Vape shop worker LOSES IT and refuses to serve Trump supporter! You might, indeed, snap a shoulder, blow out a knee, or roll an ankle, all due to the strength boost accompanying your terrible technique. Here are my suggestions: To get your money’s worth, store these bottles appropriately.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS APPLY. Each time you open it, ammonia vapor escapes.

4:31. If improper storage isn’t the issue, then you’ve probably just expended the entire bottle’s worth of potency. Besides the physical pain, if you recollect these types of moments, you’ll know that there is a full body response to it: an increase in alertness and an inattentiveness to most everything else except the acute pain. Not a single injury of mine, zero, none of them, have ever come after using smelling salts before something. If you can’t store it in the fridge, don’t worry, just don’t keep it in the glove compartment of a hot car during a hot day.

You take a whiff of this diluted ammonia product, you say “OUCH FUCK”, and then you pull it away and enter beast mode.

To use the electric bug zapper example again, it is about as unhealthy long-term as occasionally touching an electric bug zapper for a moment. No human on the planet would sit and huff this stuff enough to start causing damage to the point where this would cause long-term health problems.

It’s the difference between getting electrocuted by lightning and getting electrocuted by an electric bug zapper. Awesome Smelling Salts $ 12.00 – $ 40.00. 0 ; SHOP. OK! That is the MAXIMUM use and I do not recommend it! If stored properly, and used a few times a week, (or even just once per workout) a bottle can last several months. You may sniff closer to the bottle opening if you want the sensation of a snake biting your brain. The first use of any given day is going to be the strongest, so save it for that!

That’s what’s in these bottles available here. No more than banging your knee against the coffee table on accident.

Otherwise, be cognizant of how long you are leaving the lid off during use.

Not everyday is maximal, so I don’t use them everyday.

Bottles: These contain smelling salts, crystallized compounds stuffed with the same active ingredient. Every whiff is like the first time all over again if you just wait 10 minutes or so between uses. FREE SHIPPING ON ALL +$25 ORDERS IN USA! Why?

For maximum longevity, you should put the top back on these smelling salts right after using them and make sure it is on as tight as you can get it.

You are whiffing vapors that stimulate via a short-lived acute pain response, not snorting caustic powders that stimulate via tricking out your dopamine feedback loop. Our WOKE product has a longer shelf life than our other smelling salts product because of the bottle design. You’d have to sit on a couch and just breath this shit in for hours, everyday, before it would cause any potential problem. I would usually only use one good whiff for any maximal training session. It reproduces an acute pain response, like the kind you get when you accidentally hit your finger with a hammer. Smelling salts are chemically stuffed compounds (usually stuffed with ammonia) used to regain an alert state of mind and/or enhance performance. Sale!

Books. Ammonia inhalant ampules: These contain a tiny glass bead with the active ingredient inside. Select options.

One whiff hurts for 5 seconds and alerts you for up to a minute.

It is not cocaine. (Note: AHHH!!! It is NOT a recreational drug and it is not addictive. No bottle lasts forever, but all bottles last longer the more they’re sealed. 9:30. 3 E-Book Bundle $ 60.00 $ 45.00.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS APPLY. This causes muscles that control the breathing process to perform faster.

The bottle must be held at least 1 foot from the nose (30 cm) and the user must wait for the vapors to come to them.). In fact, it opens up the airways and helps you breathe better. I’m in my 30s now. Add to cart.

Cap it tightly and wait. One could kill you or cause long term damage, the other one will make you say “OUCH FUCK” and then pull away and laugh about it afterward. The ampules are more convenient and ritualistic, but the bottle form is way stronger and approximately 3-6x more cost effective (depending on care of preservation, see below).

And about as addictive…. During a workout you may use a bottle of smelling salts multiple times.

Your brain stops thinking and just reacts. Finally you’ve stopped being a shy wuss and have embraced the smelling salts! It can kill doubt, fear, and worry for a short moment. No really, get yourself a bottle, you’ll love this stuff! Add to cart. 0 ; SHOP. And again, it is not unhealthy unless you’re a screwy person who just sits there for hours everyday and sniffs this stuff. You crush them and then sniff.


There is no comedown or crash. In general, the more often you open the bottle, the more vapor escapes, and when vapor escapes you’re expending the product’s potency.

When the lid is closed, ammonia vapor builds up inside the bottle. When using multiple times during a workout, shake the bottle between uses, it helps release ammonia vapor from the compounds. Don’t use it and leave it uncapped while you do a set of deadlifts or something. There is no damage. It’s also great as a party prank: revive someone who got knocked out, someone who drank too much alcohol and passed out, or someone who you suspect is faking a faint spell to get attention. Personally, I only use it for hard things I’m good at that I want to do fucking great, or lifts I’m good at that I want to PR again in.

FREE SHIPPING ON ALL +$25 ORDERS IN USA! Thus, your bottle of smelling salts needs a rest set! It does NOT feel good. It makes you feel better for several minutes afterwards (much like a cold shower makes you feel rejuvenated). TERMS AND CONDITIONS APPLY.

It’s diluted, not pure. Also good for AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible) sets.

Yes. Here are my suggestions: STORAGE INFORMATION.

Also, store them between 8 and 20 degrees Celsius (46 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit), which might mean in the fridge, if possible. If you’re like me, you’ll keep a couple bottles around and switch between the two. In which case, you have a chance to act without your brain getting in the way. bodybuilder powerlifter strongman arm wrestler visit for training programs visit for lifting gear, clothes, and more! That’s exactly what inhaling ammonia does to your body globally: it causes a tiny, yet significant, boost of adrenaline that lasts up to a minute. It’s a negative sensory sensation, enhancing activities of the heart and brain by activating the sympathetic nervous system. If you leave the top off for 24 hours on accident your bottle will die. Whatever you do, don’t “smell” smelling salts. WE SHIP INTERNATIONAL TOO! Yes! Jujimufu’s music; Cart $ 0.00 / 0 items 0 Cart. ANY OTHER SUGGESTIONS? NBC News Recommended for you. A bottle of any of our smelling salts products will last approximately 3 weeks with multiple daily uses if you comply with the STORAGE INFORMATION above. *INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING MAY TAKE 8+ WEEKS DUE TO COVID-19 THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE! Instead, open the bottle and “waft” it underneath your nose gently until you feel it. That person will never exist because this stuff hurts your nose!

No! Stop freaking out you wimp.

Read above earlier in this FAQ for use frequency guidelines.

They come in two forms.

So, if you’re using it before a skill you’re not competent at, or before lifting heavy with a new exercise, you could very well get hurt.


Bearing 245,383 views. To get your money’s worth, store these bottles appropriately.

And you’re not eating it, you’re whiffing it.

Because I follow the advice I just gave you. Smelling Salts. Jujimufu’s music; Cart $ 0.00 / 0 items 0 ... FREE SHIPPING ON ALL +$25 ORDERS IN USA! We call them ammonia inhalants.

I am healthy, not unhealthy.

Really: every single second the cap is off the bottle’s potency is being expended. Jujimufu pants $ 59.95. It’s also useful to help you stay awake when you’re severely sleep-deprived while driving… just to last you until the next stop where you can pull over and nap. However, unlike a bodily injury, you don’t have to get a band-aid, and it doesn’t swell, bruise, or hurt for hours or days afterward. Select options. That’s what I’m always using in my videos. NOTE: For how long a bottle lasts, storage, and pro tips scroll down to bottom of FAQ.

That’s the opposite of a strong upper (like cocaine or meth) which makes you feel good for an hour or so, but then makes you feel like a fucking piece of shit for one or two days afterwards. There’s no comedown, crash, down-regulation, or anything else associated with recreational drug use. Yes! Books. Showing all 22 results. Showing all 18 results.

The most important thing is resealing your bottle immediately after use.

They activate the inhalation reflex by irritating the mucous membranes in your respiratory tract. Finally, if you’re trying to get your mind off sex so you can continue to focus on other things, this can distract you well enough to transition to another place, to a cold shower, or to the start of your next task to accomplish. Your bottle needs recharged. smelling salts are too strong to be used this way.

An exception is a skill you’ve been trying for a long time that you are very close to. Yes. It's not okay to be white in Australia - Duration: 9:30. Jujimufu’s music; Cart $ 0.00 / 0 items 0 Cart. Improper storage can cause this: don’t keep it in the glove compartment of a very hot car. Smelling salts will make you say “time’s up, let’s do this, LEEROYYYYYY JENNNNNNKINNNSSSS!!!”. So while one is recharging the other is ready to go again. The crystals are aromatic and the amount of vapor in the bottle needs time to build back up. In that situation you’ve patterned the movement and you might just need a little boost to get your feet underneath you. No. It fucking hurts! Finally you’ve stopped being a shy wuss and have embraced the smelling salts!

This type of moment gives you a tiny, but significant boost of adrenaline. Smelling Salts. Use it before preparing for a heavy lift PR or before you want to nail an athletic feat that you’re very close to accomplishing.

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