Somehow I never really noticed the age difference when watching the movie. Love the dance scenes…and the scene where Betty and Judy are going to bed in their bungalow the beds look so comfy and cozy. Guess what my grandson got me for Christmas? He built the rest of the songs around what was a loose script, adding “Count Your Blessings,” “Love, You Didn’t Do Right By Me,” and “The Best Things Happen While You’re Dancing.”. After White Christmas, Vera-Ellen only appeared in one more movie, 1957’s Let’s Be Happy, before retiring from the screen. That was so interesting.

A. Thank you for sharing! I really enjoyed it! I’m a man!!

Or “her little chick” as she referred to herself. , By the way, Julie, please share with your mother that this last year, I had the pleasure of introducing this movie at the 500-seat classic movie palace, The Dryden, at George Eastman House in Rochester, NY. We ended up with about five inches! What Ever Happened To These Famous Lost Stars.

Anne Whitfield, Other Works Too many shedding pets! When my mother bought our first VCR the only tapes we had to watch were Ghostbusters and White Christmas. The scene where Bing and Rosemary are having chicken and liverwurst sandwiches by the fire…one of my favorite songs ever. I always choked up when the General finally comes into the room and all the other men in uniform are there, it’s a great moment. My mom TAUGHT drama and speech – that was OK with her puritanical father – but she wasn’t allowed to perform and she wanted to. Short of her own success in movies and/or radio, she had a daughter who she thought was very talented. This is not my favorite movie, but only because I love Holiday Inn so very, very much.

She Runs a Bed and Breakfast. That was esp. P.S. I love seeing these sets. P.S. I can’t tell you how many times I watched this movie this season. Hence the turtlenecks to cover her neck. Hello, my mom is Anne Whitfield who plays Susan Waverly. I have this movie on DVD, I’ll have to watch it with the commentary. My mother didn’t have any. Love your blog. Thanks so much for your recent post on holiday movies. A. I think I started at eight years of age and finished at thirteen or fourteen. I’ll keep you posted and let you know as soon as it’s ready for visitors! A. I often wondered how Betty and Judy’s trunks with their blue dresses and the plums for their “sisters” number ever got to the Columbia Inn because Bob and Phil ran out on the Sheriff at Novella’s without any luggage and barely made on to the train in time. I haven’t seen this movie, but I just added to my queue from the library I’m excited to add it to my ritual of holiday movies at this time of year! I also love the inn. WOW!! Wake up to breakfast at these unique, locally owned B&Bs. My sister and I would sing the sister song repeatedly during the holidays. And may you have another White Christmas! .-= Rhianna´s last blog ..Merry Christmas! Gosh he had the most beauitiful eyes (and darn good skin for a 50-year-old golfer!!!!) If you ever do get that Inn that you desire, I’ll be sure to book a holiday with you! Why didn’t she just ask him what was going on? Rosemary’s dress at the piano party is my favorite! She is a hoot! .-= Michele´s last blog ..Merry Christmas! Thank you for sharing this info. I read somewhere that although most of the Inn was a set @ Paramount which they later used for the movie :White Christmas” there is a hoteol in Monte Rio, California, called The Village Inn and some of the outside scenes were filmed there. I remember the first time I watched this movie with my daughter. The sets remind me of the Ethan Allen colonial-style interiors that my parents tried to replicate when I was a kid. Inasmuch as I love newer Christmas classics like The Holiday and Love Actually, nothing tops the charm of White Christmas! Astaire turned the project down after reading the script, though, and Danny Kaye was given the part. One of my all-time favorite movie dresses, though, is the stunning black one she wears at the Carousel Club. Thank you for your research and time putting this together. I love this movie more each time I see it. You can sign in to vote the answer. My sisters and I have been known to sing “Sisters” to one another. I knew every word of the song. Found you while searching for pictures for my White Christmas in July blog party. There isn't much biographical information however, I checked around a few sites and the barely give her birthdate. Again, such a great post…I liked learning the little extra tidbits about the actors. This year I have been out of work and so we didn’t have money for presents. I look forward to visiting since I love old movies and houses too. Love sets! Vera-Ellen was an amazing dancer, but she couldn’t sing. I love this movie…my father was a huge Bing fan all of his life and when this movie came out on video I bought a copy and gave it to him for Christmas….he got all choked up. Mother had written letters to radio producers in Hollywood, suggesting if they had any parts for a six year old they should consider Anne, as she could read very well. I always wanted a fire pit like that. Now I want to run out and rent it. As far as the acting, I think I did have some talent, so I had an instinct how to do it, but the comedy thing really takes more experience and technique, and I really didn’t have any of it. My husband kept singing “White Christmas.” It was truly the best Christmas ever. Plus, I really like where they are filming on the “duplicate” set that you get to see what the set actually looks like. I came 400 miles to hear you say that while we watch this movie!” I always get teary-eyed, too, and I suspect, always will. I’m going to call my mom and share with her all these facts! As much as I love White Christmas, Holiday Inn is my favorite! (My grown son started singing “Sisters” the other day–what a crack up!) If you look at the big arched windows it sure looks like the same set. Count Your Blessings is one of my favorite numbers in the film and I never knew it was Oscar nominated; I’m so glad cuz it’s always seemed so underrated to me. SPRINGFIELD — The city adopted a new ordinance that requires the registration and inspection of all bed-and-breakfast rentals, with a focus on ensuring the sites are good neighbors. We get a glimpse of the kitchen after Betty hears about Judy and Phil’s surprise engagement and leaves the party: In the DVD commentary, when Betty gets mad at Bob because of a misunderstanding and goes to New York without telling anyone first, Clooney says, “I always thought I overreacted to this. Numerous radio jobs followed in the wake of Anne’s success on Family: she appeared on such soap operas as Doctor Paul (indulging in a bit of transgenderism by emoting as young Christopher Martin) and Doorway to Life, and made the rounds on such series as The Lux Radio Theatre, The Lady Esther Screen Guild Theater, Family Theater, The Great Gildersleeve, The Life of Riley, The Halls of Ivy and Cavalcade of America. Now retired, Annie is a climate activist and a proud but worried grandmother of seven. Believe it or not, I have not actually seen the entire movie, just snippets here and there, and I know that AMC had a White Christmas marathon, and I was fortunate to catch the part where Bing sang “Count Your Blessings.” Well, it’s still the holiday season, and it’s not to late to watch it, which I definitely will. Wonder how it worked without getting smoke all over the place? I loved the little tidbits of info you shared from Rosemary Clooney, too. In 1944, my mother drove the two of us on Route 66 out to Hollywood. She is said the the Zwiers. I’m glad you enjoyed a White Christmas this year. They’re startled when their former General walks in the door of the inn, carrying firewood.

I actually get teary eyed at the beginning of the movie when it’s the scene of the men in the war.

White Christmas is my all time favorite Christmas movie and you got some excellent shots so Thank You!!! White Christmas is my favorite holiday movie. And me . Somehow he conditioned the audience to laugh when he did that.

They definitely threw away the molds with Rosemary, Bing and Danny…. Who is teaching you comedic timing? But, I can’t bring myself to part with it. Love this movie – thanks for all the back info. LOVE IT. Sorry it’s not a real inn. Watching White Christmas while we decorate cookies is a family tradition that never fails to get me into the holiday spirit. Sadly, we didn’t get a White Christmas. I really loved that fireplace. Thanks so much for this wonderful post! Still have questions?

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