The value smart card will be chargeable with up to EUR 50 credit. You can contactless pay for a ride on Piran city buses, use a free-of-charge change of buses within 30 minutes from the validation for the first bus travel and charge the card up to EUR 50 credit.

ArrivaCard has been developed in conjunction with Wayfarer Transit Systems and in trials it has helped to improve boarding times, which have a major impact on bus punctuality. The monthly ticket on the single city card is valid from the first day of the current month up to the first day of the following month. Free tickets must also be validated. The monthly time card can only be obtained from the Lucija Bus Station selling point, Obala 114, where we will register the right of use for an individual type of monthly time card. If you insert more money than required when paying for a monthly ticket at a ticket vending machine or buying a new single city card, the surplus amount is added to the selected card as a credit. The time cards can be topped at the ticket vending machine and any other selling points, where the monthly validity of the card can be renewed for the next month after paying for the appropriate monthly ticket. Call +386 41 440 880 for further information and instructions. It is not possible to buy tickets on the buses in Piran. No ID photo is required for the purchase of a TRAVEL single city card. As all time cards are issued to the name, monthly bus fares  and other credit value may be refunded to the newly issued smart tme card (refund will be made only 48 hours after the loss or theft has been reported). Log in, or create your new Arriva Connect account now. The information on application VALU and instructions for payments with app VALU are available at There is one card reader (validator) on every bus – it is located next to door and is intended for paying for the ride and/or with a mobile phone. If you want your career to be heading towards teamwork, great rewards, opportunities and new challenges – make your next stop, Arriva. Upon validation of the time card, the system will first check whether the card has been topped up with a valid monthly ticket. To validate the card, the user touches the validator with their card, close to the image of a hand holding a card. If you switch buses within 30 minutes, touch the validator with the value card and the system will only record the ride. The minimum amount of credit at a ticket vending machine is €1 and the maximum is €50. Loss or theft of a single city card must be immediately reported on the telephone no. If you buy a card with cash and insert more than €2.5 in the ticket vending machine, the machine instructs you to touch the card scanner with the new card so that the surplus amount can be credited to the card. . Arriva has introduced a smart card scheme in the Telford area to ensure that passengers no longer have to fumble for cash when they board the bus. Costs of re-issuance of the seized single city card shall arise to additional € 50. using the Moneta mobile phone application. Value smart card: as the smart card holds no name, any credit existing before the loss or theft is non-refundable. The system also allows payments with mobile phones and app VALU. Please tell the driver to select the desired number of tickets on a special terminal and then touch the validator with the card. Fixed call cost 0, 4172 EUR/call for calls within Slovenia, mobile call cost define mobile operators. The right to use a monthly bus ticket is recorded on the travel card. Upon validation, the system deducts the amount of a single fare from the credit balance. Registering and purchasing an Arriva Connect smartcard is quick and easy, you will need the following: An email address THE TICKET VENDING MACHINE DOES NOT RETURN CHANGE. The ticket vending machine issues the card and the procedure is completed. For further information, please write to us at the following e-mail address or call us at the telephone number +386 (0)5 671 31 22. If it has, the system will choose this payment method and will not deduct any credit from the card.

Ticket vending machines do not return change. If after the validation the card is again in contact with the validator on the same bus, the words ŽE VALIDIRANA (already validated) appear on the screen. Buttons for selecting the procedures appear on the screen and the user touches them with their finger. It also gives the flexibility to buy whichever ticket is the most convenient, including Singles, Returns, Day and Weekly tickets. Transfer of funds between the physical and virtual single city card in the Arriva Piran mobile app and the record of rights to use the monthly ticket is enabled at the sales point Arriva Piran Lucija.

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