Take up this quiz and know for sure. Self care and ideas to help you live a healthier, happier life. ",image01:"",image01Href:""});quizElements.push({jsonConfigSelector:"answer",elementId:"86751",facebookTitle:"",facebookImage:"",facebookText:"",twitterText:"",pinterestText:"",pinterestImage:"",url:"",dropdownList01:"text-only",smallText01:"3",smallText01Unescaped:"3",smallText02:"1",smallText03:"WellPhoto/Getty Images",largeText01:"Newspaper Staff",image01:"2017_10/quiz_reporter.jpg",image01Href:""});quizElements.push({jsonConfigSelector:"answer",elementId:"86752",facebookTitle:"",facebookImage:"",facebookText:"",twitterText:"",pinterestText:"",pinterestImage:"",url:"",dropdownList01:"text-only",smallText01:"3",smallText01Unescaped:"3",smallText02:"3",smallText03:"sergio_kumer/Getty Images",largeText01:"Equestrian Club",image01:"2017_10/quiz_equestrian.jpg",image01Href:""});quizElements.push({jsonConfigSelector:"answer",elementId:"86753",facebookTitle:"",facebookImage:"",facebookText:"",twitterText:"",pinterestText:"",pinterestImage:"",url:"",dropdownList01:"text-only",smallText01:"3",smallText01Unescaped:"3",smallText02:"2",smallText03:"Highwaystarz-Photography/Getty Images",largeText01:"Choir",image01:"2017_10/quiz_choir.jpg",image01Href:""});quizElements.push({jsonConfigSelector:"answer",elementId:"86754",facebookTitle:"",facebookImage:"",facebookText:"",twitterText:"",pinterestText:"",pinterestImage:"",url:"",dropdownList01:"text-only",smallText01:"3",smallText01Unescaped:"3",smallText02:"5",smallText03:"Steve Debenport/Getty Images",largeText01:"Volunteering",image01:"2017_10/quiz_volunteer.jpg",image01Href:""});quizElements.push({jsonConfigSelector:"answer",elementId:"86755",facebookTitle:"",facebookImage:"",facebookText:"",twitterText:"",pinterestText:"",pinterestImage:"",url:"",dropdownList01:"text-only",smallText01:"3",smallText01Unescaped:"3",smallText02:"4",smallText03:"Jupiterimages/Getty Images",largeText01:"Debate Club",image01:"2017_10/quiz_debate.jpg",image01Href:""});quizElements.push({jsonConfigSelector:"answer",elementId:"86756",facebookTitle:"",facebookImage:"",facebookText:"",twitterText:"",pinterestText:"",pinterestImage:"",url:"",dropdownList01:"text-only",smallText01:"3",smallText01Unescaped:"3",smallText02:"6",smallText03:"sampsyseeds/Getty Images",largeText01:"Dance Team",image01:"2017_10/quiz_dance.jpg",image01Href:""});quizElements.push({jsonConfigSelector:"question",elementId:"86757",facebookTitle:"",facebookImage:"",facebookText:"",twitterText:"",pinterestText:"",pinterestImage:"",url:"",dropdownList01:"text-only",smallText01:"4",smallText01Unescaped:"4",smallText02:"",smallText03:"",largeText01:"How much would you say you love horses? Deep down, you might actually be a Samantha (gasp!).

Only if I HAVE to eat it. Do you play a musical instrument yourself? Just because you wear glasses doesn't mean you're Molly.

setupLazyLoadAdWaypointsFreestar("lifestyle/entertainment/list_art"); Create one here. 2: Do you have a crush on Ed Sheeran?? If You Know At Least 6 Of These 23 Facts Your Intellect Is In The 99th Percentile Cody Cross. Do you play a musical instrument yourself? you are the nerdy one. You say sorry a lot, even for things you shouldn't be apologizing for. QUIZ: Can you match the iconic quote to the teen movie? They come with a mini stand and two music books. Democracy. Hey guys! Which American Girl Doll are you? © 2010-2020 Wow Media Products, Inc doing business as PureWow. They come with exactly what they say they're going to come with, They come with something extra you didn't know they came with, This is truly the best gift. ",pinterestText:"Quiz: Which American Girl Doll Are You? ",pinterestText:"Quiz: Which American Girl Doll Are You? Add to library 16 » Discussion 29 » Share . But something you do love? ",pinterestImage:"",url:"",dropdownList01:"text-only",smallText01:"You Are Samantha Parkington",smallText01Unescaped:"You Are Samantha Parkington",smallText02:"4",smallText03:"American Girl",largeText01:"People might write you off for being a silver-spooned snob, but that’s totally not fair! Never created a password? Hey guys! This quiz is about you and lol dolls. In fact, you believe that “kindness is the best medicine,\" but honey, medicine is the best medicine—start practicing for the MCATS.
RELATED: QUIZ: What Should Your Name Really Be?",image01:"2017_10/result_josefina.jpg",image01Href:""});quizElements.push({jsonConfigSelector:"final_result",elementId:"86810",facebookTitle:"",facebookImage:"",facebookText:"Quiz: Which American Girl Doll Are You? How Well Do You REALLY Know One Direction?

!IKEA BED REVAMP: http://www.coloursaturatedlife.com/ikea-hack-duktig-dolls-bed/➤ SOCIAL MEDIA♡- - - - - - INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/?hl=enBUSINESS EMAIL: ag4liife@gmail.com➤FAQ♡- - - - - - What camera do you use? If your child plays with dolls — especially very popular ones — chances are strong they are 18-inch-tall dolls. ",twitterText:"Quiz: Which American Girl Doll Are You? ",image01:"",image01Href:""});quizElements.push({jsonConfigSelector:"answer",elementId:"86758",facebookTitle:"",facebookImage:"",facebookText:"",twitterText:"",pinterestText:"",pinterestImage:"",url:"",dropdownList01:"text-only",smallText01:"4",smallText01Unescaped:"4",smallText02:"1, 2",smallText03:"",largeText01:"Uh, I guess they’re OK?

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