Pick 1 map you would filter from matchmaking if you could. Run from one window to the next to keep an eye on the general circle outside of your area. Square in the middle of the map is an open plaza and a lot of crossfire is destined to happen here. I understand Infinity Ward wants to promote the three new maps added to the game with season three, but... they're not great. I leave if I see it pop up in ground war. Every time I queue for ground war it’s for Amiyah palace, and everytime is filled with people who join, see it’s this map, and then leave, so the wait times are even longer because of it too. Aniyah Palace is a medium sized map … Gun Runner is available as a daytime map only. They just seem to flow better to me. Almost every building on this map has a second floor that can be reached by stairs and by windows so if you're plan is to camp it out up high, utilize claymores and other trigger-based explosives to keep your back covered. Did you just start sketching something random and see then had no idea what to do with it? With Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, it feels like the monetisation lever pullers at publisher Activision have finally found a system that is both good for business and players. No part of this site or its content may be reproduced without the permission of the copyright holder. Gun Runner is a smaller map made for mid-range to close-range gunplay. If you are, for whatever reason, stranded on the Picadelly streets, stick close to the double decker buses parked around the map. A larger play area with big outside areas and the centralised palace acting as its own CQC mini-map, it's tailored to all playstyles, and fortunately players make use of all of it, rather than reducing it to a single hallway ala Piccadilly. The respawn animation is so long that you die within half a second. Mumbler.

Picadelly is an urban city set in Great Britain and is easily one of Modern Warfare's most visually impressive maps. Check Out Aniyah Palace Here! To play best on this map, you should almost never walk around for too long on the streets. The map is far to large for Deathmatch. Peaking around corners forces you to slow down and take in what's around you before running out from cover blindly. Thanks for taking part! Why can't I?

It's dotted with buildings that provide great coverage when moving from objective to objective and if you're focused on taking out enemies, the second stories present in almost every building work great for that.

When someone walks in, you light them up for the kill. There are variants that can drastically change a map to the point where it feels like an entirely new map, even though it's technically the same one. Delivering passionate and comprehensive entertainment coverage to millions of users world-wide each month. On December 10th, 2019, the map became available in Ground War.. An enclosed version called Aniyah Incursion was added in Season 3 for 6v6 battles. I jump in again, hope for the best, then rinse and repeat. With a tactical sprint, it's possible to make it from one end of this plaza to the other. It was release roughly two weeks after the game came out and it is easily one of the smallest maps in the game. Aniyah palace is absolutely the worst map in the game. The map I hate the most in this game has really flopped around alot in the first few weeks of release, but recently I've settled on the fact that St. Petrograd is absolute garbage and is absolutely the worst map in the game. It's a little slow and campy as all hell. The southern path is quicker and more efficient, but it's significantly more open which means you're more likely to find a certain death there. The only real issue is its size. With the launch of season three this week, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare got a new (and fun!)

The worst mass shooting in recent recorded history took place in Kenya on April 3, 2015.

This gives the person up high a great advantage and they'll likely get the kill. The map is way too large for even 10 v 10 and the respawns are horrendous. Those points are the middle bridge-looking structure and the storage container. (I always chuckle when the team narrator says there's an enemy at the destroyed building, given the whole map looks like a destroyed building).

Arklov peak, azhir cave, shipment are alright, I was playing in a custom match earlier today and was scrolling through the map options when I realized there was only a few maps I actually consider to be memorable or better than mediocre. Each one is designed differently too. They just lack that flow and rhythm that the best cod maps in the series have. its possible, More posts from the modernwarfare community. But there's one aspect of the game that continues to frustrate me: rotating playlists. St. Petrograd is a medium-sized map most commonly found in the modes that aren't quite small but aren't quite large either, modes like Headquarters and Domination. Was having the time of my life on Backlot and Crash. This map is exactly what it sounds like: a decrepit, filth-ridden shower that hasn't been cleaned in years.

Buildings serve as great control points on Modern Warfare's maps. Just adding to the sea of posts still asking for map voting. It's made up of multiple corridors and an open center and because of that, we recommend avoiding it at all costs. Analyze left, right, up and down to ensure nobody is around. Despite that, the tendency to move fast and heavy around a map might still be present, which means you might be constantly pressing that sprint button. Take advantage of this natural brush because it works as excellent cover. This map is quite large but because of its differing heights of verticality and network of caves, almost every firefight ends up being close-range.

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Players have no safe place to spawn as there are constantly enemies running in spawn and killing you. You should really only be sprinting when trying to quickly make your way to an objective before it's timer closes out or if you're trying to cross a large clearing. There are a lot of paths to get where you're trying to go and this translates to there's always a chance someone will take you out from behind. To do this, simply aim down sights while walking. Many of the Operator outfits have a green hue which work even better for concealing you while you're hiding in a map's natural terrain. I'm bummed about that too but it's just the way it is. Comments for this article are now closed. If you can successfully get up these stairs, the second floor provides a great view of the action below but, because there are two stairways to access that floor, you should try to move constantly so as not to be a sitting duck. You're drawing attention to yourself and becoming the easy target.

Of all the maps in the game, Azhir Cave is one of the more difficult to understand and control. Now it's a Ground War map. If you find a wide tree, take point behind it. Reno is known as “The Biggest Little City in the World,” and is also referred to as Las Vegas’ poorer cousin. As a result, your eyes should be scanning what's in front of you, what's below you and certainly what's above you at all times. You don't then just say "yep, let's throw another 8 players on the map and that will play fine".

On both ends, there is a small ramp that leads to a shack on your right. Arklov Peak Hardpoint Locations and Rotations. At launch it was a 10 v 10 map. Rather than a clear north and south with a middle-ground focal center, Euphrates Bridge features a bridge that cuts the map into an asymmetrical square. It plopped the new maps in a playlist all of their own, and added a playlist just for team deathmatch and domination game modes. Insane! It's a symmetrical map made up of two buildings on the east and west sides of the map with one staircase and two windows each.

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