Rule 34: Jump right in sets. Browse the world's largest eBookstore and start reading today on the web, tablet, phone, or ereader. Activities for Appendix II Appendix I: Some Common Fallacies Model responses for Exercise Set 2.4

Rule 13: Cite your sources Be the first to ask a question about A Workbook for Arguments, Second Edition. examples across the text is to make it clearer to students how scientific Rule D2: When terms are contested, work from the clear cases

study not just of critical thinking but also of rhetoric, applied ethics, journalism, Exercise Set 9.4: Ending in style other sources. What errors and infelicities remain, of course, should be laid only to us

exercise set is a scientific example. each set for discussion of scientific reasoning.) Rule 16: Cross-check sources Model responses for Exercise Set 2.1

Rule 19: Correlations may have alternative explanations

Exercise Set 10.2: Reinterpreting and revising fallacious arguments (part 1)

Rulebook has always been a slim little volume, though: always supplementary,

to devote more time—or an entire course—to the principles of critical thinking.

textbook in its own right. I. Weston, Anthony, 1954– II. Rule 18: Causal arguments start with correlations

Detailed instructions for in-class activities and take-home assignments

Workbook sections that develop and apply each of the rules, along with the schools and law schools to graduate schools and community colleges, and in the

Model Responses for Chapter VIII: Argumentative Essays Activities for Chapter IV A Workbook for Arguments builds on Anthony Weston's A Rulebook for Arguments to provide a complete textbook for a course in critical thinking or informal logic.

Model responses for Exercise Set 2.2 pages cm Also contains the entire text of the fourth edition of Weston’s Rulebook, while supplementing this core text use it often! Rule 38: Get feedback and use it Increased coverage of scientific reasoning, demonstrating how scientific … Exercise Set 5.4: Constructing arguments about causes Chapter VI: Deductive Arguments

Rule 28: Deductive arguments in several steps The field of critical thinking has also changed dramatically since the’80s. including homework exercises and in-class activities covering a range of Identifying, reinterpreting, and revising fallacies are laid out, but then systematically elaborated and practiced, first in sets of Interior design by Elizabeth L. Wilson Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data alternative as well—you hold it in your hands. Model responses for Exercise Set 12.1

It requires guidance, too.

Exercise Set 7.7: Working out objections we are grateful to Exercise Set 2.6: Evaluating arguments for generalizations Now, by contrast, critical very well.

director, for her intrepid assistance throughout the production process, and to

The second edition adds: Updated and improved homework exercises--nearly one third are new--to ensure that the examples continue to resonate with students.

Exercise Set 2.2: Improving biased samples Rule 9: Background rates may be crucial Rule 44: Use visual aids sparingly newspapers, philosophical texts, literature, movies, YouTube videos, and

Exercise Set 4.2: Identifying independent sources Especially for beginning students, learning to apply these rules effectively Arguments to offer a complete textbook for a course in critical thinking. In our view,

Model Responses for Chapter IX: Oral Arguments Part II of the Workbook provides model responses (sometimes several different Exercise Set 6.3: Drawing conclusions with deductive arguments Model responses for Exercise Set 9.4

Activities for Appendix I Exercise Set 7.5: Developing arguments in more detail

that introduces students to this vital skill in evaluating or constructing

rules to the examples in the homework exercises. Rule 29: Explore the issue model responses (Part 2) and critical thinking activities (Part 3), are authored by David Morrow in close collaboration with Anthony Weston. Model Responses for Chapter III: Arguments by Analogy Compiling a draft of an argumentative essay Some alphas are … Model Responses for Chapter I: Short Arguments Conan Griffin, Florida Gulf Coast University; Julianna Griffin, Florida Gulf Box 44937 Weston, Exercise Set 3.4: Constructing arguments by analogy

Indianapolis/Cambridge Copyright © 2016 by Hackett Publishing Company, Inc. All rights reserved looked over the emerging Workbook at various points as well. Model Responses for Chapter VI: Deductive Arguments

Their exercises are particularly valuable, since students often struggle in the gap between the teaching of principles and the application of such principles to active issues that confront us.

The second edition adds:Updated and improved homework exercises—nearly one third are new—to ensure that the examples continue to resonate with students.Increased coverage of scientific reasoning, demonstrating how … in the book have been replaced with updated, better tested, or more sciencefocused examples. Exercise Set 4.4: Using sources in arguments Anthony Weston Hackett Publishing Company, Inc.

Activities for Chapter III The Rulebook is authored by Anthony Weston, and appears here, though Model responses for Exercise Set 11.2 This is why many people also think that arguments are unpleasant and pointless. Chapter VII: Extended Arguments

Model responses for Exercise Set 5.2

Increased coverage of scientific reasoning, demonstrating how scientific reasoning dovetails with critical thinking more generally. P.O. Creating a visual argument Reconstructing scientific reasoning Activities for Chapter II Model responses for Exercise Set 7.1

A Workbook for Arguments builds on Anthony Weston’s A Rulebook for Arguments to provide a complete textbook for a course in critical thinking or informal logic.

Rule 8: Use representative examples Introduction Part 1 George Pullman, A Rulebook for Decision Making.

Since then the Rulebook has gone through four editions and has become a bit of Exercise Set 9.5: Evaluating oral presentations Rule 6: Use consistent terms

Cozy Up with November's Most Anticipated Romances. Chapter IV: Sources

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