Episode 25 The Easter Story (Part 2) When Olivia is stricken with polio, John-Boy refuses to accept the doctor's prognosis that she may never walk again. Episode 107 The Wedding (1) Mary Ellen surprises everyone when she announces her engagement to a wealthy young medical intern she met at the hospital where she is a nursing student. ... saying. Episode 81 The Breakdown Jason gets rundown after taking on the responsibilities but feels he has to be able to cope with it all as John-Boy was always able to do it.

------------------------------------------. Appalled, Mary Ellen steps in to try to stop the wedding from taking place, but when the bridegroom kidnaps Elizabeth until his betrothed is returned to him, action has to be taken. Episode 207 The Move Ben returns home from the war with plans to study engineering while J.D. Instead the first three seasons of the show dramatized this extraordinary young man's valiant efforts to come to terms with his handicap -- from trying out for a professional wheelchair rugby (he didn't make the team) to working as an assistant coach to Eric Taylor and selling cars for Buddy Garrity, his girlfriend's father.

This story is continued in the following episode, The Waiting. Episode 172 The Outsider Ben shocks the family with a new bride, and finds married life is not that easy, however Grandma steps in with some very wise advice for the young couple. Mary Ellen and John Curtis leave the Walton home to enable them to be nearer to Curt at Christmas. With the decision to close the East Dillon Football program speculation runs wild on two fronts. Matt is in love with the Coach's daughter, and the primary custodian for his grandmother, who is slipping into Alzheimer's. Episode 135 The Battle of Drucilla's Pond While the shadows of war creep closer to Waltons Mountain every day, Olivia paints some of the beauty spots on the mountain, so that valuable links with the past will be preserved for posterity. Jason Peter Todd first appeared in Batman #357 (1983) and became the second Robin, sidekick to the superhero Batman, when the previous Robin,Dick Grayson went on to star in The New Teen Titans under the moniker of Nightwing. Episode 97 The Quilting When Grandma comes home from nursing a sick relative, she and Mary Ellen clash over how the younger woman organizes her quilting. Jason and Jody hire a singer to bring business to their newly reopened Dew Drop Inn, but the singer causes problems for Jason when he pays a lot of attention to Toni. In any normal TV show, when Tim came out of jail he would have changed for the better -- taken some college courses, or found Jesus like Lyla did. Julie continues here hiatus from school and visits Matt in Chicago. Episode 216 The Threshold John-Boy returns home, not knowing what he really intends to do in the future, but an opportunity does present itself. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Episode 142 Spring Fever When Mamie Baldwin discovers her rosebush is dying, she fears that it will also be her last spring. Episode 137 The Children's Carol (1) As Christmas approaches, two young children who are refugees from the London blitz come to stay at Waltons Mountain in the Baldwin sisters' home. You can see how his persistence and passion could make him a success in that field. For one lonely girl, who has lost her own baby, the occasion is not a joyful one and she kidnaps Mary Ellen's new born, hoping to replace her own baby. Episode 154 The Calling Jim-Bob's new love, the Baldwin's cousin, has more things than him on her mind as she is preparing to become a nun and Ben unknowingly hires a drunkard to work at the mill. Episode 84 The Emergence The Walton children, especially Elizabeth, find that it really isn't easy having their mother as a substitute teacher while Miss Hunter is on her honeymoon.

Episode 168 The Burden An incredible bit of luck saves reckless Jim-Bob from possible serious injury, causing a drastic change in his rebellious attitude. Episode 116 The Elopement When Erin's first love Chad Mitchell returns to Waltons Mountain, he comes armed with plans to build a cabin on his land and hopes to marry Erin. Jason, however, is intent on following his dreams and tries to win a scholarship to the Klineberg Conservatory. "When does he walk again?" Episode 193 The Remembrance The family isn't sure what to do with Grandpa's cousin who came to collect an old debt from Zeb. Mary Ellen tries to match Erin with Curt's old friend, an Army sergeant. Becky's dad returns to town, Buddy Jr. comes to stay with his dad, and Vince confronts his father about the drugs in his past. Episode 54 The Thoroughbred John-Boy enters a mule in the annual cross-country race and finds instead that he is competing for Selena's affections. Fathers are scarce in Dillon anyway -- star running back Smash Williams' father is dead, Tim Riggins' dad is just gone. When he can't locate the diploma he is required to take another test.

Win or lose, just getting there was a triumph, and you could say the same thing about these remarkable five seasons of "Friday Night Lights". Episode 139 The Milestone Olivia appears to be having difficulty coming to terms with the fact that she is going through menopause. Episode 108 The Wedding (2) Mary Ellen surprises everyone when she announces her engagement to a wealthy young medical intern she met at the hospital where she is a nursing student. Episode 34 The Fawn Erin adopts a wild animal while John Boy gets a life lesson with a new job. It took the DirecTV satellite network co-financing the show -- in a unique deal that allowed it to air "Friday Night Lights" before NBC -- to keep it on the air. A grieving father attacks Jim-Bob and John-Boy is missing in action. Tammy Taylor has trouble fitting in with the East Dillon teaching staff. Episode 100 The Collision An old flame is rekindled for John-Boy when Selina Linville returns to Walton's Mountain. Episode 13 The Reunion The Baldwin sisters' cousin Homer Lee Baldwin visits them, and inspires the sisters to organize a family reunion. Episode 75 The Venture The family may lose its considerable investment in a new business when John is hospitalized with pneumonia. Episode 187 The Wager Elizabeth coaches Erin and Mary Ellen in a run-and-ride race being held to raise war-bond money; Jeff dreams of meeting a movie star. Episode 153 The Empty Nest (2) John struggles to fill a huge lumber contract by himself and Erin and Mary Ellen decide to move out of the family home and into an apartment in Charlottesville. Now I feel like some part of me will always be there. The TV show left it entirely, setting its stories in a wholly fictional town that somehow seems more real than its actual counterpart, a fully realized setting, as vivid as Grover's Corners or Winesburg, Ohio. Even when it won a Peabody award she was unmoved. Episode 47 The Ghost Story The children of the Walton family are excited when they get a Ouija board. Episode 23 The Townie John-Boy refuses to take friendship with a neighbor's sheltered daughter to the next level. Episode 133 The Grandchild (2) Mary Ellen's baby is due and everyone on Waltons Mountain is anxious to know the outcome. Episode 214 The Pearls Corabeth's twin sister drops in to see Ike while Corabeth is away. Episode 8 The Boys from CCC A cynical New York teenager ends up staying on Walton's Mountain. team. Episode 80 The Boondoggle John-Boy is tasked with showing Porter Sims, a reporter who is writing a guidebook about Virginia, around town. Season Three (1974-1975) Episode 51 and 52 The Conflict (Part 1 & 2) The Waltons rally around to fight the government eviction when Aunt Martha Corinne's house is condemned for a highway right-of-way. Episode 102 The Vigil John-Boy interviews the local doctor who is leaving Walton's Mountain after finding business during the Depression too slow to make a decent living. Episode 119 The Hero (a.k.a. Despite the differences in their religions, Jason decides to ask Toni to marry him. Toni moves into the Baldwin home and finally admits to everyone that she is indeed Jewish. Jim Bob is looking for a job and considers using deceit in order to get one. Episode 182 The Journal A publisher wants to print John-Boy's manuscript, even though he is missing in action so he approaches John and Olivia for their permission.

Episode 59 The Spoilers A former New York stockbroker and his family move to Walton's Mountain and upset the equilibrium of the residents. Episode 202 The Pledge Mary Ellen becomes increasingly frustrated that there is no doctor at Walton's Mountain, which leaves her family and friends at risk if there is an emergency. Julie Taylor prepares to go away to college. Episode 92 The Fox Grandpa’s tales of the battle at San Juan Hill during the Spanish-American War turn out to be slightly embellished over the years of telling. His harsh view of a dirt-poor, football-crazed town earned him so much hatred that his cousin Peter Berg had to apologize, beg and grovel to shoot the film there. Season Five 1976-1977 Episode 101 The First Edition John-Boy is preparing the first edition of his newspaper, the Blue Ridge Chronicle and while looking for a front page headline, he witnesses a car accident involving the mayor.

And he didn't. The primary intact family on the show is Coach Taylor's.

But there are events working against the family reuniting for the holiday. ... Friday Night Lights Season 2 Episode 4 Photos, Jason Street Photos Related Post: Episode 111 The Pony Cart John Walton's ninety year old aunt comes to visit the family and annoys everyone when she insists on everyone doing everything her way. Jim-Bob gets a military tattoo after being told he is too young to enlist. Episode 57 The Ring Mary Ellen discovers a beautiful ring in a secondhand purse she bought for a date with John-Boy's best friend. In desperation I gave Kim the DVD of the "Friday Night Lights" first season for Christmas one year. Riggins returns from jail bitter and angry, even more lost than he was before. Billy Riggins gets to step up for a locker-room speech when Coach is late. Erin learns Ashley Longworth has married in London. Season 2 1973-1974 Season 2 1973-1974 Episode 26 The Journey An elderly neighbor reinforces John-Boy's feelings that despite hard times he is lucky to be surrounded by a loving family.

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