The door was open so I walked inside.”. Part of the A360 Media Entertainment Group.

'I look like a teenage fan girl.’ Trixie grimaced as she looked at the photo of her and Cinderella that Katya had taken. You guys are gonna end up married, mark my words.”. She looked like a small child as she looked up at the castle. The queens exchanged presents, until it was Pearl’s turn. Katya was pulled along towards Cinderella’s Castle and Roy put his arm around Danny’s shoulders as they made their way to the Haunted Mansion. “It’s us. (Except her bad cigarette habits ofc)

She got into fights and suppressed her fewl NHS for girls by sleeping with as many guys as possible, which left her heartbroken and depressed. Fresh out of tour.” Kim Chi replies. They didn’t do much talking while they drank, it had been a very long day. Even if he did have a heart attack in the process.

They could hear Trixie’s laugh from inside the house, as more people arrived.

The ice queen. “So I decided to give you something a little more sentimental.” Pearl stand up and walks towards the Christmas tree, taking Violet’s gift from under it. They’re able to transform themselves into pretty much any kind of style icon they dream up.

OK! “It did, but I think it was worth it.” Violet smiled. But if you get to know her you’ll find out she’s got a dirty mind and the darkest humour of all. 'I really don’t know about this.’ Roy shook his head as they were being led to their carriage on the Haunted Mansion. Press J to jump to the feed.

Her apartment in New York was decorated with too many fairy lights, courtesy of Trixie, who had jumped at the idea of organizing this year’s Christmas party. “Merry Christmas!”.

She is so good at it. I’d never have guessed.’ Matt chuckled. Trixie only hoped that cheating on the Secret Santa by making both queens give each other gifts would be enough to finally get them together. “I brought desert!”. Matt chuckled a little and kissed him to try and calm him but it didn’t seem to work. Audio. She is really good at music and her orchestra teacher miss Thorgy thinks she is the next Dolly Parton. Trixie and Katya giving people haircuts on Buzzfeed. All the teachers love her.

But she’s always been to afraid to admit it.

Or even to see the castle with Trixie and Katya? “How about we start with the Secret Santa?” Trixie asks. Fill out the form below, or call us at (866) 667-2327. When they’re assigned as lab partners, can they discover chemistry together? 'I can’t believe I met Cinderella.’ She sighed sleepily.

“Wanna go outside for a smoke?”. “How are you?”. 'Adorably fan girly.’ Katya kissed her.

“Oh mama, that bitch hates me.” Katya laughs, kicking around. A deep blush spread to Trixie’s cheeks at Katya’s words. Katya improvises some of her material and also writes with a creative partner, Avi Paul Weinstein. ‘I want to see Cinderella’s Castle!’ Trixie sighed dreamily at the thought. She got up and gave Pearl a tight hug. 'Then that’s all that matters.’ Katya kissed her again. level 1. But with a sudden gust of courage and absolutely no beta, I bring you this outdated Trixya fic. 3 months ago. 'Oh and by the way,’ she leant closer to Trixie’s ear.

I haven’t been on one since I was kid, I thought I’d be ok but…but…oh god…’ he doubled over again and threw up once more, thankfully not on Jason’s feet this time. They all turned to look at him. They all started laughing. Filter by post type. Jason was still jumping up and down like a small child as they neared the front of the queue. “It went so good,” Trixie is saying.

Violet smiles, taking the gift from Pearl’s hands.


while stuck on this bus i had the picture of trixie that katya posted today open on my phone and i kept LOOKING at it and… well.

'Sorry pumpkin.’ He shrugged. Ofc katya and Trixie are the ones I have thought about the most. 'You are way prettier than her.’ “Are you two done? Send one of these! Trixie cuddled up to Katya and rested her head on her shoulder. Her eyes look fanfuckingtastic, I think it’s done softer to be under photo shoot lighting.

ditching the blue contacts was a good decision on Trixie's part, trixie's face doesn't even look human with or without photoshop lol, Only because her hair is also a hood ughhhhhhhh, Her nose contour looks straight... that's how you know it's fake, They look amazing. Adore was holding a pie in her hands. Pearl opens her mouth to deny Trixie’s statement, but closes it. Always talking about the latest makeup trends, always taking selfies, and secretly, always looking at cute animal vines. “It’s your word against mine -we’re both gay!”, Trixie and Katya bickering like the old married couple they are in UNHhhh, Halloween IV , Trixie Mattel Interviews Icon and Legend Katya Zamolodchikova, two-time losers of RuPaul’s Best Friend Race. this is shorter, about 1.7k, and it’s pure Todd Haynes glancing touches and half-finished sentences slow burn slice-of-life bullshit set after the album release party (buy Two Birds on itunes.) Her and pearl have been going to the same school since they where 9 years old.

'Guys?’ Roy spoke up, addressing them all. Do you have what it takes? Please continue to support the protests in your area!

Trixie grabs Katya’s arm, squeezing it. The first Pride was a riot. I love that 60’s bang tuck thing trixie always does, Is Katya trying some new eye makeup or is it just me? The queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race are known for having the best glam in the game. “I’m glad you have a lot more balls than I do.” Pearl says, grabbing the back of Violet’s neck and kissing her.

cropping this took for fucking ever, rant of the day its becoming a thing lmao. Enjoy this Christmas jingle!. Soon after, the doorbell was ringing yet again.

'You look adorable.’

Both friends smoked in silence, taking in the amazing view of New York. She is always spending time with her best friend Violet, whom she has been deeply in love with for several years. Pinky is mainly Trixie’s POV and Squeaky is mainly Katya’s POV.].

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