JavaScript is disabled. All in all, I’d say the M4 works with a pretty wide range of helmets, just note that you might have some gaps on the sides if your helmet has a very flat brim. Considering the M4 in the end of season sales... What is tempting me to wait though is the Smith I/O mag XL or Skyline XL 2020. Goggle lenses keep improving, and these days it's really challenging to differentiate between the best lenses on the market. If you are not interested you can unsubscribe at any time. As the light changes, the M4 allows you to adapt and be one step ahead of anything Mother Nature provides. Privacy | Cookies | Terms, The world's most in-depth and scientific reviews of gear, It may be expensive, but they are incredibly user friendly with excellent optics, innovative integration, and a great fit. Subscribe to SNOWBOARDER’s Newsletter to receive stories like this straight to your inbox. If it fits your budget and your face, I highly recommend the Anon M4. At 595 grams, it’s super lightweight but sacrifices nothing in terms of durability and safety, as proven by the Endura-Shell construction, and the Greta 3 is also Audio Accessory Compatible so you can listen to your favorite playlist while lapping or sitting on the chair. Reproduction without permission is prohibited. Wondering if anyone has tried and likes the anon m4? The frame has open cell foam across the top, on the bottom, and on the sides which allows for great breathability while never feeling drafty. Our Editors independently research, test, and rate the best products.

Anon has integrated nine small but powerful magnets into the inside of the frame and the edge of the lens's thin frame.

Spherical and Toric lenses provide clearer and less distorted vision than cylindrical lenses, but even then the difference is quite minimal and often unnoticeable. But the goggles are sold with only two lenses, not three, so what compromise would you start with? Apart from that scratch (which, again, was my fault), the M4 is still functioning perfectly. Simply grasp the top and bottom of the lens on either side and pull out. Since the lenses are so easy to change, you are also less likely to mess them or the frame up during the lens change process. MSRP:$79.95.

When the wind kicks up or the temps dip below zero, this goggle also comes with MFI (Magnetic Facemask Integration) that utilizes the magnets to allow you to connect a facemask to the M4, and if you worry about using a facemask because of fogging issues, worry no more, because the M4 has built-in Full Perimeter Channel Venting and an Outlast® Fog Management Face Fleece to keep you moisture and fog free on even the coldest or wettest of days. By signing up you agree to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Innovation in helmet and goggle design is a hallmark of the Anon brand and their 2020 line arriving in stores next Fall is no exception.

I don’t have a retailer near me where I can try this for myself. If it's time to replace your snowy eyewear, our reviewers... the world's most carefully tested and objective gear reviews. Since the original Anon M1 was released, they’ve expanded the line to include the larger M2, cylindrical M3, women’s WM1, and this year, they added the M4. If you want a cylindrical goggle with a quick magnetic lens-swap system that’s much cheaper, I’d check out the Giro Axis. Additionally, the lenses are treated with an anti-fog treatment called Integral Clarity Technology (ICT) which we found to prevent fog throughout all of our testing. I like it for really cold days, but would opt for the Lightweight or Tech versions for when it’s warmer than around 15°F, as the Midweight face mask can cause a bit of fogging when it’s not very cold. I tested the Midweight MFI face mask, which uses a pretty dense softshell material. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window). The Best Snowboard Graphics of the year, as chosen by the Whitelines Team, Our favourite all-mountain snowboards of the year, as chosen by the Whitelines Team, Our favourite freeride snowboards of the year, as chosen by the Whitelines Team, Our favourite powder snowboards of the year, as chosen by the Whitelines Team, Our favourite carving snowboards of the year, as chosen by the Whitelines Team. It works with cylindrical and toric lenses, the lens optics are excellent, it offers an excellent field of view, and it has the best lens-swap system we’ve ever used. The frame is a medium to large fit, and offers a super wide field of vision as well. “Backountry SPIN” is just a variation of some POC Helmet model, for example “POC Auric Cut Backcountry SPIN”. I like smith tech and the I/o mag but they're quite small and i like a big field of vision. Overall, the optical quality seemed excellent and on-par with all other high-contrast lenses like Giro’s Vivid series.

Documenting the elusive powder rooster tail. Read our full Privacy Policy as well as Terms & Conditions. What remains is a collection of the industry’s most proven products; all of it Tested + Approved. I... Snowboarding Forum - Snowboard Enthusiast Forums. Interestingly, people with medium and smaller sized facial features also found these goggles to fit pretty comfortably, and no one complained of air gaps or unwanted pressure on any part of their facial structure. Arthur, Kevin, and Olivier Gittler have done it again! Do you think a combo of the Sonar Bronze and Sonar Infrared is sufficient or would you recommend having a third or fourth lens? In very low light conditions, cloudy or storming, the SONAR Infrared lens works very well and helps to brighten things up and increase contrast.

While I do think the M4 is a product where its performance matches its price, I think plenty of people would be better off with a cheaper goggle. Ivika set out to make a statement for women's snowboarding. I have not tried all the lenses though, but I suggest just you try a few before you buy.

The strap is highly adjustable and can easily be extended to fit around a helmet or cinched down for use without. SNOWBOARDER. Anon has put a nice wide strap on the M4 with two beads of silicone to help keep it in the place where you want it on your helmet or beanie. The Anon M4 is the ski and snowboard goggle that Anon needed to stake a claim at the top of the ski and snowboard goggle mountain. About “Helmet Compatibility” you write: “It lines up well with the Giro Combyn, POC Backcountry SPIN, and Sweet Protection Switcher”.

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