Code complexity measure based on the # of independent logical branches through a code base. 1. Helps Stakeholders/employees understand and enact scrum and empirical product development. Screenshots or other pictures of bug in action when user interfaces are involved. In Continuous Integration, it is ensured that this file is kept up-to-date to ensure that the entire build process is seamless. Testing existing software before developing any new software. a software delivery practice similar to Continuous Deployment except a human action is required to promote changes into a subsequent environment along the pipeline. In the Sprint Review ____________ discusses the Product Backlog as it stands. - Impediments should be resolved as close as possible to the *place* at which they occur. a framework to support teams in complex product development. What does a test written with Test Driven Development represent? a software delivery practice in which the release process is fully automated in order to have changes promoted to the production environment. software is tested to ensure that it conforms with all specified functional requirements. (T/F) Refactoring is a key way of preventing technical debt. Teach the Development Team to keep the Daily Scrum within the 15 minute time-box. (T/F) External management has no active role in the actual product development through Scrum, but can help guide the overall direction of the organization. principle to avoid repetition of the same information in one system, preventing the same code from being produced multiple times on code base. Inform the Product Owner so he/she can work with the CEO. 1. Only ______________ has the authority to cancel the Sprint. Strictly speaking that would be the wrong answer (i.e. They provide rapid assurance that defects and configuration management issues have not been introduced. The average time or money a Scrum Team spends per Sprint on bug fixes. holistic view on the management of software applications and systems, accounting for all stages of the existence of a software product. This means that an event has a maximum duration that is fixed and cannot be shortened or lengthened once the sprint has begun. ______________ is an objective that will be met within the Sprint through the implementation of the Product Backlog. Stub out the code that caused the bug so it no longer occurs. Deliver an increment of releasable software. High >. (T/F) The scrum master is responsible for ensuring that the product backlog management by prodtuct owner will optimize the value of the work the Development team performs. __________________ used by the Scrum Team to assess when work is complete on the product Increment. Complete the work that can be done on as much scope as possible and use the Sprint Review to plan the rest with the stakeholders. There are no individual tester roles in scrum. (T/F) A new Sprint starts immediately at the conclusion of the previous Sprint. Below are the 20 odd questions for CI or Continuous Integration (1)----- is a .Net build tool. the role within a Scrum Team accountable for guiding, coaching, teaching and assisting Scrum Team and its environments in properly understanding Scrum. Must remove impediments to the Development Team's progress. False, the scrum master can also work with those outside the Scrum Team to help teach what interactions are or aren't helpful. False, sprints have consistent duration during development efforts. they expand to include stringent criteria for higher quality. The Sprint ends on time and the team learns what is possible to accomplish in that sprint length. > The sugested answer: The person who broke the build. Who should know the most about the progress toward a business objective or a release, and be able to explain the alternatives most clearly? Product backlog items have the attributes of ____________, __________, ____________, and __________. Cyclomatic complexity is expressed as a _________________. creating a logical or physical copy of code within a version control system so that this copy might be changed in isolation.

Immediately raise the issue to the Scrum Master as an impediment. often used to express functional items on the Product Backlog. Code in each test is as small as possible. test-first software development practice in which acceptance criteria for new functionality are created as automated tests. individual units are combined and tested as a group in order to expose faults in the interaction of units. To improve readability and maintainability. software development practice that allows dynamically turning functionality on and off. low-level test focusing on small parts of a software system that can be executed fast and in isolation.

agile software development practice popularized by Extreme Programming. As work is completed in a Sprint what should happen for the Sprint Backlog? False, development teams are self-organizing, therefore no one can tell them how to do this. increases the value and control risk of the decisions made to optimize value in Scrum. False, quality goals do not decrease during the Sprint.

___________ class coupling indicates a design that is difficult to reuse and maintain because of its many inter dependencies on other types. Optimizing the value of the work the Development Team does. For shorter Sprints it is usually shorter.

The Daily Scrum optimizes the probability that the Development Team will meet the ____________. Practice of testing certain functions and areas of code or individual units of source code. ___________________ ensures that the Sprint Planning event happens and that the attendants understand its purpose. For shorter Sprints it is usually shorter. A) The person who broke the build B) The person assigned to the configuration management role within the team C) The tester responsible for validating builds D) The next person who needs the build to complete successfully. To refine Product Backlog items, the following activities will occur implicitly or explicitly: (Select all that apply). The degree to which the system under test has been exercised by tests, (T/F) Programmers and testers should not be included in refining PBIs. Why are PBIs for the upcoming Sprint refined? To communicate the name of the developer that worked on the code. self-organizing team consisting of the PO, Dev Team, and Scrum Master. The default build tool for .Net is MSBuild and is something that comes shipped with the .Net framework. (T/F) New definitions of "done" may uncover additional work in previously "done" increments. 15 minute time-boxed event for the Development Team. (T/F) The Sprint Backlog is modified throughout the sprint by the Development Team. In charge of facilitating scrum events as requested or needed. That is where other team members will come for help. 1. By facilitating Development Team decisions, What are the two primary ways a Scrum Master keeps a Development Team working at its highest, It is when the Scrum Team and stakeholders inspect the outcome of a Sprint and figure out. __________ coaches the development team in organizational environments in which Scrum is fully adopted and understood. The ____________ includes ensuring the development team understand the items in the Product Backlog. You can't run automated tests without an automated build. If multiple teams are working on the same product and it is taking a long time to debug integration issues, what engineering practice would be the best solution? an incomplete one), because it is the Development Team that broke the build. What will likely happen if this is done? The selected PBIs that will deliver one coherent function. I'd definitely agree however that positioning answer A as an "ideal" one is contentious. And that will come in picture where the person is unable to implement the required code on his own.

set of the Product Backlog items selected for the Sprint. If you don't already have a account, you can sign up in just a few seconds. False, multiple scrum teams often work together on the same product. In this meeting the timeline, budget, potential capabilities, and market place for the next anticipated releases of functionality/capability are reviewed. Sprint backlog and all of its items are collectively owned by _____________________. (T/F) During the Sprint no changes that could endanger the Spring goal are made. To do that you need to think about how to apply specific practices within the Scrum Framework. software code that is expressed well, formatted correctly, and organized for later coders to understand. The Product Owner is ultimately accountable for the Product Backlog Managment. Serves the Scrum Team to inspect the past Sprint and plan for improvements to be enacted during the next Sprint. Typically a forecast of functionality, and work needed to deliver it. Why is open assessment suggesting an answer that individually treats a team member who broke the build as a separate entity. newly checked-in code is built, integrated, and tested frequently, generally multiple times a day. A technical requirement that must be satisfied. Whenever new or changed code is checked into version control.

(T/F) The Scrum Master works only with individuals internal to the Scrum project. What does it mean to say that an event has a time-box? (T/F) Unit testing occurs after integration testing. Only the most senior people from the Development Team. At sprint planning, the development team has NO clear standard to meet for releasable software.

In the Sprint Review __________ projects the likely target and delivery dates for the Product Backlog as it stands. False, only the Development Team can change the Spring Backlog during a Sprint. The more code a Developer writes the better, The team has all competencies needed to accomplish the work. A small development activity to learn about technical elements of a proposed solution, The result of an exhaustive architectural planning effort, A decision made by a systems architect to settle disagreement within a Development Team, A fundamental architectural problem found in an existing application. 1. causes team members to consider each other's work and context. (T/F) Stakeholders are actively engaged with the Scrum Team at the Sprint Review. Serves to inspect the work from the Product Backlog that is most valuable to be done next, and to design this work into the Sprint backlog. It is done by the actual developers who will carry out the work. A Sprint may be cancelled if the Sprint Goal becomes __________. False, Unit testing is performed before integration testing as it is the first level of testing. (T/F) Sprint Review meetings must be 4 hours long at the end of the sprint.

____________ discusses the objective that the Sprint should achieve the Product Backlog items that would achieve the Sprint's Goal. 1. The Development Team should not be interrupted during the Sprint. (choose all that apply).

The Sprint Retrospective has a ___ hour maximum, but can be __________ with Sprints under a month long. Which of the following best describes Continuous Integration? Which of the following are NOT metrics of code quality? Who must be present at the Daily Scrum meeting? Who should decide who will be the Scrum Master for a new Scrum Team? If the definition of "done" for an increment is part of the conventions, standards, or guidelines of the development organization then : The Dev Team of an increment must define the definition of "done.". A software development practice used by Integration Teams to create best practice branching and merging strategies. When a Continuous Integration build fails, who ideally ensures the build is repaired? ______________ in the Sprint Backlog occurs as the Development Team works through the plan and learns more about the work needed to achieve the Sprint Goal. PS: I would have personally preferred highlighting collective ownership - saying whoever in the development team first noticed it as broken fixes it - if required with help from the person who last made a change that led the build to break. Clearly expressing Product Backlog items is part of ____________. This implies that the whole team must be involved in inspecting and adapting the team process. Which of the following describe an architecture spike? framework within which people can address complex adaptive problems, while productively and creatively delivering products of the highest possible value.

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