INTRODUCTION At the end of the War five different treaties were created to terminate the fighting. The main reason for the failure of the treaty is the raw deal offered to Germany, by insisting Germany to take full responsibility of initiating the Word War 1. At the conclusion of the World War1, the rapprochement between Germany and the Allied Powers in trying upon to end the war like situation was stressed upon by the Treaty of Versailles, signed on June 28. 533 Little Collin Street, Melbourne, Australia, Top Searches:   Assignment Help  |  Homework Help  |  Assignment Help Online  |  Academic Writing Services  |  Assignment Help Subjects  |  All Assignment Help  |  Essay Writing Help  |  Online Assignment Writer  |  Case Study Help  | Cheap Assignment Help  |  Course work Help  |  Nursing Assignment Help  |  Management Assignment Help  |  Social Media Assignment Help, Get Assignment Help from Australia's No.1 Assignment Help Service, Introduction to Corporate Finance Assignments,>l. The Treaty of Versailles was created to bring peace between nations after WWI.

The treaty of Versailles failed to ensure permanent global peace because Germany resented the terms of the treaty. This investigation will answer the following question: To what extent did the Treaty of Versailles bring peace?

Also, the harshness of the Treaty brewed resentment and bitterness among the Germans, a fact that Adolf Hitler took advantage of to unite the Germans against the rest of Europe. A closely related failure is that of Allied will to enforce the treaty. The discontentment of the senate foreign relations committee also directed to the treaty’s failure. After WWI, with the Treaty of Versailles, Germany was left destroyed and destabilized, which eventually laid out the foundation for WWII. consequences.

The fourteen points proposed by President Wilson, was rejected in the domestic circuit of the United States as easily as by the European powers like Britain, France and Italy.

Failure Of The Treaty Of Versailles Essay.

What Was The Impact Of Ferdinand Magellan And Martin Luther?

This meant that the losers of the war, mostly Germany, would have to suffer the most.

Another restriction of the treaty was non-inclusion of Russian interest from the treaty. WHY DID THE LEAGUE OF NATIONS FAIL? The Failure Of The Treaty Of Versailles Essay. To know if the Versailles Treaty was a failure, you need to understand what lead to the Treaty in the first place. After being put down so many times by the rest of the world, Hitler offered a refreshing pro German view citizens were looking for. The document they signed nearly turned Europe upside down, broke down and put up many new social barriers, and definitely made history.

initiated in order for the Allies to agree to an armistice of the Moreover France and Britain which are known as the dominant powers of the Triple Entente, were seeking revenge and wanted to make Germany suffer after their glorious victory against the Triple Alliance. Four Stages Of Erikson's Theory Of Growth And Development. The League, The Weimar Republic's Failure Its intentions were to prevent a second world war however, it was a total fail. Since the Germans lost the war, their consequences were very harsh. and political limitations against force, has become a benchmark of peace and a social achievement of modern times. A plethora of shortcomings in the treaty draft reflects upon a revenge scheme rather than a peace pact. This treaty involved Germany and all allies of World War I (Benson). This contributed to further discord beyond the Treaty of Versailles, as the German and Turkish people envied the profitability of the colonies under Allied control and felt entitled to these profits. Germany was required to yield a significant amount to France and Belgium for the considerable damages in their setup it supposedly made during the warfare. These actions angered Germany even further, as now they had to give up a vital area of their country full of resources. 1236 Words 5 Pages. A preparation in Germany to give a blank check to the Allied forces cost the beleaguered nation £6,600 million, an amount it couldn’t afford that time. (1991). De Conde, A et al.

The move paid off to his intention of offsetting the popular support for the Treaty of Versailles by buying time for a turnaround. various obstacles in the form of political hostility from both the

(1995). Charles Scribner’s Sons, Vol.3. Certain components of the treaty took away German territory and distributed it to other countries or the territory was habituated to compose incipient countries. Meny piupli thet Wurld Wer II wes jast e 20 yier briek frum Wurld Wer I. Thiy wiri roght biceasi jast ebuat 20 yiers letir Wurld Wer II stertid. The main reason for the failure of the treaty is the raw deal offered to Germany, by insisting Germany to take full responsibility of initiating the Word War 1. Psychological, 28608, USA Phone: +1-828-262 6006, email: Paper to be presented at the Sixth European Historical Economics Society Conference, 9-10 September 2005, Historical Center of the former Imperial Ottoman Bank, Istanbul. In the balloting, the Republicans were defeated by 35-49 and the Congress officially declared the World War 1 was over on July 2, 1921. The area was sandwiched between France and Germany, and now became a 30 mile permanent demilitarization zone (book 157). One reason why the Treaty of Versailles was unsuccessful in maintaining peace in Europe was due to the power it granted to the Allied Nations.

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