Turn the switch with the screwdriver. Get the brass bauble. The magazine concluded by hoping that "we can expect a second part sometime soon". A seedy-looking individual with a large bag just wandered through the room. This is part of a maze of twisty little passages, all alike. You are on a ledge about halfway up the wall of the river canyon. Get in the boat and launch. There is a sapphire-encrusted bracelet here. You are surrounded by a wall of sand on all sides. A large coil of rope is lying in the corner. Go down the chimney from the Kitchen. Open the trap door again and go down. On the east there is an old wooden door, with a large opening in it (about cyclops sized). These instructions provide access to a stone barrow. The solid-gold coffin used for the burial of Ramses II is here. There are paths to the north, south, and west, and a scramble down. In mythology, the Greek underworld is an otherworld where souls go after death.

You are in a small room which has doors only to the east and south. The path heads north-south here. >go east. >go south. You may wish to save your game here, as the battle with the troll stands a good chance of killing you. The switch does not appear to be manipulable by any human hand (unless the fingers are about 1/16 by 1/4 inch). Zork is not featured in the 2018 film version. Fortunately, there is still one chance for you to be a vandal, for on the far wall is a painting of unparalleled beauty. Get the crystal skull. The player soon encounters a colorful host of dangerous enemies, including deadly grues who only prey on their victims in the dark, an axe-wielding troll, a giant cyclops who flees in terror at the mention of Odysseus, a vampire bat that can drop the player anywhere in the mine if encountered, evil spirits guarding the Entrance to Hades, and a nimble-fingered thief armed with a stiletto who makes mapping the maze difficult by removing or scattering any items that the player might drop to leave a trail. Put the egg in the case. Your collection of treasures consists of: A chasm runs southwest to northeast and the path follows it. Using passages unknown to you, he rushes to its defense. Go north again to the Atlantis Room and get the crystal trident. It concluded, "Somebody, please, let me know when [the sequel is] done. Cut something with the knife or sword.

The gate is open; through it you can see a desolation, with a pile of mangled bodies in one corner. There is a slimy stairway leaving the room to the north. This is a large room, in the middle of which is a small shaft descending through the floor into darkness below. Apparently, this room has been ransacked recently, for most of the valuable equipment is gone. This is a room which looks like an Egyptian tomb.

There are exits on the other three sides of the room. At the south end of the room is an open door (also covered with paint).

The unarmed troll cannot defend himself: He dies.

No computer should be without one!". [19], Jon Mishcon reviewed Zork in The Space Gamer No. (save first; you need it). On the altar is a large black book, open to page 569. You are about 10 feet above the ground nestled among some large branches. Along the river are the White Cliffs which seem to form giant walls stretching from north to south along the shores of the river as it winds its way downstream. Opening the red buoy reveals a large emerald. Book -> Needed for exorcism; to exorcise, get book, bell, and candles, go to entrance to hades, and type "EXORCISE". Get the matchbook and bell. The German is evidently non-native, containing many spelling and grammar errors. I'm afraid you'll have to use a four-letter word for the other, since unlike Leather Goddesses, Zork doesn't recognize constructions like have sex with.). You can drop the garlic (or heck, eat it) and the candles. Go east to the Egyptian Room and get the coffin.

This is a rather wide room.

Go north again to Reservoir North and get the air pump. It might be safe to descend. Touch the mirror and you will be transported to the north Mirror Room. One particularly large tree with some low branches stands at the edge of the path. Above you is a large dome. Put the candles and screwdriver in the basket. In one corner of the house there is a small window which is slightly ajar. For Your Amusement at various times: This is a non-descript part of a coal mine. Save here so that you can restore if the Thief steals the key from you before you can use it.

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