I hope this won't make you lose face. There are a number of laws in Singapore that are quite odd. 31 years under Suharto created an order that have not been fully executed.. 3.

Stay away from any forbidden drug, it will costs you, make sure your immigration papers are in order, it will costs y all dear from years in jail ( not european or us standard) to the death penalty. Democracy is not the same as Indonesian Democracy, there are limits, and internet , FB, Twitter are monitored sometimes, ( where not lol ) and if you obvious insult someone, they can take you to court, and yes to jail or a heavy penalty, so be carefull what you write if making comments, or about thinks you dont understand. In addition to these basic cultural sensitivities, religion plays a large role in Indonesian life and values.

its fell like a home, really home sweet home.

Technology is going fast also in Indonesia, yes, almost every person now a days has a smartphone and access to the internet. In jakarta or in the villages tips are not requested, and they will be very gratefull for a couple of pennies, in Bali a simple suitcase carrier in a 4 star hotel speaks english, and will not leave your room after you have giving him a reasonable tip. Most people, even in the villages are quite forgiving if you somehow perceived as rude to them. When did organ music become associated with baseball? This might include raising your voice, or making accusations. But, the rich Indonesian history, culture, and traditions are worth the challenges of following the rules of etiquette.

Never use your left hand for anything. Often, he or she will accept gladly, as many people in Indonesia are too poor to own a camera and don't have any pictures of themselves. Overal Balinese people are a bit different then Jakartans, in Jakarta its always hurry, traffic is terrible, Bali is more relaxed a different religion, more used to western ideas, customs. Problems should be solved in private, not on the streets, and ego-based or emotional outbursts are inappropriate. The draft code, which will also introduce penalties for insulting the president, is set to be adopted as soon as next week, after the government agreed to the bill Wednesday. It wouldn't be difficult for an Indian to feel home there, I believe. Life is still cheap, but its getting expensive, as with every country which is growing at 5 to 6 percent GDP, cheap used to be cheap, still a foreigner is considered rich, and hagling is an art, and needed. in the malay lands on eastern sumatra boleh could also mean 'able' Contact us for full details. Sukarno was the ONLY ASIAN leader of modern era to unify diverse background without shedding a drop of blood The trains may not run on time, shopkeepers won't understand the notion of "hurry up," and taking a picture of someone is never as simple as snapping and walking away. "The unwritten part of all of this arguments is that it is based on Islamic Shariah minus the lashing. Problem is maybe for some, it is hard to comprehend the size and complexity of indonesian culture and people, different people groups inside a single island could be vastly different. More than 85% of the people in Indonesia consider themselves Muslim, though their practices may differ considerably from Islam as it's practiced in the Middle East. Dont go "exploring" areas without a guide/friendly locals. What does contingent mean in real estate? Hello! Or the general lack of hospitality of locals in that area for example the tendency to rob (literally and not so literally) tourist. Sincerely, an indonesian native, Oh and also, please listen to what gunadharma said. Like on the lands of Sumatra or Borneo. Fear and horror among Indonesia's LGBT community as gay sex ban looms, 'Never seen anything like this': Inside Indonesia's LGBT crackdown. Indonesian people embarrass easily, and it's considered very rude to deliberately embarrass someone.

Boleh means something like "you can/allowed to do so" , that is from the receiving person. Indonesia's Minister of Law and Human Rights Yasonna Laoly, who reintroduced the bill in 2015, told CNN that the law replaces the 100-year-old Dutch colonial-era penal code and would make Indonesia's criminal law more in line with how Indonesians live today. It is illegal for a man to sunbathe with a bare chest! You might not fully understand what's going on, just be respectful of their customs.

The new criminal code has been in the making for decades. Behave like you are their guest. Members of the LGBT community.

One should read this article as a " general " thing, since most of the population 80 percent are living on Java. Minister of Law Yasonna Laoly said that was a "big misperception" and called the law a "legacy" as the bill was made for Indonesians by Indonesians. This is because of the rich texture of different religious traditions in the archipelago; from Buddhism and Hinduism, to Chinese Confucianism, European Christianity, Indigenous animist, and ancestor worship. The history of religion in Indonesia is fascinating, complex, and the subject of dozens of books. Indonesian drug laws are among the strictest in Southeast Asia, yet the use of illegal drugs is relatively high in some parts of the country. Why don't libraries smell like bookstores? CNN's Angus Watson contributed to this report. And unmarried couples who are reported to police for living together could be sentenced to six months in prison or face a fine. Going to a trip to Indonesia. A postcard or photograph would make for a nice gift. Don't touch anyone with it, don't eat with it, don't pick things up with it – as it's considered the hand you use to wipe yourself in the bathroom. Different thing could apply to other asians esp se asian and east asian Often, he or she will accept gladly, as many people in Indonesia are too poor to own a camera, and don't have any pictures of themselves. While the bigger cities in Jakarta and Bali are used to tourist behavior, villagers are often intrigued by visitors. As far as homosexuality goes, it's unfortunate, but if you go outside of the cosmopolitan cities, you should try not to be overly affectionate in public. A village chief can also file a police complaint if close family do not object. Great article! Bars, Cafes, restaurants, there are thousands of them, and nigh life in Jakarta is a very nice experience, every food you want is available agains a price, there are hundreds of Malls and markets.

But there are cultures, laws, and customs to heed, respect and comply with. Often all it takes to follow proper etiquette in Indonesia is a smile and a humble demeanor. Nightlife is like in every other place, fun, nice, but could also be dangerous. Why is Charlie having so much difficultly talking to Miss Kinnian and other people? For example the appropriate word to say when passing in front of crowds or villages would be 'permisi' not 'boleh'. Here are 5 things you might not know about it. Use your right thumb to point at things - pointing with the index finger is considered rude. Thank you for all the details no it’s and insights. Therefore, while there are a few religious and spiritual practices that are practiced by a majority of the population, the main rule regarding religion in Indonesia is, "Judge not, lest ye be judged.". All Rights Reserved. A group of NGOs are now urging Indonesian President, Indonesia is the world's largest Muslim-majority country, but prides itself on. Always bend slightly when meeting or greeting an Indonesian older than you or in a position of authority.

when i was in bali and bought some souvenir the childreen bring, i was never expected that they're good ini english so we talked like 30 minutes or so, just because i bought some souvenir. In other regions, being sort of rude by general javanese standard (not ignorant though) and talk loudly are considered the norm there. The group said more than 150 people, most of them religious minorities, have been convicted under the law since it was passed in 1965, Some see the law as evidence that hardline religious forces are influencing politics -- an issue that was a, If passed, the law "will confirm that Indonesia is now becoming an Islamic state,"Harsono said. For instance, it's considered shameful and impolite for women to walk around in skimpy clothing, especially in cities like Aceh, home to the Grand Mosque and perhaps the most devout, traditional Muslim city in Indonesia. And 'villages' are often intrigued? 4.Makassar, land of strikes and turnmoil 6.Partly of Solo and Serang, West Java, some of syria and afghan alumni warlord is still living there and ready to make explosive bomb

If you've been stopped by a police officer and know you've done nothing wrong, or if you feel that you've been short-changed by a vendor, don't get angry. Laws in Indonesia are very strict regarding drugs, and terrorizing an innocent soul is something to avoid while visiting.. Dear Indonesian Gov: please change the laws for the sake of Bali 9, one of the example. Maybe a comma after Jakarta would help with understanding. Bali is not compairable, since used to turists and their habits, they used drunks, and women in short, mini, etc, since its a " usual " thing for turists do to, bar hopping, eating out, on the beach, there is also a big difference in culture on Bali then on Java, which is considering the main island, since Hinduisme is a 100 percent different approach then Islam, do not forget that. Rights groups say many of the articles would discriminate against against women, religious minorities, members of the LGBT community, as well as stymie freedom of speech and freedom of association. Top Answer. Try to avoid this cities: Put your resting bitch-face away. The Email address or Password is incorrect, World Nomads Contributor - Tue, 2 Jul 2019.

I’ll be residing in Jakarta for the next 5-years as of Sep. 01, 2020

A man should also never shake hands with a Muslim woman, unless she extends her hand first.

By Helen Regan and Masrur Jamaluddin, CNN, Updated 1319 GMT (2119 HKT) September 19, 2019. Note that this guide is written for motorcycle riders in mind, as that is the most viable option for foreigners wishing to drive in Indonesia.

There are dangerous and inconvenient cities/ region in Indonesia. Living here 20 plus years now i learned a lot, be polite in all kind of situations is smart, dont use your big mouth, it will make things only more difficult.

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