They won’t be the last club to find themselves in this position.

As any sensible fan is. A pie, a pint, a chat with your mates are all part of the matchday experience.

Aren’t we lucky to have owners who love our club first and foremost and are trying (and succeeding) to thrive by scouting, developing and giving opportunity.

Fans can’t be wrong in that sense. This may be the ideal analogy for those Clubs struggles. For a club with a low number fanbase impressive to see nearly £350K raised already. The Official Wigan Athletic vs Swansea City Match Thread on 13:11 - Oct 30 with 4104 views: WxmJax: Bought ours online last night after missing the deadline again for the cheaper ones. ». Is this intended 500k to pay costs to allow them to continue until a buyer is found? I do share the sentiment though, probably for different reasons, not apathy to their plight but a desire that actions ultimately should have appropriate consequences and bailing teams out is not fair to teams who are run properly (again, this is not particularly based upon the Wigan situation, as I have very little knowledge of it). This Site Is Available. Dancing With The Ghosts Of Wigan Casino, 1973 The cold December wind cut through the hole in the window and its […], Is it just me (probably/possibly) but the “new” England home shirt looked a tad tacky? i'm following.


They may not be rich enough to plough multiple millions in, I respect and I am thankful for them. September drew to a close with three wins in a row and news of a takeover finally being agreed. It's easy! btw, what game are you using? Hope you don’t mind me coming on your forum, I just wanted to bring up the subject of Wigan Athletic. They would also be more professional in controlling who takes over ownership of clubs.

Copyright 2010 Archant Ltd Bit of a warning for many teams - what happens if they go / the money runs out? » Supporting a team is more like an emotion! Fans. (I say all of the above with very little actual knowledge of the Wigan situation! Next Thread They act as if they are bedazzled by the riches of Premiership football and the top clubs, and show a serious lack of vision or any plan to make football in this country sustainable. That’s poor to try to justify the comment. And that is why I am here – to make you aware of Wigan fans attempts to save their own club … the fans are trying to raise £500k by Monday  via a crowdfunding scheme and are well on the way to reaching that target with assistance from fans up and down the country. Having lived through the crisis at my own club, the not knowing whether you will have a team to support tomorrow is not something that I had ever given serious thought to, until it happened,  and having been through it , it is not to be wished on any supporter of any club.

Maybe not for glory hunters (who don’t really count) but for fans of most clubs like Wigan or Bolton or Norwich it’s a  lifelong passion, a sense of belonging and togetherness. The scene of where things fell apart last season (well if we ignore Stanley Choi, Au Yeung and the EFL that is) comparing the performance at Charlton with that of Crewe is […], In a Soulful Christmas Mood The Christmas song has been given a bad press in recent years, no doubt partly influenced by Simon Cowell and his legacy of X-Factor one week wonders that hijacked the Christmas number one for over a decade.

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