Rank Local government area Population Region 2016 Census 2011 Census 1. 2. The ice crisis: 'It will take a genius to get rid of it' There was something weird going on in Wangaratta. 89.

Hunter Street Mall and Marketown are popular bashing hot spots, while Fort Scratchley and Strzelecki Lookout are where most Novoc*mstains are conceived. Picture: Susan RileySource:Supplied. Brendan Foster is a Freo local with a love for the Eagles, a cheeky pint and a good yarn. The young men and women Dalton recruited were mostly ''cleanskins'' with no criminal record, from normal families. Five of Australia’s eight capital cities made the cut for Furphy and Rissole’s “Sh*t Town Power Rankings Worst of 2019” list. If you do find five minutes to visit a beach, it will be covered with tourists and Instagram models scrapping to take the perfect selfie. ''Azza [Aaron Dalton] gave me the look. Aside from general violence and disrepair, Wollongong is famous for its beaches, which is fortunate because any length of time in town will leave you with the overwhelming desire to walk into the sea. Decried for a “gronk” who drove around with a “live kangaroo in his car grille” and being named one of the “world’s worst crime hot spots”, Townsville in north Queensland came in fourth. Penrith is commonly known by locals as “Penriff” or “The Riff” due to the local accent/speech impediment, a source of constant confusion for Sydneysiders passing through on their way to Liffgow or Baffurst. There were more acts of public violence (the two homes that were firebombed while children slept inside and the cars set alight), and all the while police were asking who and why and their surveillance on members started. Australia’s most controversial Facebook page has ranked the nation’s worst towns of 2019. More than eight tonnes of methylamphetamine, three tonnes of cocaine, 1.2 tonnes of MDMA and 700-plus kilograms of heroin have been consumed between August 2016 to August 2017, the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission's (ACIC) March report reveals. In addition to their impressive collection of wooden spoons, the club is most famous for almost going bust after being bought by a bogan billionaire, while their best player is mostly known for doing enough pingers to kill a whole wisdom of wombats. Lithgow: ‘Deader than a baby in a dingo’s den’.Source:istock. Byron Bay is Disneyland for dropouts, or the Gold Coast for people who prefer their Meter Maids to have hairy pits. The eastern suburbs are filled with ex-private-school boys driving midlife crisis machines, looking for their next trophy wife while avoiding being charged with insider trading. Now they’ve published a book. ALSO KNOWN AS: Sydders, Sydneyside, Sadney, Sh*tney, Sydenee.

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