This is my first Harley and I never could understand what was so addicting about them that makes you want to spend so much money. Loved it, would have one again any time. The fit and finish is by far, the best in the industry.

The badges instead of decals.

The Victory Vegas Jackpot that I had been riding was poorly balanced and about as exciting to ride as a tree stump in a fast flowing river. Only when people come up to me and say how wonderful it must be to own a Hog! "Rolling thunder" has now been replaced by "Passing Flatulence". My only complaint is that it is currently leaking oil when I ride it and it leaks all over my beautiful chrome. RECOMMENDED :o) Strengths: Sound "with decent pipes and filter". Wanted a 1200L. I've done 7-8 hours at a stretch but then I'm kinda hard core. It was love at first ride. Weaknesses:
A bit crude, hard work above 70MPH. 2021 Kawasaki and Kawasaki and more Kawasaki Motorcycles! I focused in on a sporty, since it's been so long that I've ridden, and the sporty is the exact machine that worked for me. Think of it more as an evolution from the big old British bikes in their day. Awesome Harley Davidson V-Twin rumble. I traded in a seven-month-old Honda VTX1300R for this one, and I still kept the 2007 Harley XL883Low for my girlfriend. I own an 883 and a 1200 and I love the both of them. H Bauer Publishing are authorised and regulated for credit broking by the FCA (Ref No. It is also very nice to finally have some decent torque, which neither of my former Hondas had. At this price point it is among the cheapest cruiser … You are making a difference to millions of riders worldwide. rear, 13-spoke black-painted aluminum cast (laced option) Brakes: Caliper Type Dual-piston front and rear Rotor Type (diameter x width): Patented, Uniform Expansion Rotors Front 11.5 in. I purchased my '06 Sportster on Saturday and I'm angry with myself for not buying one sooner. Added Samson Hellraiser Exhaust with Screaming Eagle Cone Siper filter and fuel pak and the difference is soooo much better. Not so good two up, needs slightly stiffer suspension when two up as it bottoms out on speed humps and some rougher B class roads. But I never felt quite at home. If you are a biker on a budget, often times you can start with a used 883 very cheaply, and upgrade over time to something even better than a factory 1200cc motor. All I can say about this bike is that it is incredibly addicting I ride it constantly! Great choice for a first bike, one of the nicest sporsters I have ever seen. Now I have the quiet pipes on I'm amazed how clattery the engine is. Review your HARLEY-DAVIDSON SPORTSTER 1200 (1995 - 2007). Not sure I'd bother with the 883, just cant see the point in the smaller engine & it looks somewhat inferior to the 1200 version. Best bike I have ever owned (but I live in the South of France where weather is fabulous) These bikes suit good weather as UK rain, road grime, salt & dirt kills these bikes. My wife came with my truck and tools, and I fixed it in about 15 minutes. I’m stoked” says Suzuki Racer, NHHA 7: 100’s National Hare & Hound | GNCC 12: Ironman | Enduro Cross 1&2 Race Results. Best off all, get an older one ( post '91, with the five speed box. Romaniacs 2020 World’s Toughest Hard Enduro Rallye Results, Small bobble costs Husqvarna 2020 AMA EnduroCross Championship Points, Sim Racing: Ducati MotoGP eSport champion was unlucky once again, WEEKEND RACING ACTION SCHEDULE – OCT 31 – NOV 1st, Ducati Posts Best 3rd Quarter Ever but CEO Warns Economic Situation is Worsening Again, Sim Racing: 3 Winning Racers & 3 In-Depth Interviews. Lots of power and the 1200 can go and keep up with thge rest of them. So far I have had no problems, whatsoever. I have owned this bike three full years, and purchased it new. In the end I got so fed-up with the frustration of riding a sports bike on the road I decided to take up racing instead, and vowed never to have a sports bike on the road again.

What did inflict pain is what is probably the worst seat ever inflicted on a rider. Rode it all year round. I'm not giving mine up. It's not in the same bracket as a Fireblade ,but if you can keep that in mind, then the xl1200s DOES handle ! Favorite feature as standard...the bike. (88.8 X 96.8 mm) Displacement 73.2 cu. The Harley-Davidson Sportster 1200 Custom has been priced at Rs 8.90 lakh ex-showroom Delhi. By the time I'd realized it, I was on a bike that was too big, too heavy and too intimidating for me. On a smooth road the ride quality faults disappear allowing the enjoyment of the v-twin rhythm. Bringing it in for the 1,000 mile service and not a single problem to date. Just get her up to 62 mph in 5th and stay there, or higher. Nothing else out there looks or sounds like a Harley. There is no vibration to the mirrors at all, none of the old problems we heard about in owning & running the 60's to 90's Harleys. I'd not even give one of these to someone I strongly disliked. It is by far, the most smooth and satisfying ride that I have owned. I've kept mine clean, it presents very strongly, especially amongst todays baggage laden, computer driven ignition etc etc. All I want to do is buy more custom parts for it.

(2.8 L) Dry Weight 491.0 lbs. I have to laugh when ladies in convertibles hit on me until I take my helmet off (I'm 70) sometimes even that doesn't put them off. Update on my Sporty. 375 miles. No frills just fun and I would'nt swap it for anything.

I want a bigger bike, but I will still keep my little Sportster, as there is no better around-town bike for the money. I traded up to a Super Glide is the only reason you see her here. The true bikers are brand centric or brand offensive right? Plenty of pick-up, and the top-end speed exceeds my needs (120 mph plus). Never broke down and only had starting problems when the original battery needed replacing, My Sportster is 11 years old and still feels like new. A set of Progressive springs for the fork and a set of standard length shocks which requires a standard jiffy stand. Anybody could ride this bike, male or female. My last years Honda doesn't come close. Sportsbike jockeys who’ve never tried one may scoff but the Harley-Davidson XL1200 Sportster manages to be less wallowy than most Japanese cruisers.

You don't want to go above 70 with the screen fitted. This is the perfect bike for the no-frills rider, as in no floorboards, no windshield, no saddle bags, and certainly no fairing.

PERFORMANCE Engine Torque (per SAEJ607)3: North America 68 ft. lbs. Upgraded to Vance & Hines straight shots HS, screamin eagle air cleaner and a carb jet. Has beautiful liquid finish paint and deep solid chrome.

In this case, the Harley Davidson 1200, jetted, exhaust opened up, and air cleaner intake mod (i substituted my 'ham can' for a good old fashioned ROUND air cleaner), is an immensely gratifying ride. This is the motorcycle i was made to ride, and cannot but recommend it. Thats my view anyway. I have found it easy to re-learn on; very responsive. Strengths: Tremendous torque of the engine.

The sportsters are a bit smaller than their more expensive siblings, and very fast. reserve) 3.3 gal. (154.94 mm) Rear wheel 4.20 in. One hell of a fun ride in and then I am chomping at the bit to get off work so I can drive it home. Custom seat & back rest essential if going two-up, engine crash bars advisable in the event of the unavoidable upset. Inspiration Friday: MotoGP Extreme Bagger Racing! I have added Vance and Hines straight shot pipes for a rich Harley roar. I'll never go back. You can sign up for e-mail notifications when other riders answer you. Plus HARLEY-DAVIDSON SPORTSTER 1200 bike specs, owner ratings and much more. The pullback buckhorn handlebar with tach and speedo, narrow 3.3-gallon fuel tank, quick detach passenger seat and black and polished motor all play a part in the styling of the Sportster® 1200. Most maintenance is simple enough to do at home with basic tools and a repair manual. Great to look at, good for a laugh, but not really that practical. Somewhat of a nuisance to clean it off. In Maine, that means I ride in temperatures ranging from 20 deg. Compounding the felony is a substandard suspension. Only draw back is the stock seat, after about 2000 miles I had to get a better one and like all Sportsters, you will get some engine heat while at idle but none once you're rolling. Did a tour of Vancouver Island and ran outta time, stopped in Naniamo over night, next day all the way to Amity Or, stopping only for gas. (116.8 mm) Wheelbase 60.0 in. I have put a lot of chrome on them, they look good and run great. Probably Harley’s most customised bike … F is only bearable because my commute is 15-20 minutes). It's a pretty fast bike. The guys kept me honest.

The Harley-Davidson XL1200 Sportster's fuel consumption is impressive and insurance isn’t OTT – but not cheap for the performance – thieves like Harleys. I have ZERO desire to "trade up". The suspension fixes are to be installed at break in maintenance so it remains to be seen if these are truly "fixes". All registered in England and Wales.

5 Stars. On the positive side, this bike has more than adequate power and very good fuel economy (54 mpg). Fixes for the negatives include the early acquisition of the Harley Sundowner Seat which turns pain into pleasure (the seat that Harley should have installed in the first place). Now my bike is truly bad ass. Perfectly capable of overtaking at up to 100+mph, you just wouldn't want to keep it there for any length of time! When I bought the XL1200C I found it comfortable and the handling good for a custom but the performance was rubbish for a 1200cc. Great for day trips and crusing around the county solo. Servicing is not as expensive as I'd been told it would be. I am taking the MSF course in September. I will also replace the stock mirrors with long-stem rectangulars. Stock brakes were crap - but the 4-pot PM brakes are more than enough.

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