These videos just set false expectations and discourage people, which is missing the entire point. The fact he is learning through romanisations of Hindi is a massive mistake. If the guy hadn't spent a fortune on language lessons and was a bit more humble about the whole thing it might've been more impressive, but for someone that tries to come of as a language learning god... nah.

I mean, I can't, not even close, and I struggle with some aspects of basic conversation. I was a fan when I initially started studying chinese but this new cringey stuff lost me. Of course people from all these regions will understand some level of Hindi depending on when they immigrated but there are hardly any around there who will speak Hindi as a first language. I live in Dubai where many of the local Arabs speak conversational and even sometimes fluent Hindi (Dubai imports in many Indians for local work, and allows others to temporarily 'immigrate' here - I am the result of that) and there are even a fair amount of Brits here who are somewhat capable in it - the thing is you'll never see "Arab speaks fluent Hindi" or "white Brit speaks fluent Hindi" videos on YouTube. I don't want drama to enter the polyglot community but honestly people need to not only turn their backs on people like this more, but also call it out for the weird racial and fake stuff it is, instead of promoting this figure further and further (I'm looking at you, Steve Kaufman, who featured him on his channel). And how is it possible to be notorious if you don't know anything about the language before hand? What is the 'notoriously difficult pronunciation' of Hindi? If he ACTUALLY can learn a language in 2 days, then why doesn't he know more than a 100 languages? I speak near-native level Mandarin Chinese and a smattering of some other Chinese dialects (enough to be dangerous). -Dhanyavaad, dhanyavaad, thank you.

All are welcome, whether beginner or polyglot. Anyways my fear with these videos came when I read a comment saying "XiaoMa speaks better Hindi than those Indians do English!" So guys like Xioma(sp?) First off that's absolutely not true whatsoever, in fact most of those Indians were very content answering him in English and know infinitely more English than he ever will Hindi. Actually, I do understand why - because these titles and thumbnails simply sell better. Here in the United States there is no incentive to learn another language; in other countries its a necessity or even a very beneficial tool but here it doesn't advance you at all in life. What was the point of this exchange?

I lived in South India (and have a smattering of Tamil too) for several years, but chose to learn Hindi.

His speaking isn't terrible and for 24 hours it's impressive - he got into some pretty deep aspects of the grammar. Whoaaaaaaaa no way dude! Nobody cares. Not sure I could live with myself making such a video though. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, en N | ja C2 | fr B1 | es B1 | zh A2 | gr A1. He has less experience with languages than actual polyglots, and even actual polyglots can't learn a language in 2-3 months, let alone 2 DAYS. Maybe I should start a YouTube channel and have a 'white Brit speaks fluent Hindi' video. They debuted on February 11, 2019 with their first single album “IT’z Different”.

Discussion. His mandarin is definitely not great. Czech man who speaks Czech, English, Russian, and German fluently? So, I don't really get why so many people in a real language learning community like this one actually care about these. stand out in YouTube. I'm not saying it's easy - no language is - but it is learnable and especially at a basic level the grammar is straightforward, which makes it quite possible to get started in basic conversation.

The video was driving me mad and I had to stop. Everyone in the video was either incredibly hostile or indifferent to his attempts to speak Hindi, and he even went as far as to trying to speak to a Bengali in Hindi (there is a strong strong anti-Hindi sentiment in Bengal, and most Bengalis don't even know Hindi unlike what he said in the video to justify that idiocy - Bangladesh literally exists partially because Bengalis didn't want to speak Urdu). I’m Xiaoma, real name Arieh Smith. There isn't really anything we can do about it. Hindi needs to be learnt with the Devanagari script. The neighborhood may have been Indian at some point but as of now it's more a mix of Bangladeshi and Nepali/Tibetan. I've heard his Mandarin isn't too incredible, all things considered, and he misrepresents the amount of time he put into learning it in videos. I feel silly for giving him a click on this video but this is just a shoddy job all around.

Just ignoring them would be great, but you are probably right that they also need to be called out, for the sake of the newbies not knowing what is the difference between such a video and the reality, or for the more anxious learners. Also completely incorrect for him to say that Hindi just uses English substitutes for certain words like "American food", you can very easily say that in Hindi, it's just that with the prevelence of English in India especially in urban areas people tend to mix in English words in everyday conversation. Edit: title of the video is "Learning Chinese: From ZERO to interpreter (in 5 Years)". I could have become YouTube famous with, “White Guy Orders Noodles in Perfect Japanese, Chef AMAZED!”. 2) He's targeting shoppers and workers in his videos. Hindi is not a 'completely different' language (to English).

All these videos are cut and spliced to make it look good.

They consist of: Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong and Yuna. I'm a white guy learning Hindi (it is the only language I have ever seriously studied). What do you do about, for example, the subtle differences between त थ ट ठ (variations on /t/)?

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