Hes become my drunk weaponsmith lol. Angela does not stay in the party for long. Wasteland Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Aside from one sniper, almost everyone else should be armed with this. When you collect enough cat litter, you'll meet him near the gate of Santa Fe. Also, it is doubtful that you won't already have someone with Computer Science and Lockpicking skills on this level. Posted October 21, 2014, Updated October 24, 2014, Permalink. He's still worth your attention because he's got really good attributes and skills: he specializes in SMG, he's got an MP5k and healing skills at a very good level. You’ve got to move them and attack in the order of their combat initiative.

Energy weapons cannot jam or inflict Critical Hits, but deal bonus damage to targets with Conductive Armor.

There are often circular patches of dirt you can dig up for extra loot. Best choices are ranged weapons without a close combat penalty. You are not permitted to copy any image, text or info from this page. You can enlist her around the Citadel, literally right after the game starts. Unfortunately, unless you get lucky and stumble across something better, your best option is simply to buy better weapons. Critical Damage multiplier is Strength(1-10) dependent. I disassembled everything under $70 or so, and after that depending on whether I wanted the parts. any help is greatly appreciated. That greatly reduces ammo consumption, as you can chew up people with weapons. It is an average character and you can add him about halfway through the gameplay (at this time, you will probably have developed all the skills that he has). First, you have to save him from drowning (use Brute Force skill to knock down the smaller totem or dig it up with a shovel) and then, visit his mother's house so that he can join your team. If you refuse in the first time, you won't meet him again. Get leadership to boost accuracy, it's cheap, but only on one guy and not the starting level 16 character. His attributes are painstakingly low. Mid-Game (Arizona): At this point I would look at the value of the weapon decide.

List of Wasteland 2 weapons Build 42098 (unless noted) 1 Brawling 2 Bladed 3 Blunt 4 Handguns 5 Shotguns 6 Submachine Guns 7 Assault Rifles 8 Heavy Weapons 9 Sniper Rifles 10 Energy Weapons 11 Explosives 12 Bowling Critical Damage multiplier is Strength(1-10) dependent. I would also take into consideration what mods I could get from the weapon. Here is how I did it:-Early Game: Disassemble weapons I didn't need because the parts are lighter and the supply dude at the Citadel gives you better money for the parts than the weapons. To add him to the team, you have to give the warhead to the militia. If you're looking for weapon modifications this article will help.

One derived stat you might not initially understand is Combat Initiative. Especially against dangerous targets that have lots of HP, this is a viable strategy. Before that I had nothing that could do any dmg to robots. talking mainly energy weapons, sniper rifles (2 if possible) and smgs, shotguns (again 2 if possible), and a bladed weapon. If you're pinched for ammo and your weapons already upgraded, selling the surplus makes more sense. Then, she can use her pistol for usual enemies and energy guns for armored opponents. You only need to talk to him to enlist him. The game mechanics are also somewhat opaque at the beginning. Can anyone offer advice as far as what's better for both financial and weapon performance? Whether he drowns, or not, will have its effects on the development of the main plot at the Camp. The critical damage multiplier on all melee weapons scales with the Ranger's Strength.

She does not tolerate killing - apart from the Indians from the Rail Nomad Camp, who she is reluctant towards. Thus, it’s not terrible to experiment a bit at the low levels, but you’ll want to focus on some key weapons and skills to get ahead. You can add him to your team if you happen to need someone with high Kiss Ass skill or if you want to sell and buy a lot of equipment. Being on level 20, makes him have to wait as many as 10 levels for the next extra point.

Crouching costs 2 AP, and moving afterwards requires an extra 2 AP to stand back up. After the successful rescue, Takayuki will offer you to help you. Another Perspective sheltim points out that mathematically speaking, going from 4 to 8 INT grants you just one more skill point per level, while taking INT to 10 gives you one additional. Probably 80% of my damage came from the above group. If the enemies detect you before you fire the first shot, they’ll get a bonus to their combat initiative and will attack first. She uses energy weapons, which is useful against armored enemies. (Thanks to 3rdAnnual for confirming this.). And anything that increases accuracy. ... 2. Generally, it's a decent person, but not as righteous as her alternative - Rose, from the Ag Center. The critical damage multiplier on all melee weapons scales with the Ranger's Strength. The unnecessary 6 points of Intelligence is a strong shortcoming of Gary, as these points could be distributed into other attributes, making him a better shooter. It's fantastic. Low Strength is also a disadvantage for a character that is supposed to be a melee fighter, so it is better to train him in using some kind of ranged weapon. As a general rule I keep everything until I'm weighed down or have a dupe. Still, it is better to keep him alive. Next playthrough will be rolling ZERO shotgunners lol. Wasteland 2 is the sort of enormous, complex PC RPG that you can lose yourself in for weeks. This list of what I consider “secondary skills” are things that you’ll probably want a few points in, but aren’t as high a priority: Bear in mind that there are NPCs in Wasteland 2 that you can recruit that have their own skills which can compliment your team’s. Pistols, SMGs, and melee weapons sometimes be useful as secondary weapons, but they’re not nearly as powerful as those four. my personal recommendation would be to also skip shotguns, submachine guns, energy weapons, and heavy weapons altogether. Don't assume it will be the same, even if the weapons are very similar. 39. One of the buried ones is Takayuki's mother. You can also strategically position your team so that there are enemies between you and other inaccurate gun-toting baddies. Terms of Service However, using it a rank or two early only really costs you a couple of skill points. When you collect enough cat litter, you'll meet him near the gate of Santa Fe. This page lists all Wasteland 2 weapons[1]. Therefore, I find Charisma to be pretty worthless and I set all my characters’ Charisma stats to 1. But if you know where I could find some upgrades for those it would be greatly appreciated!!! Brute Force 2; Outdoorsman 2; Shotguns 4; Ertan. Say I have a gun worth $100 scrap if I sell it direct - and then compare that to say 75 scrap I get if I strip it (average return seems to be 5 broken weapon parts).

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