With Naomi (Audra McDonald) and Sam , however, Rhimes certainly hoped to bring Private full … [3] Rhimes explained that the production team "wanted to put an edge on Naomi that we could define more clearly." When Addison (Kate Walsh) showed up at Seattle Grace in the Season 1 finale of Grey's Anatomy, we hated her. [...] And later in the episode, when she thinks things are falling back into place, her soft, knowing, warm smile is one of the show's greatest victories, even though it comes just before everything goes wrong once again.

After she breaks up with Sam, he kisses Addison again, saying he was tired of doing the right thing, and wanted to do the wrong thing. The two had a teenage daughter named Maya (Geffri Maya).

"[7], In Which We Meet Addison, a Nice Girl From Somewhere Else, Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, American Society for Reproductive Medicine, American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, In Which Cooper Finds a Port in His Storm, "Private Practice' Recast: Merrin Dungey out, Audra McDonald in, on the 'Grey's Anatomy' spinoff", "For Kate Walsh, 'Practice' makes perfect". Our favorite Seaside Wellness doctors are still out there living their lives. Here's hoping ABC orders a reboot really soon, because we'd love to see Naomi and the rest of the gang back in action! At the end of the Season Four finale, Naomi chases Fife to the airport and says goodbye to Addison. Her best friend was Addison Montogomery (Kate Walsh), who was Dr. Derek. What Rhimes was trying to say with these stories is that life goes on.

She also shared her love for the show's creator, Shonda Rhimes.

This Fan Theory Points to Her Return. Later she storms back and even slaps her when Maya refuses to have an abortion. Updated 7 months ago. Scroll down to find out!

If you're a fan of Grey's Anatomy, then it's almost inevitable that you loved watching the show's spinoff, Private Practice, from 2007 until 2013. The character is based on a friend of Rhimes', who "married her college sweetheart and is strong and smart and funny. When Addison is about to perform the abortion Maya changes her mind, which further upsets Naomi. As people bed-hopped and were emotionally flimsy around her, she remained stern at the center [...] McDonald is a strong, vivid actress, but such gravity felt at odds with the breezy tone of Private Practice." She is the best friend of central character Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh), and was married to the practice's internist Sam (Taye Diggs), with whom she has a daughter. We hoped she'd find a way to have a child. “Though I am stepping away from the series as a regular in order to spend more time in New York with my family, I am not closing the door on Private Practice or the character, Naomi.". Although she was with Pete, she kisses Sam back and Pete catches them.

Naomi is a fertility specialist and founding partner of the Oceanside Wellness Center in Los Angeles, where the series is set. Dr. Naomi Bennett is a fictional character on the Grey's Anatomy spin-off Private Practice.

However, in "In Which Sam Gets Taken For A Ride", the two have sex in the conference room at the practice, after Sam is involved in a hostage situation. Since Naomi appeared in the series finale, we have a feeling she'd do a revival as well. Naomi decides to take Betsey home with her forever. Wait, Is OG Character Richard Webber Leaving 'Grey's Anatomy'? Betsey Parker is the young daughter of the late Dell and Heather Parker. In "Another Second Chance" and then later in "Best Laid Plans" it is revealed that her daughter Maya is pregnant. The cast of Private Practice says farewell after six seasons. It's Been Nine Years, but Fans Still Aren't Over Naomi's 'Private Practice' Exit By Samantha Faragalli Younghans. She is the best friend of central character Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh), and was married to the practice's internist "[6] Jon Caramanica of the Los Angeles Times has criticized McDonald's performance as Naomi in the show's first season, writing that: "she was rigorously firm, almost dispassionate. Did You Hear What Happened to Charlotte King? "[2] Naomi was played by Merrin Dungey in the backdoor pilot episode "The Other Side of This Life", but was replaced by Audra McDonald prior to the show's first season. Everyone on TikTok Is Making Hot Cocoa Bombs, and They Look Delicious, Is Andrea Mitchell Sick? Last fall, some of the series' cast members, including Kate, Amy, KaDee, and Paul, reunited on Instagram, prompting fans to encourage them to execute a revival of the show.

We don’t like each other at all. "Audra has been a bicoastal commuter throughout our four seasons on the air, and, ultimately, we respect and appreciate her desire to spend more time with family in New York.".

It was Violet's story line, however, that spoke directly to the audience. https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Naomi_Bennett&oldid=970664318, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Director at Pacific Wellcare Center (former), Philmore "Dink" Davis (son-in-law via Maya), This page was last edited on 1 August 2020, at 17:43. And the feeling was mutual. Together they have a teenage daughter named Maya (Geffri Maya Hightower), whose godmother is Naomi's best friend from medical school, Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh). Violet and Addison are worried about her, as Naomi was always very much against abortion, but Maya finally agrees to have it. Rewatching the medical drama has us thinking about all the beloved characters, specifically Naomi Bennett, who was played by Audra McDonald.

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