This resulted in the tragedy of the Sintra family as "Rei" went missing and "Domori" was blamed and eventually killed after things started going wrong. Loosely following the same basic gameplay template from a variety of classic 16-bit RPGs, "Yuppie Psycho" unites a myriad of different genres, including Survival Horror, Graphic Adventure, and Puzzle-solving. Take book from mummy. Find hidden floor. Yuppie Psycho.

Achievement Unlocked. Floor 2. Containing an atmosphere of mystery and surrealism similar to those previously devised by infamous artists such as David Lynch, David Cronenberg, J.G. Search the 2nd locker. The Forest Goblin offers special contracts if you bring him products that feature barcodes. Go acquire the key and use it on the fifth floor Office F (You must have beaten the dot matrix boss to receive the pushable button letting you explore the office fully). Brian is quite a tad nervous, especially since his status as a Class G means that he's not exactly "wealthy" or "sophisticated" like the others at the company. From the very bottom left of Corvo’s Sintranet go up one square platform. This guide is in the process of being updated with the changes to the.

His job turns out to be to kill the Witch responsible for the aforementioned events and everything else going wrong in the company. After completing the game you will be treated to Mr. Hugo’s origin story. Achievement Unlocked. To make use of all the items that Brian can find throughout the game, players must make use the Inventory. Mr. Chapman Usually the 3rd door will be blocked but if you have the cat food you can enter. Go acquire the key and use it on the fifth floor Office F (You must have beaten the dot matrix boss to receive the pushable button letting you explore the office fully). Enter room.

Original location:

You have to get them back to their designated area, but you have to give each one a specific slogan to convince them to follow you. Ending: The Secret of My Success Make Mr. Chapman CEO of Sintracorp.Achievement Unlocked! 3rd visit: After obtaining the Hexenhammer book. Go up to the 10th floor and steal Athame (knife) from Mr. Hugo (for more info see achievement 25). Sintracorp It pays to explore your surroundings! Went back to your office after the party. Despite the circumstances, even after she's rescued in the. After you beat the game you will spawn in the lobby. The first answer is “yes” the second is “4:X” (i forget the other digit but it will be obvious given the choice)” and the last one does not matter.

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