During battle, increases own Firepower by 20 (80) every 8 seconds.

Skill starts on cooldown.).

If skill is activated again during said 8 seconds, refreshes the buff duration. Missing Ships by Client. Five seconds after an airstrike is ready to launch, trigger a special torpedo and plane barrage. 286 Azur Lane Avatars. During battle, reduces shelling damage taken by. After this barrage is fired: decreases the load time of this ship's next Airstrike by 10.0% (20.0%).

At the end of the effect, heals for 20% (50%) of the damage taken. This list can be filtered using the button in the top center of the screen. Reduces HE damage and Aviation damage taken by self by 5% (20%). If equipped with. These buttons are how you access the formation screen and the campaign map. From Azur Lane Wiki. When this effect is stacked 3 times, fires a special barrage then clears effect bonuses. Damage depends on skill level. 2D Side-scrolling Shooter.

These are HE shells with a 100%/110%/90% (110%/120%/100%) modifier. Barrage damage is based on skill level.

When firing main gun, 15% (30%) chance to inflict double damage.

Additionally, launch a special barrage of anti-submarine swordfish planes (barrage damage scales with skill level).

With this guide, we’re taking a look at how affection works and how you can ultimately increase your affection with shipgirls to get the benefits that come with it. log in sign up. If this ship is afloat and ANOTHER fleet in the same sortie engages in its third, fourth, or fifth battle, fire a special barrage 15 seconds into the start of that battle (damage scales with skill level and the AVI stat of that fleet's flagship).

Every 20 seconds: 30% (60%) chance to fire a special barrage at enemies (damage based on skill level). If equipped with a high caliber Main Gun (280mm or more): increases damage dealt with Main Gun by up to 15% (25%) depending on the distance the shells travel. 1 (Lv. After launching an airstrike, 40% (70%) chance to release the power of United Fleet: increases own Air Power and all CVLs' Reload by 5% (15%), and decreases damage taken by all CVs/CVLs by 5% (15%) for 8 seconds. Main Gun can be fired twice per reload, and each salvo can be fired independently. Ship Drops by Story Map.

Graphical Ship List.

When firing main gun, 4% chance to increase Fleet's movement speed, and Escort Fleet's Evasion by 20% (40%) for 8 seconds.

Also, increases own firepower by 1% (2.5%) for every enemy ship sunk during any given battle.

Only up to 3 ships can be counted toward this bonus (a maximum buff of 15%).

Additionally, when HP is 20% or less, heals for 3% max HP every 2 seconds for 10 seconds. However, resources from commissions or tasks will still allow you to go above the limit cap.

At the start of the battle: increases this ship's AA by 5.0% (15.0%) and FP by 4.5% (12.0%).

If sortied with any CVs/CVLs, effect is applied to all of own airstrikes.

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