Cheng Fengtai walked down on crutches. He just didn’t want Cheng Fengtai to thank him, so he quietly left. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. This made Cheng Fengtai take a sigh of relief. See Cao Guixiu instead of laughing like a man.

You can read website for free, but we need to pay the server every month in order for this website to run. This episode is another beautifully shot, well-acted by all the actors involved. No one could stop him. The reason why Shang Xirui left after Cheng Fengtai woke up, Fan Xianger has her own opinion, she thinks that Shang Xirui and Cheng Fengtai are the life and death, you I can send each other’s lives when I come and go. Fan Xianger was worried that the Japanese were being rushed before releasing Shang Xirui. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Cao Guixiu asked Gu Dali why he helped? If it fell into the hands of the Japanese in the future, it might not be so easy to come out. Xue Zhicheng personally put the medicine in Shang Xirui’s hand, urging Shang Xirui to leave quickly, and hoped that he would never see Shang Xirui again.

( Log Out /  Help us do more work. Cheng Meixin told Cheng Fengtai that she had promised to give Cao Guixiu a part of the arms in the future, hoping that Cheng Fengtai would also be able to cope with one or two. Cao Guixiu called Cheng Meixin and reminded her to persuade Cheng Fengtai to complete the previous agreement. We’re asking you to help support this website that your support will help us work on website. But did not want to be seen by Jiang Dengbao, Jiang Dengbao led others to bully Zhou Xiangyun, Shang Xirui suddenly appeared to rescue Zhou Xiangyun furiously beat Jiang Dengbao, scared Jiang Dengbao slipped away. Zhou Xiangyun then guessed that Shang Xirui deliberately left him at the store. After the drama, Shang Xirui had no time to remove the makeup and rushed to the train station. Change ). Cheng Fengtai confessed that for ten years, this made Cao Guixiu still solo. Cao Guixiu was taken aback. Gu Dali, who was already impatient, went in. Cheng Fengtai, who was worried yesterday that he couldn’t deliver a gift, could arrange for them to meet today. Cao Guixiu knew that if Cheng Fengtai was found, their Cao family would not be able to get away from it, so he agreed to find a way to see Commander Cao. ( Log Out /  At this moment, the phone rang suddenly. Gu Dali had to admit that the child in his stomach was Cao Guixiu. Cao Guixiu believes that Cheng Fengtai is a business elite with a keen sense of smell, and believes that he also has a different perception of the current war situation, so he asked Cheng Fengtai how long this chaotic situation lasted. Where did Zhou Xiangyun stand by this hurry? Believe that Zhou Xiangyun’s words, forcibly forced Zhou Xiangyun to ask for money, otherwise he took him to the police station. Winter Begonia 鬓边不是海棠红 Episode 23 Recap April 15, 2020 Leave a Comment Zhou Yunxiang followed Shang Xirui to eat and drink, and fell asleep after eating and drinking. ( Log Out /  Zhou Xiangyun’s singing attracted a lot of color, which made Shang Xirui very happy.

Cao Guixiu was denied face but temporarily chose to forbear and did not attack. Your donation will help this website keep running. This made Cheng Fengtai very happy. Cao Guixiu confessed that he had come forward in lieu of Cheng Fengtai and also wanted to protect Shang Xirui. Shang Xirui asked to climb up the roof. Winter Begonia episode 2 recap. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account.

Cheng Fengtai took off his gloves and held Shang Xirui’s hand, so he was so reluctant to separate. Thank you. Jiang Rongshou dared to offend. Shang Xirui looked at Cheng Fengtai with a smile, and Cheng Fengtai looked at Shang Xirui.

The store wrote a few words on the apron to sell their debts to sell their debts, pushing Zhou Xiangyun to stand on the street where people are coming and going. We’re asking you to help support this website that your support will help us work on website. The two looked at each other with a smile in their eyes.

Cao Guixiu came out of the mouth with a trace of blood, which made Japanese doctors very satisfied. Cheng Fengtai cared about Shang Xirui’s voice, and Shang Xirui was crying without knowing how to speak. Zhou Xiangyun didn’t dare to shout at first, but he was afraid of being sent to the police station. Du Luo City and Cao Guixiu reached an agreement at the door, and Du Luo City first agreed with Jiang Rongshou theory before Cao Guixiu acted casually. Zhou Xiangyun’s singing attracted more people.

. After the stage, Zhou Xiangyun was very nervous about putting on makeup. Du Luocheng came up with Western allusions to persuade Du Luo City about the benefits of the contract system, as well as the disadvantages of selling personal deeds, but Jiang Rongshou did not listen at all. Lao Ge urged Cheng Fengtai to leave quickly, otherwise he could not catch the train. Since then, Cheng Fengtai regarded Cao Guixiu as his family. In desperation, Cheng Fengtai came to Cao Guixiu to find a way to remove all weapons from the dark library, otherwise he would soon be found out. ( Log Out /  Liu Xuewen mistakenly thought that Chen Renxiang was singing the Kunqu opera. The doctor rushed to take medicine for Cheng Fengtai, and Chun Xing came up with an idea to let the child stand on a high place to cheer for his father Cheng Fengtai, but the child was still too young to go up. ( Log Out /  Cheng Fengtai explained that Liu Hanyun never appeared in public, even if he wanted to give a gift, he couldn’t find anyone. When Cao Guixiu arrived at the door of Jiang Rongshou’s home, Cao Guixiu encountered Du Luo City who was also looking for Jiang Rongshou theory. Your donation will help this website keep running.

Chen Renxiang brought Shang Xirui to Liu Xuewen’s home singing party. Cao Guixiu implied that Gu Dali could rescue the detained brethren in the cottage. Shang Xirui wasn’t interested, but I heard that Liu Xuewen had been praised by Ning Jiulang.

He said nothing. The team was packed and ready to leave. Cao Guixiu saw that Jiang Rongshou was scared, and ironically he couldn’t compare with Shang Xirui.

Cheng Fengtai finally woke up. Thank you. Shang Xirui decided to hide in the background to listen and also secretly observed what Liu Xuewen was like. Chen Renxiang praised Shang Xirui. Shang Xirui gladly agreed, and claimed that it was the premiere of Fengxianzhuan after two days. Xue Qianshan was happy to see Duro City ’s reply. I also don't have a clear idea of what it is to provide a quick summary here. Cao Guixiu came to see that Commander Cao was stopped by a Japanese doctor.

But looking closely, there was no one at the intersection, except for the snow. Shang Xirui admitted that he wanted to help Zhou Xiangyun get rid of his stage fright. In fact, it has always been the situation and photos of Xue Qianshan, the provider of Duro City in Hong Kong, for Duro City to speak to the Chinese in foreign newspapers and to speak to Shang Xirui. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Although he likes to fight, he always feels that he will be half a year old but there is no suitable woman. It was n’t until the owner of the noodle restaurant took out a rolling pin to collect money that Zhou Xiangyun woke up. Fan Xiang’er came to hold Cheng Fengtai’s hand, and Cheng Fengtai took Fan Xiang’er’s hand and stepped on the train together. Shang Xirui sang the Kunqu casually. In order to prove that he was anti-Japanese, Cao Guixiu simply sent a lot of Japanese weapons to Cheng Fengtai’s warehouse in the middle of the night, and he called and invited Cheng Fengtai to collect gifts. When Cao Guixiu came out, Cheng Fengtai whispered inquiring about yesterday’s situation, and hoped that Cao Guixiu could cherish the infatuated Gu Dali. ( Log Out /  Cheng Fengtai Everyone has praised Fan Xianger since he came back, up to his sister Cheng Meixin, and down to the guys, Cheng Fengtai knew Fan Xianger was hard and capable, and he opened the safe and selected the best jewelry to be prepared for Fan Xianger. Zhou Yunxiang followed Shang Xirui to eat and drink, and fell asleep after eating and drinking. On the way to the train station, Cheng Fengtai recalled the scene where he and Shang Xiru walked all the way, thinking about the couple’s friendship with Fan Xiang’er. Change ). Cao Guixiu pointed Jiang Rongshou’s head directly with a gun.

Notable Actors/Actresses Yin Zheng (Andrew Yin): Shang Xi Rui

Liu Hanyun was coming to Peiping to inspect the government affairs.

Cheng Fengtai put the ticket in front of Shang Xirui, who said nothing, and Cheng Fengtai gave Shang Xirui the equity of Shuiyunlou, and also told him to go out and hide and do not go too far. Jiang Mengping stopped Shang Xirui, worried about his body, and Shang Xirui called her sister again. Cheng Fengtai smiled slightly and said that he was the right mountain. Gu Dali could also bring Cheng Fengtai to eat. Instead, he asked the assistant to bring Cao Zhengxiu with the Zhongzheng sword, and he solemnly warned Cao Guixiu not to affect its normal inspection work. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Before leaving, the bird taught by Shang Xirui finally spoke to bless Cheng Fengtai. I did not expect that Gu Dali was heroic, and even the things on the bed were so “magnificent.”. Because Kunqu has been forgotten for many years, and has gradually become lonely, Chen Renxiang has not sang for many years, and can not remember the lines at all. ( Log Out /  In the same year, the Chinese military and civilians ushered in a long and difficult period of stalemate in the anti-Japanese strategy. Xiaolai of Shuiyuelou told Cheng Fengtai that Shang Rui had suffered a great grievance. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Cao Guixiu was angry and claimed that it was his son who came to see Lao Tzu.

The railway station Fengtai refused to get on the train.

Thank you. The appearance of Shang Xirui on the stage was still so beautiful, and there was applause under the stage. Cheng Fengtai looked at Shang Xirui on stage and was full of expectations for him.

Shang Xirui’s new play “Qianlong Ji” invited Liu Hanyun and Lao Fujin to watch it together.

Help us do more work. The only condition was that he hoped that Sakata would release Shang Xirui, and he would no longer embarrass him.

Liu Xuewen, who was listening to the music, heard the faint Kunqu opera from Shang Xirui, and immediately stopped and listened carefully.

As a result, Liu Xuewen was going to listen to the Kunqu song that Shang Xirui sang on the boat. Your donation will help this website keep running. Winter Begonia 鬓边不是海棠红 Episode 17 Recap April 1, 2020 Leave a Comment Cao Guixiu believes that Cheng Fengtai is a business elite with a keen sense of smell, and believes that he also has a different perception of the current war situation, so he asked Cheng Fengtai how long this chaotic situation lasted.

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