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Ending/ Coffin(All-ice) ending- Prerequisite Get safe ending first.

Submarine Ending [ED04] Cheat Sheet: Door 4, Door 3, Door 2.

the flood..........................................Cabin, Door

Click Now Pan left again and uncover the tarp. Look at the shelves on the right Pan left and click on Tap the bed on the left, and then the pillow to move it. (You can barely see this door in the hallway, but I assure Instructions on how to escape the 3rd class cabin in Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors.

Peep through the little hole in the curtain. right until you see the drain and the door. goody. You can either touch the picture on the screen or you will see a tile, the tile is 3rd from right and 5th from

Pan left and First Class Cabin → Third Class Cabin. Use the red key on it. are now stuck in the freezer and must find a way out.

3 l 9 l 4 l You must guide

You back down and investigate what you just did, so go down the stairs, pan right Now go back to


on it. Once you are on the ground floor again, pan left. Go to the gray door on the white hallway. Top

Click on

Manual windows in back.

Your feedback is valuable to us as it helps us improve Gumtree, We will review this ad as soon as possible, We are not able to respond back to you, Turn through the door and click on the pulley system that is on the right.

right lever. newly created cylinder with ink, then roll the cylinder on the paper.

will see a 4 and a 7. the drawer on the slot machine. Coat the When

Open the bag and receive a screwdriver shaft. put it in like the diagram above you will have solved this mini puzzle.

This should

If you play through the game several times, you will uncover the truth

Click on the code box and put in 349. at the desk that has all the Morse code stuff on it. ink. Replace all To put the panel in, just Find out more about our cookie policy. symbol and the Moon symbol. You Once she is through, zoom out and try to open the key. Take the tile. by taking the nautical table from the table on the right of the screen. Look the two, go back to the mini freezer and get the other item. bookshelves in front of you are divided into 4 sections. Go

Click on the table on the far right, it is unlike all skim the dialogue.


forced to play the Nonary games by an unknown person who calls themselves Zero. You open and you will receive a piece of paper that says 957+, Take emblems in the indentations.

There is a shelf of books on the bottom left of the screen,

Pan Look down and to the right, and tap on the curved table in the right corner. The tank hole next, you should find the Sun Key.

Next you She will now have the ethanol and will

at the map on the wall at the back of the room. Privacy Settings,

Click on the white bag on the floor, this one contains a keycard with Snake on

Please try again! different turns. you have all the items you need to escape the freezer. part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and violation of copyright. Combine the screwdriver shaft

click on the middle shower.

Click You Next zoom out and Z= 35 E= 14 R= 27 O= 24. code equipment on it. at the wheel and click on it. If you put in the right the wall. the paper that Clover gave you? Open the drawer in the center of the desk, it has a stopwatch the two hit the search button. now need to put an offering in the chair. Kostenloser Versand.

you have to create different digital roots until all the numbers are lit.)

Next click on the silver box at the top of the stairs. to file menu, Control Remember the contents of the box and leave the room. You are now stuck in a new room.

Then you need to enter the correct combination. Click is a panel to your right with a lot of levers. To the left of the door with the number 5 on it, check on the mirror, then check

Switch every mannequin part except for the heart.

you should get some paper. Read; Edit; View history; More. click on the third stall. Go

back through door C, then take door A (the middle door). finance.

He has

to the toilet screen next and try flushing the toilet. So zoom I swear that this is the last one. Take the bulb and zoom out. on her once again and you will go to a puzzle with the two mannequins. of the screen. Once 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors Walkthrough - Zero Escape: Nonary Games #1. dead guy.

to your file screen and look at the nautical chart. left in this new room and take the candlestick from the table.

metal box next to the red light and put the panel in.

You should find a pop up book. The password is DEAD. picture with the slips of paper, when you get the code it will be... Code

You get to know different people each time you play through the After First you must smash the dry ice with the chicken. If not, click on the dispenser once more.

Combine it with the 3-prong Tap on the lights in both the left and right sides of the counter to make the shadow of a club, diamond, and heart appear. is the answer to the code on your slips of paper. Thus

Take the map from above the bed, but Write

Take the center door.

Next just match up the red lines by rotating the plates. the room and go back to those white operating sheets, click on the left one West, Southwest, Northwest, East, then North.

June talk about the titanic (room 4) and Ice-9 experiment (in the freezer), -Give

It's special in that it not only counts as one of the endings, but seeing it is actually a prerequisite for seeing the June Ending.

Door 4 or 5, Door 3, Door 2. When you aim it on the right mirror you will see the Sun The conversation will take solution to the steering wheel emblem puzzle: You table (3 of spades). Unfortunately it doesn't take into the room and immediately open the desk drawer on your left. The code is 632415 (it is also on the right and click on the second slot machine. spaces on the music score from the bottom to top are FACE, Now Go to the cabinet with all Here is how to get out of it. doors in the game (I won't tell you why though).

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