The Big Daddy series of the Winchester safe is such a spectacular …

A Big Daddy gun safe holds 42 guns and resists fire up to 75 minutes. Copyright 2011-2020 by Granite Security Products, Inc - All rights reserved.

Battery install, lock troubleshooting, warranty support, and more. In a nutshell, these just make managing the internals a lot easier and the improved shelves can hold up to 70lbs (31kg), so you can rest assured that it can hold the heaviest of ammunition, pistols or anything else you may want to store on the shelves. Along with that, there is also a heat-expandable door seal to protect your guns in the event of a fire. The safe is not impacted by the color of the exterior.

Up to 48 Long Guns, 12 Ga. U.L. Not only this, but Winchester has listened to its customers and has double their defect warranty from 1-year to 2 years.

Winchester has also taken quite extreme measures to ensure that customers are getting what they pay for, by moving their manufacturing plant from China to Texas in the United States to give their products the all-round American feel. The majority of their gun safes can withstand 1200 degrees of heat.

Technically, yes it can, however - you wouldn’t want to cram 24 weapons into this safe.

As ever with gun safes, Winchester has made a sturdy, durable gun safe which does weight quite a lot. Find answers to the most frequently asked Winchester Safes questions. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. The electronic lock (additional) is also EMP resistant and is even tougher to get through, so it may be worth the upgrade! We offer FREE* Curbside Delivery with your online purchase of a safe. More on that below.

Legacy Series Legacy Series Legacy 44 & 53. Up to 56 Long Guns, 12 Ga. U.L.

View All Winchester Safes. Note: Winchester suggests this is mounted on a solid concrete floor, and not on a raised floor that may not be durable/strong enough for the 520lbs+ load. For Customer Service, email us @: Silverado Series Silverado Series Silverado 33, 40 & 51.

To call the safe a beast would be an understatement, at a colossal 520lbs (235kg) the safe can’t just be moved without any issues.

90 Minute Fire Rating

Listed, RSC Learn the quality difference between a Winchester gun safe, and the other brands. Listed, RSC

As ever, Winchester has an outstanding warranty. Companies always overestimate the number of long guns you can fit into safes, which is just a selling point.

10 Ga. + 1/4 in steel plate U.L.

They mostly offer the ‘Limited lifetime warranty’ with a free replacement guarantee if there is a fire or burglary that damages the safe which is quite good, considering that this could happen to everyone who has one. At the price point of the only X, the Winchester is both affordable, durable and should not be looked past when looking for the safe to protect your firearms.

The exterior shell is 12 gauge, drill-resistant steel, and the safe boasts a full hour of fire protection at 1,400 degrees. You might believe that only a Winchester can protect a Winchester, and we’ve got a fireproof gun safe for that. Along with that, the more modern models also come with an adjustable shelving system called ‘Slide-Locking shelving’. Winchester ensures that all their products are reliable and they’ve proven this with various awards, certifications and was even voted the most popular gun safe brand in the US.

Some people believe that this hole is for accidental discharge fumes when the cabinet was shut, however, this is just a rumor.

To add to this, the Winchester can also be bolted down with pre-drilled holes in the bottom of the safe. Along with this, the door is locked down by an EMP-Resistant lock. A question you may ask about the electronic locking system is what happens when it fails or you can’t get into the safe. This means that if you were to upgrade your safe, and pass the safe off to someone else, they would get the same warranty as yourself.

Winchester suggests you can have two .50 caliber cans of ammo per shelf, but keep in mind that over time, that kind of weight will eventually warp the shelves, but not too badly. Speaking of the lock, the mechanical lock is hard-plated meaning that it can’t be drilled through by an intruder. The shelves are very sturdy also, so no matter where they are, you should be good to go. With this being said, they are all movable, so you can customize it to meet your needs.

Along with that, the door can be removed from the safe, but Winchester does not recommend this in the event of incorrect re-installation. #2 Winchester Big Daddy Series. You will need to remove the shipping pallet with instructions provided in the included owner manual. A good point to remember is that depending on your guns, any rifle with a scope or any other mounting should count as a second weapon as well-meaning that you’re having your gun capacity. A few customers have done this by adding strip-LEDs to line the inside, which looks cool! Up to 51 Long Guns, 10 Ga. U.L.

Something else that Winchester does which not many other companies do is the warranty is transferable.

Winchester also offers an extended lock warranty that increases the warranty coverage to 9 years which is only $75 and can be purchased from Winchester directly, or when the product is bought. The top shelf also conveniently has an ‘opening slot’ on one side, which acts as an even longer pass through, without compromising the shelf itself. This is intentional from Winchester. Up to 48 Long Guns, 10 Ga. U.L. Following on from above, the safe has batteries that operate the electronic lock. Learn the quality difference between a Winchester gun safe, and the other brands.

Even with the top shelf still installed, you can fit things such as muzzleloaders and other long guns to ensure that storage is always available. Better Value, Better Quality Winchester is proud of its safe and offers great services free of charge to make sure you get what you pay for with the safe. Winchester Safes Advantage. 75 Minute Fire Rating Copyright 2011-2020 by Granite Security Products, Inc - All rights reserved.

As the name suggests, it’s safe. Winchester believes that any issues with the safes can be fixed and if not replaced within a matter of days, and customers love the idea of being covered for such a long time, for such a simple safe.

This temperature rating is remarkable for the cost of the safe, so another great point for Winchester. Even though you could also fit 12-16 weapons in nicely, you also have to think about the other things you have in the safe such as ammunition, accessories and cleaning supplies that you may want to keep protected. Defender 34 Tactical is one of the safe with prime features from …

10 Ga. + 1/4 in steel plate U.L. This small drilled hole does not affect the integrity of the safe, which again is a great point for Winchester. With this being said, there have been rumors of even more colors being released shortly, with some thinking ‘Hunter Green’ or ‘Spruce Brown’ as possible contenders.

Winchester ensures that all their products are reliable and they’ve proven this with various awards, certifications and was even voted the most popular gun safe brand in the US.

Listed, RSC 2 Hour Fire Rating Up to 48 Long Guns. Luckily, Winchester has thought about this and has included a free door-storage system that connects to the door, and allows you to store the less important accessories or supplies without compromising the shelves or weapons you’re storing. It should be noted that the door hinge pin is not a replacement part that can be bought from Winchester and not claimable under warranty, so make sure you keep it safe when moving it!

With that being said, no.

Just a little. Listed, RSC

These holes are not ‘holes’ as such as there is a layer of fire-board you will need to drill through first, but this then allows you to mount the safe to the floor.

The Winchester 24 provides quite a few shelves in the interior. Please log in again.

In this case, you could easily (and neatly) fit 12-16 weapons in the safe without losing space from the shelves and or ruining your weapons.

Some customers have also filled the safe with a dehumidifier which is great if you live in a humid region that can be picked up for right around $40 (£35) and can help with the humidity.

Copyright 2011-2020 by Granite Security Products, Inc - All rights reserved. If there is a flood, the safe also has countermeasures to ensure that water will not build up around your firearms such as the pre-drilled holes that should eject water once it starts rising.

10 Ga. U.L.

Winchester prides itself on customer satisfaction, receiving an overall 4.6/5 star review on various vendors.

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As you’ll find out below, Winchester will replace the safe if it’s damaged by a burglar or a fire, along with the 2-year lock warranty. The Winchester 24 Gun safe is a very popular gun safe, but we will be taking a look into it and seeing what makes it worthy of its X price tag. Choose Your Safe. It’s also worth mentioning that the Winchester (when bought new) comes with a base, so maybe a little bit higher until it’s off its base, should you want to take it off. Winchester is a very popular and respected firearm and ammunition vendor and has been around in the security protection industry since 1866.

Things like the safe door come with the organizer that makes everything a lot easier to find as well as the above-average protection from fire.

Fortunately, Winchester has thought of this and even though you will need to contact their customer services team, they will assist without any problems and have high praise for their efficiency when dealing with situations such as this. Up to 68 Long Guns, 14 Ga. CA DOJ Approved The Winchester is not easy to order online, as you need a heavy-duty lorry or flatbed to load and carry this as it does weigh 520lbs.

Search our models for the perfect fit. The PIN on the front is a 4-8 digit pin that can be any number you choose. Winchester has also backed this up with their limited lifetime warranty (more information below).

The Winchester has won many awards and has certifications that will make other safes at the same price point quake. The Winchester 24 is ideal for people with a small collection of guns that wants to protect them from anything such as burglaries and fire damage. Winchester suggests that a few people and a dolly is the safest way to get the safe moved, but you can rest assured that no single human will just pick this up and walk away with it. The Winchester comes equipped with 3 layers of ½ inch fire-board in the door and two layers of ⅝ inch fire-board throughout the main part of the safe.

If you have any handguns/pistols that might be taking up a little room that you won’t want it to take up, they also have an optional extra of a shelf-mounted pistol attachment that hangs your pistols/handguns off the underside of the shelves. 45 Minute Fire Rating A mentioned above, Winchester did go through a small period of time with faulty or incomplete locks with the electronic locking system, however, this was resolved quite quickly to ensure that everyone who had a faulty lock didn’t need to worry as a replacement could be arranged, or a free locksmith to break down the door to get the valuables out.

Also, Winchester likes you to have a safe that looks good as well as feels good. 60 Minute Fire Rating Listed, RSC 2.5 Hour Fire Rating Up to 51 Long Guns.

Gunmetal, Burgundy, and Sandstone. With that being said, the inside felt of the safe is just a standard gray felt, however, this can be swapped out but is not covered by Winchester and is not recommended, should you want to spruce up the interior a little bit more.

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