On her womb and a problem with her kidneys she has blood & blood clots coming from her vulva, she has been seen by a vet but the can not do anything for her because of her kidneys, she is on pain medication but keeps whining and wanting to be close to me all the time she is eating and drinking OK, just don't know what to do. Why? Her private parts are swollen and she is bleeding from this area.

Thank you for your question. im afraid hes going to have back trouble with this sack that seems heavy thank you. may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Spaying your dog will also end future estrus cycles and prevents contribution to the dog overpopulation. My dog is 13yrs old, and yesterday she ws neutered, and today she has a lack of appetite, is it normal? Your dog may be agitated so you need to handle him with care.

Some dark staining may be present due to the presence of fluids, like saliva, that turn reddish-brown when exposed to air. I hope that all goes well for her! Her vagina is swollen and drops of blood I'm pretty sure she hit puberty she's only 7 months old. lol Hope things improve for you! I hope that all goes well for her.

Please do use our site to become better informed about the medical problems your pet may have. What to Do: Try to give your dog a multivitamin supplement that contains zinc. The vet will also ask you about the quantity and quality of her bleeding; for example, if your dog is spotting or hemorrhaging and if the blood is thick, thin, or accompanied by other discharge. Why has a lump grown in after my dog was neutered? Puppies who have not gone through a heat cycle can develop a condition called puppy vaginitis that has symptoms similar to those listed above. We have tried proin & DES but neither worked. It wasn't as bad in the beginning but now is very bad!

After cleaning the ear, bandage the ear to prevent aural hematomas following trauma. I am afraid it … Your dog may also lick her vulvar area more frequently and scoot her bottom across the floor. Something is growing in my dog's scrotum but he has been neutered.

It will make your life easier and you won't have to worry about puppies in a few months. i have a 12 year old female lab, she is bleeding from her vagina and does not want to eat and her stool is very runny, she hasnt been eating much for aboout two weeks now but the bleeding just started yesterday. Depending on the extent of extra tissue, surgical removal of the extra skin may be necessary to correct the issue. What to Do: If you find some unusual growths in or on the ear and the bleeding is coming from the growths, try to stop the bleeding and take your dog to the vet to have the growths checked out. Estrus cycles are not a medical condition but a natural reproductive cycle in dogs. Your vet will perform a complete physical examination and ask you when you first noticed her symptoms. Please can you help me.

Spaying and neutering As your dog’s hormones change during her heat cycles white blood cells, which prevent infection, are not permitted into the uterus.

We just rescued our dog who is between 2-4 years old. She never bleeds at any other time, except while eating. If she is spotting blood, she may have a urinary tract infection, and that is something that does need medical attention. I have never seen this before, what could it be and should I take her to the vet? What is this thing in my dog? I never would have thought there was any way a dog could get into that yard. This subreddit is a great starting point for a lot of information, but you should always verify and expand upon what you've read before putting it to use in your daily life. Thanks for the advice??

If your dog is bleeding from the ear, you may see quite a bit of blood!

A dog will sometimes lick her vulva to help keep it clean.

My dog has some bleeding and continues to lick her genital area and whines a little. Thank you. Also, she has spay incontinence. is oozing from spay site normal Her excessive urination is meant to attract male dogs. She is about 11 - 12 months old and since yesterday she's been bleeding a little. Breeders say to delay spay of giant breeds until the dog turns 1. The inner surfaces of the labia are a pink color but are not normally visible.

What to Do: If bleeding is minimal, clean, disinfect, and dress the wound as above. As others have said, she is in heat. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Female dogs first heat cycle, what to do? I had my 5 year old spayed on Friday; this is Sunday late evening and she is panting very excessively and has been ever since I brought her home. In general, older dogs cycle less frequently than when they were younger. She will bleed on and off for the next three weeks or so. My dog was spayed in February, and has been bleeding ever since. I have a 5yr old female lab. My boyfriend just noticed the blood is coming from her private area, I was wondering if this could be her going in heat? Your veterinarian can run a urine analysis on your dog to determine if she has an infection or if there are signs of stones present. Your dog may have an infection, a tumor, or a problem with her uterus or bladder. If a female dog has not been spayed, the appearance of her vulva can change dramatically over the course of her heat cycle. Blood Spots From Vaginal Area After Urinating, Miscarriage / Bacterial Infection / Tumors of the Vagina. Your dog’s vulva will also become swollen, and she may urinate more often than normal. It has never been this bad. Can a 10 year old dog with a grade 3 heart murmur be neutered? my dog was spayed she is oozing a liquid from the site where her stitches are is that normal. It would be best to have her seen by a veterinarian, as they can examine her, possible take some cytology samples, and see what might be causing this. Stop the bleeding and get rid of the parasites. Dog spayed but still bleeding. what should i do for my dog whose starting to bleed. I have a 3yr old dachshund and she has not been spayed. Dogs who have not been spayed may develop a mass of dark pink or red swollen tissue that protrudes from the vulva—a condition that goes by the name vaginal hyperplasia. Your veterinarian is the best source of health advice for an individual pet. She has a good appetite and otherwise active. Copyright © MH Sub I, LLC dba Internet Brands. This is pretty uncommon, but worth keeping an eye out for as you don't get a lot of warning before they're realy in trouble. I have been told that having them "fixed" would reduce their aggressive drive. Your veterinarian may take a vaginal swab to test for bacterial infections associated with urinary tract infections of vaginitis. Possible diagnoses include: Infection of the urinary or reproductive tract, including a potential fatal uterine infection called pyometra, Cancer of the urinary or reproductive tract. The tissue swelling that causes this should resolve when your dog goes out of heat or when she is spayed. Parasites or skin infections can also cause rashes around a dog’s vulva.

Unspayed females will go through two to three estrus cycles annually, also known as going into heat. Since it is not normal to be bleeding from her back end, and she seems uncomfortable, it would be best to have her seen by a veterinarian as soon as possible. All Content Copyright © 2008-2020   |   Natural Dog Health Remedies   |   All rights reserved. After being in heat, the bleeding should stop, and the vulva returns to its normal appearance. She is about 11 - 12 months old and since yesterday she's been bleeding a little.

What to Do: Determine the exact location and severity of bleeding and the seriousness of the injury. The vet that is treating him for the resvue doesn't want to put him under to neuter him. In case the bleeding is caused by the tumor, you will also be able to see an abnormal growth on the eyelid. I have just finished researching this because I have no interest in breeding my dog, but they now reccomend waiting until she's older for the operation so she gets her full dose of hormones. Also, how would a Veterinarian know if she has been spayed with such an appearance? They sell doggie diapers at most pet stores. Tissue samples collected from your dog’s vulva may also be examined to determine if any tumors may be present. Just ask a lot of questions! Is she spayed? Check the muzzle first for injuries, then proceed carefully to open his mouth and look inside. I've noticed swelling on her genitalia and a bump/wart on it also. Is there such a thing as salt peter for dogs? He may also be vomiting and is likely not eating.

I got my Yorkshire terrier spayed 4 months ago Why? The answers to these questions will help your veterinarian make a diagnosis, but additional testing may also be conducted to rule out other conditions.

For punctures, you can clean them thoroughly - first with water, then with a 50/50 mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water. However, if your dog has been spayed or you know it is not time for your intact dog to go into heat, the bleeding could be a sign of a potentially serious health problem. I just want to add that you should not leave her outdoors unsupervised under any circumstances, even if you are 100% sure that your yard/garden is secure, because dogs will go to lengths you can't imagine to get at her to mate.

Why Is My Female Dog Bleeding From Her Private Part? My 5 year old mini dachshund Abby is experiencing what sounds like that same thing. They will be able to examine her and see what might be going on, and give you an idea as to what treatment might be needed, if any. She … I foster for the Humane Society and they require puppies be spayed/neutered at a young age. When we see blood coming out from our dog, it is easy for us to panic and fail to take whatever proper action is needed to stop the bleeding.

This is strange since I keep her hygiene as a high priority.

Advice on this forum is absolutely not a substitute for professional advice from a certified behaviorist, trainer, lawyer, or medical professional. Vaginitis is usually caused by an infection or foreign body and can affect any female at any age although prepubescent and older dogs appear more predisposed. If you want to be safe, get her spayed (The first answerer is wrong. Spaying your dog will also take care of the problem and prevent future occurrences. (Aural hematoma is a collection of blood and other fluid in the tissues on the lobe or flap of the ear caused by a ruptured blood vessel.). If your spayed female is experiencing vaginal discharge that contains blood, she may be suffering from vaginal inflammation or vaginitis.

A dog bleeding from his penis is only a clinical feature of another underlying health disorder, which is typically accompanied by other signs and symptoms. Including skin allergies that make the diapers a nope.

A bath using cool water and a gentle soap might help if your dog’s rash developed due to contact with an allergen or irritant. Is it too late? I don't know why this is happening and I cant find anyone to see her without money upfront. Call your veterinarian if you have any concerns. They performed a necropsy and found nothing apparently wrong with her. It wasn't as … Once they know more, they will be able to get treatment for her. Answers are not provided in real time. Also take a look at our page on Canine Dental Care for dental care suggestions for your dog.

(FTC Disclosure: If you make a purchase via a link on this page, I may receive a small commission, at no added cost to you.Overview. Thank you for your question. Heat in March and it ended that same month, now we are in May (2nd to be exact 2020) and the blood started, we are not sure if the male dogs we have, got her pregnant, but her nipples have been swollen this past month, we believe that she is having a miscarriage, but so many websites say something completly different.

By doing so, you can feel how hard or soft the growth is. Having her seen by a veterinarian would be a good idea, as they can examine her, analyze a urine sample, and see what might be going on.

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