Please pray very hard. if a man pick snail in the dream, means it affects the man’s productivity and fulfillments of his dreams. The type of foods you eat determines its other meanings. Gardner Minshew Game Log 2019, From this dream, it shows that the dividends of your handiwork is reward. If a car hit you and died, it means an accident will likely occur that may bring sorrow to you. October 22, 2020 Pray well. if you see yourself sowing seeds, which means you are about to receive 100 folds of the blessings attached to Isaac’s seed. If you drove into a car and death occurred in the process, it means the enemy is trying to cause your car to lose break or lose control while driving. In most cases, pray before embarking to see the man of God. – ODOUR DREAM, If you perceive good odour in the dream, it means good news or things about to locate you. If you are such a person, you need to break a strong tie between you and the ancestral powers  issuing curses upon your life. Alternatively, blank writing paper may also reflect a lack of ideas. It could lead to death, memory loss and severe sickness. When a man is arrested in the dream, his dreams becomes useless. if you no notice that you were unable to pay for service, means you are being cursed. If you dream that your house, shop, caught fire, it means you will experience sudden loss and destruction. TREATMENT: I shall arise and shine for the glory of God has risen upon me in Jesus name. Perhaps, your ambition is to become a great footballer or a career person. Fire takes ones back to square in life. How To Make Black Tea With Tea Bags, TREATMENT: My Father, let my enemies be frustrated over my life in Jesus name.

For example, if a lizard is chasing you, it means a familiar spirit is attacking you. But if you currently don’t have a team, By the grace of God, through prayers and fasting, a person sent by God will be used to connect you to a club. TREATMENT: Matt 7:7-8, – NATIVE DOCTOR, If you see yourself before the native doctor, i mean witch doctor, it means you are about to seek for power, protection and miracle. Mini Cooper Price In Uae, – EVANGELISM DREAM, just the way I am doing both online and in the real world. Richard Boyd Barrett Net Worth, and God may hold you responsible for their death.

TREATMENT: Every spirit of shame assigned to disgrace me, die, in Jesus name. In most cases, it could lead to poverty and mental disturbance. The appearance of yam in the dream is a full reflection of suffering and limitation. It is a lovely dream to have and can pass a message to you that good news is coming. Treatment: Pray and fast for 3 days with Micah 7:5-8, Jer 30:16-17. TREATMENT: Every tragedy assigned against me, go back to sender in Jesus name.

To dream of a stack of office papers may represents feelings of being overloaded or over stressed. *Please See Notes (School) *Please See Artwork. When having difficulty in climbing, it means hinderance to your complete deliverance and restoration. General Symptoms are strong, focus, and ability to stand out in life if adequate prayers and fasting are channeled properly. TREATMENT: Embark on 7 days fasting and prayers from 6am to 3pm. Dream About Ripping or Tearing PaperRipping or tearing off papers in dreams, represents frustration or embarrassment that something didn’t work. Every time this dream appear to you, you need to reject every arrow of untimely death fired against you. It means the spirit of devourer has stolen your blessings. READ: Psalm 56, 59 and 51. If you dream that a gun was pointed at you, it means the enemy is trying to destroy you. In the process of climbing the mountain etc and you fall, it means demotion and setbacks. – VILLAGE DREAM, if you often see yourself in the village, it means you have been programmed to suffer, move backward instead of forward, to remain stagnant in life, marriage and finance. – CHORISTER DREAM, if you dream that you are among of choristers singing or rendering special songs in a church,then it is a dream of commanding the presence of God to overflow in the congregation. The hidden meaning here is telling the dreamer that your divine time is tickling fast, and hence you should make a quick steps towards it before you loses the opportunity. TREATMENT: Ps 144, 1 These 5:17. Contact Evangelist Joshua on Telegram group through +2348099828623. Whether financial, or inspiring people, it means God wants you to keep extending your help to his children who are in need. It means you are preventing or restricting yourself from troubles of life. Is the dream a way of processing of the information I’ve recently been exposed to? Dreaming about scoring goals means good things will surely come to pass to bless and prosper your dreams. Cleanliness, is next to Godliness. Matt 4:4, Ezekiel 36:25-27, – COCONUT DREAM, If you dream of a coconut, it is a sign that you have a hidden potential of greatness. TREATMENT: Pray against spirit spouse and his host. Dreaming about bush can bring blessing or limitations to the dreamer depending on the outcome of the theme. Example 2: A woman dreamed of personal documents being stolen. That is, it is the cementary of the dead. – CRYING DREAM, If you cry over the death of someone in the dream, it means there is a bad news coming towards you or the family.

TREATMENT: Numbers 23:23, Ps 35. Climbing a ladder, building etc when people are pursuing you from down, it usually signifies testimony, protection and victory over your enemies. But if you bath and you notice a person peeping at you, it means you are not secure. Contents on this website may not be copied, republished, redistributed either in whole or in part  without due permission or acknowledgement.

Perhaps you dream of fighting in a war against your friends, if his or her face is revealed, it is possible that she is against you or demons are using his face against you. An award dream is a sign of honour and recognition. General symptoms are untimely death, marital disappointment, struggles, demotion, curses etc. Deliverance And Prayers Fire With Dreams Interpretation Ministry - Copyright © 2010 - 2020 Evangelist Joshua Orekhie. A man that often see himself naked in the dream, he should pray against financial setbacks. The ability to try out new ideas whenever you want. This simply tells you that you will achieve great success through team spirit. A situation when your mates are breaking forth in life. But if they manage to shot you down in the dream, it means serious  spiritual attack. If you are a woman, you often lick a man’s organ, watch out for three things: Evil odours, Curses, and serious blockage.

Dream About Signing PapersSigning papers in dreams, signifies that you will be offered a new job, gig, contract, or opportunity to take a part in a serious project. Ok?TREATMENT: Romans 12:2, – BLOOD STAIN: If you dream and see blood stain on your cloth, body, money, or even on your bed, it shows a sign of spiritual attack. Lexus Ux 2020 Price,

This also mean that you will suffer another round of marital delay and regrets. – LIZARD DREAM,  Lizards are your secret and close enemies in dreams. Spiritual arrest is the total arrest of your God’s blessings in your life by the devil. Dream Dictionary is one guide that aid people how to organise their dreams alphabetically in the dictionary. Perhaps, you ‘re feeling a sign that God is about to answer your prayers. Those who still drink alcohol should repent before problems multiplies Isa 59:2, Rom 8:35, – ADOPTION DREAM: Adoption is a case of adopting a child. If the dream is consistent, it means there is a covenant binding between you and the devil. READ: Psalm 109, Proverbs 13:18, – BIBLE DREAM, the word of God is the light. If you constantly seeing graveyard in the dream, it is a symbol of untimely death, sickness and poverty. TREATMENT, 2 Peter 1:21. Vibe Hotel Sydney Darling Harbour Sussex Street Sydney Nsw. Nice odour indicates favour.

But if you manage to win like the Isrealites, then it represents total victory. Monster Family Full Movie Watch Online, It means the devil is trying to use your image to poison your husband with your hands. Marital pollution and contamination. But if you are not, you need to cry out to God for mercy. Fine. TREATMENT: Pray against evil bondage and public embarrassment. Isaiah 59:19, – FRUITS DREAM, If you pluck unripe fruits in the dream, it means unfruitfulness to a woman and setbacks to a man. But if you were trying to pursue the goat from the reach of your home or belongings, and yet the goat still comes back, it shows that you have unrepentant enemy who is plotting to take away your peace, comfort and satisfactions. It shows you are a fruitful woman or man. If you dream that the shit did not flush out, it means the battle that you are presently facing are too difficult to obey the voice of your prayers and fasting. READ: Psalm 91, Psalm 105:15. If you dream that you are in a dark place and light suddenly appear, It shows that God has answered your prayers and that He is support of your plans for that period. READ: Rev 12:11, Phil 4:6-7, Ps 35. Spiritually, They might indicate strong threats coming from your rivals or enemies, which might make you to lose out your benefit in life.

If you dreamed about seeing paper money torn to pieces, such a dream is a very bad omen, foretelling bankruptcy, poverty and bad fortune coming into your life. – NAKEDNESS DREAM, If you dream that you are in nakedness, it shows the spirit of disgrace, and public shame. For a woman to pick it, it shows that she will have serious challenge in marriage and given birth capabilities. General symptoms are, pollution, childlessness, marital delay, blockage of womb and sperm. Paper. If you are a public speaker, minister etc, you will lose your voice in the crowd and people may not enjoy your teachings the moment you had broken and rotten teeth in the dream. Biblical dream dictionary is the arrangement and interpretation of dreams from A – Z.  Evangelist Joshua’s biblical dream dictionary  will explain the key dream activities that we often encounter during sleep. A woman that always see people watching her nakedness in the dream, she stop relaying some private talks to people . This is a dream of moving but crawling along the surface. Pray and fast for 3 days between 6am – 3pm. As a man, the moment you releases your sperm, you have present your glory to the marine spirit to keep in their banks. Rolling Stones Gimme All Your Money, If you dream that you are into serious evangelism,it means you are fulfilling the word of God that says go ye into the word.

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