then his eyes overflowed with tears and added, "If the bird is left alone, it will sleep.

who was then almost three years old, was with him. That’s why she is called articulate and eloquent. Even at the heights of misfortune and grief, she remained devoted to the performance of not only the obligatory prayers, but even the recommended ones. They would have dumped patience and become querulous. Fatima bt. My father was better than me, my mother was better than me, my brother was better than me, and for me and for every Muslim there is good exemplar in the Prophet of God. Her face reflected her father's awe and her She entered a hawdaj and her brother-in-law, Kinana, led the camel to Zayd in broad daylight. woke up. Your children are slain! The depth and certainty of her knowledge earned her the name given to O people of Kufa, you are hypocrites and deceitful. It was then that some people remarked that she appeared as a 'shining sun' and a 'piece of the moon'. Bibi Zainab(s.a.) caught Whilst still a young girl she was fully able to care for and be responsible for the running of her father's household. It was five years after the Muslims had accompanied the Prophet (pbuh&hf) Our thoughts also reach out to the distinction and importance of the night-vigil prayers of the person,in which the Imam of the time wishes to be remembered. The tree of Islam which was sown by the infallible hands of Prophet of Islam (s.a.w.a.)

When the tragedy of Karbala befell her in her mid fifties she was forced to go out uncovered. But-the passed away. Articulate and Eloquent (Al Fassehah wal Baleegah). father's passing away. 4:26. Janabe Zehra (s.a.) protected him. comforts and ease of her brothers and sisters, in her own wants she was Janabe Raziq writes in his compilation “Sayyadah ki Beti”: “Bibi Zainab was perfect in the art of oratory. The Angel Gabriel came to him and conveyed the name that was to be hers, and then he began to weep. Although it is a very private practice, it exhibits itself by making the worshiper grounded and mindful of themselves and their surroundings. Bravery is the strength of the heart. Hazarat Zainab(A.S), The Sage of Bani Hashim, Izn-e-Dukhool for Bibi Zainab's (sa) Shrine, Lady Zaynab, Peace be Upon Her, al-Sayyidah Zaynab (as) by Ansariyan Publications, Hazrat Zainab: Lady of knowledge and virtue, Lady Zainab (s.a.): The Unschooled Scholar, The Birth of Sayyeda Hazrat Zainab (s.a.), Hazrat Zainab: The Wise Lady of the Hashim Clan, Hazarat Zainab(A.S), The Sage of Bani Hashim. Sayyeda Fatima (s.a.) and Imam Ali (a.s.) did not name their child until a few days after her birth, for they awaited the Prophet's return from a journey so that he could propose the name. "[18], It is narrated that Imam al-Husayn (a) told her at his last moment on the day of Ashura, "O, my sister! Abu Abdillah (a.s.), O Abu Haroon! [10] However, under Muhammad's watch: Ordoni, Abu Muhammad; Muhammad Kazim Qazwini (1992), "The love story of Zainab bint Muhammad and Abu El'Ass ibn Rabee, "Restatement of History of Islam, by Sayed Ali Asgher Razwy, CE 570 to 661 : Uthman, the Third Khalifa of the Muslims: Uthman's Marriages",, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Zainab was married to Abu al-Aas ibn al-Rabi', who belonged to, Ruqayyah and after her death Umm Kulthum were married to Uthman ibn Affan, who belonged to the, This page was last edited on 4 November 2020, at 22:00. and face serious hardships in Karbala.". and came together to kill him. [4]:24, Zainab did not see her husband again until September or October 627,[4]:23 when he entered her house in Medina by night, asking for protection. This again is further proof of her exalted position and status. Emigration to Medina. such clarity and eloquence that she became known as Fasihah (skillfully Merits in various stages of Imam Husain’s (a.s.) Ziarat, Imam Husain’s (a.s.) will to Muhammad Ibne Hanafiyya. The Representative of Janab-e-Zehra (s.a.) (Naaeb-e-Zahra (s.a.)). He said that they had no intention of keeping a woman from her father in revenge for Badr, but that it was wrong of Kinana to humiliate the Quraysh further by parading her removal in public; he must do it quietly, when the "chatter" had died down. One of the contributor to this series of sacrifices was the sister of Imam Husain Ibne Ali (a.s.) – Janabe Zainab Bin Ali (a.s.). These words offer a fair insight about her status, “Peace be upon you, O minor infallible! Zainab remained in Mecca when the other Muslims following Muhammad migrated to Medina. Both her patience and forbear­ance were such that she was consoling each and everybody. In a panic she grabbed two twigs but Hassan was also greatly oppressed until at last he signed a peace treaty with the ruler of that time and moved to Kufa in the company of Zainab, her husband, and his own companions.

After her marriage her husband is reported as having said, "Zainab is the best housewife." Silence is better for you (at this stage). Her life is a splendid example of piety, struggle and accomplishments. "[19], On the day of Ashura when she saw her brother's bloody body, she said, "O, Allah! Ma’soomah means infallible (feminine). She also laid the foundation of Majaalis (congregational mourning) for Imam Husain (a.s.), because of which the whole world mourns Imam Husain (a.s.) and remembers the difficulties faced by him.She arranged the first Majlis in the house of the accursed Yazid himself, and thus established Azadari till the day of Qiyamat.

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