A student's grades and GPA cannot change once they have graduated. When a grade other than incomplete is reported officially by an instructor at the end of a term, the grade is recorded and can be changed only if an error was made in estimating or reporting it. Forms are available at the One Stop Student Service Center and on the web at registrar.wcu.edu/forms. Students should discuss this option with their academic advisor, who will notify the Registrar’s Office of the desired change. While academic in scope, any violation of this policy is by nature, a violation of the Code of Student Conduct (Code) and will follow the same conduct process (see ArticleVII.B.1.a.). Any courses elected for repeat must be taken and repeated at WCU. This appeal must include: a) a statement of the reason(s) why the student believes the dismissal was impermissibly or arbitrarily assigned (see policy Academic Action Appeal Policy); b) the resolution sought. Transfer applications should be submitted by July 1 for all fall admissions and at least thirty days prior to the beginning of spring semester. Grade Converter, Western Carolina University - Credits, Grades, and Quality Points. If treatment has not occurred at the Western Carolina University Student Health Center, documentation from the outside provider will be required. This response should detail whether or not the instructor is approving or denying the appeal. Certification and Licensure. A written request for re-evaluation is required.

Withdrawal for extenuating circumstances will affect satisfactory academic progress and course completion rates but will not count towards the student’s 16-hour withdrawal limit.

The assessment information is not part of the student’s official record, and individual scores may be reported only to the student. Access My Grades .

That the student simply disagrees with the assigned grade does not constitute a basis for a review. At least two of the faculty members shall be selected from “allied” disciplines or programs. Only information submitted during the meeting with the student, or in the meeting between the instructor and the student, may be considered by the department head. When students return from suspension, they are placed on academic warning and must have an Academic Action Plan. Credit for all or part of a course(s) may be awarded. Only information submitted during the hearing, or in the meetings between the instructor/department head and the student, may be considered by the hearing board. Western Carolina University Applicants' Self-Reported GPA/SAT/ACT Graph. The subject examinations also may be used to validate credits earned at unaccredited institutions and to earn credit for courses failed at the university or other institutions. This student information may be the same as, or derivative of, information maintained by a constituent institution of The University, or it may be additional information. Western Carolina University, which accepts fewer than half of all applicants, has a competitive admissions pool with above average GPAs and SAT/ACT scores. Students who complete an undergraduate degree and graduate who wish to continue their enrollment at the undergraduate level following graduation will be permitted to do so provided their resumed enrollment is not interrupted for more than three consecutive semesters. Undergraduate credit will not be awarded for graduate-level courses. Neither the student nor the faculty member may be accompanied or represented in the hearing by legal counsel or other advisor. As part of Western Carolina University’s continuing effort to maintain the quality of academic programs and university services, the university conducts student learning outcomes assessment. If not, the students will be notified within a reasonable period of time that the records will not be amended, and they will be informed by the director of Equal Opportunity Programs of their right to a formal hearing.

Students who have completed more than two collegiate courses in the field of study concerned may earn credit by examination only after securing written approval of the head of the department in which the course is offered. FERPA provides that a student may inspect his or her education records. The credit awarded is not applicable to the university’s residency requirement. All students are expected to earn and maintain a grade-point average (GPA) of at least 2.0 each semester and to successfully complete (earn) at least 67% of their attempted hours. No late registration is permitted after the tenth day of the term which coincides with when the institution submits census enrollment to the State. If the student does not respond within five (5) business days of meeting with the Academic Integrity Board, the alleged violation of the Academic Integrity Policy shall not be subject to further review and/or appeal. If the student does not respond within five (5) business days of meeting with the department head, the alleged violation of the Academic Integrity Policy shall not be subject to further review and/or appeal.

Placement in World Languages. This admissions data tells us that most of Western Carolina's admitted students fall within the top 35% nationally on the SAT.

Neither the student nor the program director may be accompanied or represented in the hearing by legal counsel or other advisor. However, they may take the examination and secure a waiver of a curricular requirement by scoring a C (2.0) or higher. A student (undergraduate or graduate) has the right to appeal a final assigned grade or dismissal from a program level. Other relevant parties may be questioned. Students may not repeat courses for which they have already earned credit without permission from their advisor. Appeals of a final assigned grade and appeals of dismissals from an academic program follow similar procedures: The following procedures detail the steps for appealing a final assigned grade (whether or not that grade results in dismissal from the Graduate School). The burden of proof shall be on the student to satisfy the Committee that a preponderance of the evidence supports a conclusion that the dismissal was awarded arbitrarily or impermissibly as defined. The campus visit demonstrates interest to the admissions committee. Experiential Courses. Tuition and fees for audited courses are determined by the hour value of the courses. Within the sequences 480-499, 580-599, 680-699, and 780-799, the second and third digits of the numbers are assigned to special types of courses: Credits and Class Meetings. the student’s graduation (or intended term of graduation) does not precede the term for which the student is attempting to register, the student is currently enrolled or has been enrolled in one or more of the last three semesters including summer (see Interruptions in Enrollment below), and. Within five (5) business days of meeting with the department head, the student shall either submit a written appeal regarding the decision or mutually resolve the matter by accepting the allegation and proposed sanction(s). If the student elects to file an appeal of the decision of the Academic Integrity Board, s/he must submit a written appeal within five (5) business days of receiving written notification of the decision of the Academic Integrity Board to the designated academic Dean. If the student feels one of these conditions applies, s/he must file a written appeal to the Provost explaining the situation that warrants this level of appeal.

Transient Permission Forms are available from the One Stop Student Service Center and the departments.

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