What could possibly explain that? The footage had been taken by Ed von Renouard at Honeysuckle Creek tracking station during or immediately after the Apollo 11 moonwalk. One of the astronauts was taking a series of tourist snapshots of the receding earth, and in one of the photos was a tiny odd-shaped blob.

During the Apollo 11 moon landing, there was a two minute period of radio silence. Usually the "critters" (as Constable prefers to call them) are invisible and can only be captured on infra-red film. It is best to listen to the tapes while simultaneously viewing the same mission elapsed time on the transcript, since often the recordings are faint.

Viewing the film in motion, there can be no question of the lights being solid objects outside the spaceship. [1][2] It was confirmed that these tapes were shipped to Johns Hopkins University, but they could not be found by the search team. The digitized recordings are available here in the same form as they were recorded during the mission. “Could it be that there were agencies associated with the Moon, aliens or other beings who have wanted humanity to stay away from the Moon? And so it went as Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin descended to the surface of the moon aboard the Lunar Module Eagle on July 20, 1969.

For some, the rewards are probably psychological, for others, publicity; for those portions of the news media which have eagerly offered them a forum, the juicy rewards have been financial in nature. But even Barry's spectacular photographic evidence is not the most exciting report to come out of the flight of Apollo 11. ", Cronkite continued: "Armstrong claimed to have spotted a huge cylindrical object which was rotating or tumbling between the ship and the moon. "And one high MUFON (Mutual UFO Network, a private UFO research organization) official spread the story in the mid-1970s that I was Philip Klass's 'ghostwriter' in his anti-UFO books! The example of Armstrong's modesty is not without impact, and Aldrin's altruism provides food for thought. Oh God! Only limited radio bandwidth was available to transmit the video signal from the lunar landings, which needed to be multiplexed with other communication and telemetry channels beamed from the Lunar Module Eagle, back to Earth.

But only recently were the actual onboard recordings from Apollo 11 digitized so that the recordings could be made available on the Internet. Speculation at the time was that this "trail" was possibly connected to the vehicles' motivational systems, possibly even an exhaust.... During this time, ten other egg-shaped objects were seen flying in the foreground of the camera view.

It's officially recorded in the NASA record vaults that Armstrong indicated he went to take photographs but the object vanished as quickly as he'd first seen it. Writing in Frontiers of Science (formerly Second Look, the magazine which absorbed Hynek's International UFO Reporter and which for tax purposes is published under the aegis of the Center for UFO Studies), paranormal specialist John White (author of Pole Shift! Your comment will be published immediately, so please proof-read before you add. At a 2009 news conference in Washington, D.C., the research team released its findings regarding the tapes' disappearance.

Also testifyi [26] Note that these tapes would be conversions to NTSC format broadcast video, and are definitely not the missing 1" telemetry data tapes described in the rest of this article. To close the loop by swallowing its own tail/tale, the National Enquirer then quoted from .

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