Susan St James left the show because she wanted more money for year 6… In Region 4, Madman Entertainment has released all six seasons on DVD in Australia. Charles Enright Nancy Walker - Mildred (1971-1976) McMillan and Wife was one of the alternating series which made up The Mystery Movie. He said, "Television is the monster of all time that eats everything and everybody. The series was inspired by the "Thin Man" series of films starring.

Both Susan Saint James and Nancy Walker left the show at the end of the 1975-1976 season. For its sixth and final season, the series underwent a major retooling. When they wanted McMillan & Wife to go to two hours I said, 'Why? |

Alternate Versions Connections She also had a supporting role in Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows(1… Why didn't I put more into it?". There is no explanation in the series as to the extremely obvious change. Rock Hudson originally did not like the series, but agreed to make it because of the bad films he was being offered. The first two seasons are available on DVD. San Francisco Police Commissioner Stewart "Mac" McMillan and his amateur detective wife keep their marriage unpredictable while solving the city's most baffling crimes. Nancy Walker also left the series before the sixth season premiered in 1976 to star in an eponymous sitcom. In many episodes Sally is seen wearing a football jersey as a nightgown. Her first screen role was in the TV movie Fame Is the Name of the Game (1966) with Tony Franciosa, launching her career when it became a series two years later.

Angie Dickinson went on to play Sergeant Pepper Anderson in the series Police Woman (1974). She moved to California at age 20, when she began her acting career.

To explain St. James not being on the show, the producers decided to have Sally die in a plane crash. A part of the rotating NBC Mystery Movie series in the early 1970s, McMillan & Wife followed the adventures of San Francisco Police Commissioner Stewart McMillan (Rock Hudson) and his wife Sally (Susan Saint James), assisted by his aide Sergeant (later Lieutenant) Charles Enright (John Schuck) and the McMillans' shrewd and sharp-tongued housekeeper Mildred (Nancy Walker). Actress Susan Saint James is best known for her roles on hit TV shows 'The Name of the Game' (1968), 'McMillan & Wife' (1971) and 'Kate & Allie' (1984). If you buy the set it consists of two double-sided discs, if you rent it from Netflix it's four single-sided discs. | | Goofs Born in August 1946, Susan began acting at the age of 20, shortly after moving to California. The jersey is an authentic early-1970's era San Francisco 49ers jersey. Actress Susan Saint James rose to stardom in the 70s for her portrayal of Sally McMillan on “McMillan & Wife.” Unfortunately, she endured the loss of one of her children. In 1971 Rock Hudson was 46 and Susan Saint James was 25, yet no-one seemed to care that she was young enough to be his daughter, as the public had grown used to seeing Hudson as a leading man to many young women. This was due to the fact … After other film ventures failed to establish her, she returned to television, starring in the comedy series Kate & Allie opposite Jane Curtin from 1984 until 1989. This was the jersey of 49er. Susan Saint James left after being unable to come to terms on a new contract. However after the series ended he saw an episode repeated on television and admitted, "It was better than I thought. As well, in the … | Angie Dickinson turned down the Sally McMillan role. Saint James because of a contract dispute, and Walker because she had just signed a contract with ABC. Susan Saint James - Sally McMillan (1971-1976) John Schuck - Sgt./Lt. One of the running gags during the show's first two seasons was for a very attractive female to say "Hi Mac" with Sally responding with a jealous look, snide comment, acting jealous, or acting inferior because of another pretty woman. Several episodes and segments open with establishing shots of the outside of the flat. Quotes Crazy Credits Even though they were playing husband and wife. In Seasons 1-4, the McMillan residence is a townhouse in the middle of downtown San Francisco. 25 of 25 found this interesting The trivia item below may give away important plot points.

This is basically an update of the Nick and Nora Charles formula, where you have a funny, rich married couple being detectives and solving crimes. With Rock Hudson, John Schuck, Susan Saint James, Nancy Walker. The thing doesn't even hold up for ninety minutes!'." Six episodes, for what I paid, wasn't worth it. Created by Leonard Stern. At the beginning of Season 5, shots of the outside of the McMillan home is an actual stand alone house; yet the interior remains the same. Her jersey sports the number 18. Among her other early television appearances were two episodes of the first season of Ironside ("Girl in the Night", December 1967 and two months later, playing a different role in the episode "Something for Nothing"). Soundtracks, Part of the original "Sunday NBC Mystery Movie" which rotated with the series ".


Mac was in the Naval Reserves where he served as a JAG officer.

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