly mastered by AudiobyRay Mastering, Genre(s) : Dance, Hip-Hop, Electronica, Chill Out, Facebook :

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