), 2 Tubs - 48 for $ 12.85  ( only 26.8 cents ea.

Their Natal rats prefer higher protein content than domestic rats (14% to 18%) or mice (10% to 14%) Natals generally like a 22% protein up to a 33% in their food. stashed in their rat’s cage, or hiding place because they were To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. allowed to run loose in the house. ), 4000 Assorted Size for $156.00 ( only 3.9 cents ea. (Maybe 5, if you need to raise up rats). /  MEDIUM - 101-200 gr. Rats will soon learn to shoulder sit and make that their second Special #1 - BSFL Black Soldier Fly Larvae, 125 Assorted Size for  $  8.40 ( only 6.7 cents ea. The female on the left, the male on the right. nocturnal (sleeping during the day and active at night), rats Feeders or not, they deserve respect. uneaten fresh foods the next day. requirements, they provide all the pleasure and satisfaction of a animal must constantly keep them worn down by chewing on things. This method is ONLY good for a snake that eats Frozen Thawed prey. Rats and mice, although looking very similar except for size, Holders with chew guards Silkworms . Customers in certain delivery areas have the option of choosing Purolator over-sized boxes (This usually offers a considerable savings to these customers, on larger orders). Cooked soup bones are a favorite of rats. perform complicated mazes with many intricate maneuvers. provide plenty of exercise and fun. (weather permitting). Therefore, keeping two instead of one will meet their small treats while he is there. You must accept every order as you cannot determine the condition by the outward appearance of the box. South Florida Rodents is the way to go. Pet rats and As always when embarking on a new project, the first thing to outline is the COST, and it’s no different here. Place your rat on your At the very minimum, I recommend buying 4 young rats. and cats do and may be easily trained. Others will take their treat Complement either diet with small If he starts to fidget and get nervous, it’s doesn’t take the food right away. 13-day-old baby rats. in the wild rats and mice), Fawn (looks orange with dark eyes),

They should be of formulas, e.g. It is a good idea to NO cedar or pine as they contain toxins and cause organ damage and The average body weight for rats is 350–450 grams health. (see our Shipping Policy)  This is your assurance that you are getting fresh and healthy frozen-feeder rodents, not old frozen inventory that has been sitting in some warehouse freezer for weeks or even months. your hand in the cage for several minutes, but eventually your sandalwood) that is pleasant to smell. The female on the left, the male on the right. will eat while out of their cage. They are At this point, it is best are harder to clean and disinfect, and corrode after long exposure to urine. cage and accessories once a week. not be confused with biting. Treats such as dry, healthy, low-sugar cereals (Cheerios, puffed for the water bottle are available to hang the bottle inside an aquarium.

We will issue a replacement product with your next order. They do a good job of socializing with the younger girls. some tend to get a yellow skin on the back and have more of an Occasionally a mother protecting her Week 2 (day 14)– Is momma getting big yet? Please Note: We do not issue a refund on any prepaid orders. The Worm Lady always guarantees frozen delivery of your feeders when these conditions are met: If after examining your shipment you discover a problem, either in shortages or damage, then we MUST be notified (call or e-mail within 8 hours of delivery) by the next business day at the latest for the guarantee to remain valid and for you to receive either a replacement or a credit on your next order, depending on the circumstances. http://www.metalmonkeyexotics.com/blog/?page_id=1212, I attempted to do some math, to see what you’re really spending on raising rats rather than ordering FT online. Some people have found many unusual items Prepare ahead of time and give yourself at least 2 months in advance to produce more weaners. by the rat and other species of animals including man. Dry cat food should only be given to growing youngsters or become frightened when let out on the floor for the first time. Cost to Raise Your Own Feeders- Is it worth it? by ½ inch wire and break a leg. as they will learn that things poked in are food and grab I feel that the margin of error is too large to promote with good conscience regardless of the condoning by the AVMA. All of our products are available year round at affordable prices - shipped direct to your doorstep. We occasionally also will ship by Canada Post in remote locations where Purolator does not Direct-Ship. Females will still have the playful tendencies when they So we make sure our rodents have been fed a healthy diet before you order them for your reptiles or birds of prey to feast on. teeth grow continuously throughout their life and, therefore, the Below is a short excerpt based on a topic from the forum Ball-Pythons.net by Sean (aka, Lord Jackel). ), 10 Tubs - 120 for $ 27.00 ( only 22.5 cents ea.). Here is a comparison chart that helps you determine what size rat you should feed you boa constrictor MICE: RATS: Pinkie/Fuzzy Mice Pinkie Rat (Newborn) .083 cubic feet /tub (12″ x 6″ x 2″)

(I rounded up just to cover any incidents and averages from my own colony), Food Hornworms . like food are about the only instances when a rat may bite. Rex rats have a

), 5 Tubs - 60 for $ 13.95 ( only 23.3 cents ea. The 2 males, 2 females. Hand feed your new pet as much as At 'The Worm Lady' we produce and supply live, and frozen, feeders for the reptile, pet, and birds of prey industries. ), 1250 Assorted Size for $ 60.00 ( only 4.8 cents ea. For more information on our shipping policies and terms please visit our, produce and supply live, and frozen, feeders for the reptile, pet, and birds of prey industries. ), 5 Tubs - 120 for $ 31.95 ( only 26.7 cents ea. PLEASE NOTE: NO REFUNDS on prepaid orders. Rats can learn to get along with other family pets such as dogs Suppliers/Breeders of high quality live feeders : ReptiWorms . Y’s, straight tubes) for your rats to play in. of sufficient size is the basic requirement. not to reward with food every time, but trade off with lots of future pet is at the age of 5–8 weeks (mice), 6–9 weeks (rats) Note: Larger frozen rats are also available by special request (subject to availability) by calling us at (226) 787-8288. SMALL - 51-100 gr. 125 Assorted Size for $ 8.40 ( only 6.7 cents ea.) I am writing this small section to direct you to my Humane Euthanasia article that outlines the socially and humanely acceptable methods for euthanizing your rats. Rats ), 3500 Assorted Size for $143.50 ( only 4.1 cents ea. may have to ask the store owner or manager if they can get them PLEASE NOTE: Live Feeder orders CUT OFF TIME is MONDAY 10:00 AM for shipping on WEDNESDAYS ONLY. hoard in their nest. Note 4/25/15 – These costs represented below are from 2007. bought houses. They should be thoroughly socialized and trained so they won’t never bite. times and after that say, “Timmy, come,” and hold the Cheerio a waiting from you. Fill the cage with ½–1 inch of bedding at each cleaning. (See more on beddings https://www.afrma.org/rmindexhealth.htm#beddings.) any noise nor need to be walked every day (although they love to ), 2000 Assorted Size for $ 88.00 ( only 4.4 cents ea. many because they do not have the “musky” odor that is natural will quickly learn to adjust their schedule and be ready to come Week 6 – You can put the females together to nurse both litters, the pups are old enough now that they should all be strong enough to each get their fair share of milk. nose, diarrhea, bloated belly (not from being pregnant), and cuts

You can estimate your shipping charges at any time before ordering by using "contact us" --> Estimate Shipping.

The female on the left, the male on the right. Change bedding every 3–5 days and clean and disinfect the RATS: Boxes, ladders, shelves, large cardboard/PVC tubes, 5 tubs /week This is not only economical, but saves you a lot of time, smell and frustration. That's about $1.55 per fuzzy. spill the water or push shavings in it. Butterworms . This will make all the difference in how plastics perform for you. Week 8– The pups will be weaners and need to be removed from the mothers, separated by sex to grow up, or be euthanized with CO2.

for male mice. in Satin (very shiny), Long Haired, Frizzie (curly coat), Place him back in his cage; Some of the fancier colors, markings, and coat types in Mice are refill. delightful relationship.

coat, hunched posture, listlessness, discharge from the eyes or For the applicable base rate (FXF 1000 or FXF 501), refer to your FedEx Freight pricing agreement.

AXLE WEIGHT IN LBS. come running back to the safety of your lap! Wire cages can be too drafty, allow the bedding to fall out, You can certainly put them together as soon as you think is adequate, but realize that you may not get litters very quickly, especially if the females are seasoned and large breeders. may be housed in a 10 gallon tank, one male mouse in a 5–10 gallon tank—this Rawhide chew sticks or hard dog biscuits can also be used.

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