Nawaz Sharif ka SC Defense Nawaz Sharif ki siasi moot aur Qanuni gerift kay lie kafi hy-Tahir ul Qadri. Battle lines have been drawn in Pakistan over the building of the first Hindu temple in Islamabad since 1947, causing the Imran Khan government to waver on a promise it had previously made to the Hindu community, and requiring the courts to step in as well. Amnesty International urged them to continue the project, saying: Pakistani commentators have urged Khan to resume the construction of the mandir on social media, while there has also been a strong campaign online against this move, which has featured images of Imran Khan superimposed on Hindu religious figures to show that he is not being Islamic enough.

For Newslaundry, it is Arnab that “bashes Pakistanis up” and that too, per Newslaundry, for no reason. Waisy tery q jal rahi hay?. Perhaps, for the Left propaganda website, the fact that Pakistan exports terror to India on a regular basis and attempts to undermine India and spread discord is not reason enough.

As can be seen, the questions are extremely leading and there is no proper way to answer these questions. 3:05. Subscribe to The Quint's newsletter and get selected stories delivered to your inbox every day. Did our forefathers make a mistake by choosing this part of the border in 1947 & did not move to India? Furthermore, the questions were set up in a way so as to solicit a statement that could be used against Arnab Goswami and Republic TV. and why do you even come when you know he will bash you off without any purpose? Only on

JOURNALIST since 2011 /Anchor Current Affairs #POV/Political Analyst/Columnist/Media  @Kapil Dev When Mumbai Police assaulted Arnab & his family, you were quiet. Hardliners, including Prime Minister Imran Khan’s political ally the Pakistan Muslim League - Quaid, have adopted the first slogan, and demand that the project be scrapped as it goes against the spirit of Islam, with some going so far as to demolish the border wall at the site that was being constructed. This site uses the Twitter API but is not endorsed or certified by Twitter., Point of View with  #ArzooKazmi Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu. Despite the opposition to the project, it looked like the government was firmly behind the project, and that construction of the ‘Shri Krishna Mandir’ was going to proceed till just a couple of weeks ago. 740 followings, JOURNALIST since 2011 /Anchor Current Affairs #POV/Political Analyst/Columnist/Media, میرے امریکیوں ! Kazmi is one of the Pakistani journalists and ‘experts’ who are regularly invited to Indian news channels to put forth the Pakistani side on a particular matter. Subscribe To Our Daily Newsletter And Get News Delivered Straight To Your Inbox. Opposition to the mandir gathered steam on social media, with several media outlets like 92 News running campaigns to shut down the project – they even claimed responsibility when the CDA stopped construction. Spread the love

To overcome this every PTV centre runs local programs, while few programs were recorded on tape and ported to other centres via Pakistan International Airlines. Forced Conversion of Minorities: Myth of ‘Naya Pakistan’ Busted, ‘Old Habits Die Hard’: MEA Slams Pak PM Imran Khan for ‘Fake News’, Pak Offers To Reopen Kartarpur, India Says ‘Mirage Of Goodwill’. Arzoo Kazmi (@Arzookazmi30) 14151 posts 25135 followers 737 followings . Individuals associated with the media portal have run campaigns to stop brands from advertising their content on Republic TV and Arnab Goswami has been the object of much of their hatred.

Now, it appears, Newslaundry has gone one step further and attempted to use the statements by a Pakistani ‘intellectual’ to attack Arnab Goswami and Republic TV. The age of Samiya Arzoo is 24 years as in 2019. Click to get started. PLANS TO BUILD KRISHNA MANDIR IN ISLAMABAD.

Victory for the extremists as a young boy in the video can be seen demolishing foundation of the #temple in #Islamabad. On Tuesday, 7 July, the Islamabad High Court dismissed the petitions, ruling that the objections were invalid. However, as evident from the message sent by the Newslaundry employee to the Pakistani journalist, Newslaundry’s contention seems to be quite different.

Ali Kazmi (born 31 October 1981), is a Canadian actor of Pakistani descent. MTV. The court held that this particular issue in the petitions had become infructuous as a result. It is also pertinent to note that Newslaundry is known to peddle propaganda and indulge in questionable journalistic practices.

Can you please answer these questions for me?”. The vitriol was ramped up over the weekend till a bunch of youths went and vandalised what had already been built of the wall. I mean what makes you come on these shows? Still, knowing pretty well that NewsLaundry has a bad habit of twisting and misrepresenting the statements they take to do an article, we are putting this update in the spirit of journalistic ethics.  #ArzooRaja If in any case because of my comments , shows or any action if I hurt anyone I'm sorry for that .... Arzoo Kazmi With Harshvardhan Tripati and Qamar Chima - Viral Debat on India Pakistan #Arzookazmi #HarshvardhanTripati #QamarChima. Note: After the publication of this article, Kapil Kajal’s (reporter in question) employer, Hemant Gairola (Editor, contacted us and said that Kapil used NewsLaundry’s association all by himself and NewsLaundry didn’t ask him to do so. It is to be kept in mind that several journalists, members of the army and security establishment and other ‘intellectuals’ regularly feature in Indian television debates to discuss their country’s point of view, which is often one that differs from India’s starkly. A plot of 0.2 hectares (0.5 acres) was allotted for the construction of the temple and a cremation site. On 24 June, the Parliamentary Secretary on Human Rights Lal Chand Malhi performed the groundbreaking ceremony, PTI reported, following which construction on a boundary wall, to mark out the plot, was begun. However, while the court upheld the right of the Hindu Panchayat, to whom the land had been allotted, to build the temple using its own funds, the court did not rule on the issue of whether or not government funds could be used for the construction. I hope you people are not going to make movie or TV serial on  #Kashmir as that will be direct threat to  #NarendraModi . Bharat Mera Desh . Kazmi is one of the Pakistani journalists and ‘experts’ who are regularly invited to Indian news channels to put forth the Pakistani side on a particular matter. In 2014, their son was born. In 2017, the former government of Pakistan approved the construction of a temple in Islamabad, the first since Pakistan gained independence in 1947. This was because in the aftermath of the petitions being filed, the Imran Khan government had referred this issue to the country’s Council of Islamic Ideology for an opinion.

 @Barrister Bashani This is not the first time Imran Khan has faced flak for appearing to appease Islamist hardliners. Liked this story? — Arzoo Kazmi ð µð ° (@Arzookazmi30) July 4, 2020 On Tuesday, 7 July, the Islamabad High Court dismissed the petitions, ruling that the objections were invalid. Many Pakistanis expressed their horror at the vandalism of the boundary wall and the efforts to stop the construction of the temple, and shared messages using the slogan ‘Mandir Tau Banega’. Islam is the State religion of Pakistan, even though religious minorities are supposed to have the right to practice their own religion under the law. Arzoo has 4 jobs listed on their profile. @Arzoo Kazmi You are a journalist you know the power of words kindly use them carefully as they can hurt even the people on the right path...  #responsiblejournalism . They married in Karachi and settled in Toronto. Actually, I am doing a story that Indian Anchors like Arnab Goswami, they call you guys to Indian shows and spread hatred or just bash on you like anything without any purpose.” He then proceeded to ask, “So I just want to know, do they pay you for that? She was born on 15 September 1995 in Chandeni village located in the Haryana. He appears in English, ... Kazmi married his high school sweetheart Alizeh Khorasanee, whom he knew since the age of 12. Not only were the construction plans for the temple, to be built by the Islamabad Hindu Panchayat, approved, the Pakistan PM also reportedly approved a grant of PKR 10 crore for the construction. Around 3,000 Hindus live in Islamabad, but there is no proper temple for them to worship at in the city, forcing them to travel long distances for the same, or to get the bodies of their dead cremated. 14344 posts      She is definitely one of the leading directors in the history of television in general and Pakistan Television in particular. All Twitter logos and trademarks displayed on this applicatioin are property of Twitter.


..... Mujhy bhi bohat khushi huwi Now, there is no way to prove NL didn’t commission this article. Head constable Ratan Lal's murder was a part of a wider conspiracy to trigger communal riots: Delhi Police », Pakistan: Donkey named in FIR, ‘arrested’ with 8 men for participating in a gambling race, Hayat Baloch: Dragged and murdered by the Pakistani establishment, with 8 bullets fired point black, Afghanistan hits out at Trump, says won’t let foreign powers determine its fate, ‘Killed because she refused to convert and marry him’: Posters outside Nikita Tomar’s house seek death penalty for her murderer Touseef, Murky history of Konkan Range, under which Alibaug police station comes, where Arnab Goswami was taken after arrest: Sheena Bora and Parambir Singh, NGT wants to ban Diwali firecrackers in 18 states and UTs, issues notices citing ‘poor air quality’. Moreover, the questions were asked to confirm their own biases rather than gain some understanding into the phenomenon. … #MandirTauBanega, ISLAMABAD HIGH COURT DISMISSES PETITIONS, BUT IMRAN KHAN BLINKS. While several viewers principally do not want Pakistani panelists to be invited because they do not want their vile hatred to find an audience in India, Newslaundry seems to be more bothered about the “hate” that the Pakistani panelists receive at the hands of Arnab Goswami. Wake up., مریم نواز نے حمزہ شہباز کے کان پیغام میں دیا کہ "صابر شاکر اور چودھری غلام حسین دنیا کے سب سے بڑے چوتیے ہیں" میرے حساب سے تین سیکنڈ میں تو بس یہ ہی پیغام دیا جا سکتا ہے۔.

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