Ramon Sosa: "We're planning to take a picture of you -- dead. It would become their song. Ramon Sosa:  If I died after the divorce was finalized, she was not gonna get the money that I have for my retirement. Please ignore rumors and hoaxes. Lieutenant Mike Atkins works for the Precinct Three Constable's Office in Montgomery County, Texas. https://t.co/xSwr1ZD11K pic.twitter.com/exYix3vP6p. https://t.co/UDv9yYkZvx pic.twitter.com/Nch8sYGTrk. Ramon Sosa: Basically, yes.

Lulu Sosa is shown the photo of Ramon, who appears to be dead, lying in a grave. Her father was on the line. This man is NOT dead, but he was supposed to be. [video shows phone knocked from hand of Lulu's son). Definitely.

We had a confirmation to her that the murder had taken place. But she couldn't wait to get married. And there was an altercation and Ramon grabbed her and scratched her. … always wanted to be involved with boxing in some kind of way. "Literally, I was supposed to be dead. And Lulu agreed to a divorce settlement that handed Ramon the gym and the house. …you're gonna get up, you're gonna take the loss, and you're gonna try harder, and get a win. Lt. Mike Atkins: She's a pretty cold character. He started carrying a gun. As the days passed, both men worried Lulu might have another hit man waiting in the wings. People with bullet holes through their head. Just look it up. Ramon Sosa:  My kids didn't go to my wedding, that's something that -- hurt me.

I took my frustrations out. Mundo: She's like, "Well, tell 'em I'm offering the white truck. Tell 'em I'm offering 'em, you know, this much money.". In 1999 Sosa became the first player to hit 60 homers in two seasons. Find out more, tonight at 10/9c. Peter Van Sant: Did she ever tell you that Ramon would force himself upon her and force her to have sex with him when she did not want to? It's a song by El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico. Ramon Sosa, Murder-For-Hire Plot Survivor: Where is He Today? Even my family -- everybody was looking for me … I was very, very upset … rage and sadness, all the emotions came through me. San Antonio’s ‘Duke of Calaveras’ writes Day of the Dead poem about Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire KSAT Day of Dead stories highlight tradition and celebration of life and death in Mexico

… They even threw dirt on my – on -- on my head. Lulu's divorce attorney says there was argument between Lulu's son and Ramon over a truck, which Lulu's son recorded on his cell phone: LULU'S SON: This is my vehicle – I have the legal documents on the right –. Lulu started confiding in her friends. Tell 'em I'm offering 'em jewelry. So the two old boxing buddies came up with a plan: they would launch their own sting operation. I saw how -- how the training and -- and there was a few world champions that trained there. “I couldn’t believe it. For three days, Ramon Sosa had to play the part of a dead man. "I'm the only person alive that has ever walked out of his own grave" murder-for-hire target tells "48 Hours", Produced by Susan Mallie, Jennifer Terker and Claire St. Amant, [This story previously aired on July 20, 2019. Mundo: I gave Lulu the impression that I was gonna reach out to a hit man, that I have the guys already ready. I’m blessed to have live through it and now proud to help pic.twitter.com/shGNuNKR2i, In 2018, Ramon Sosa wrote a memoir titled I Walked in My Own Grave. …What caught my attention was -- was towards the end – of -- of the conversation, whose name came up. Lots of blended families experience growing pains, but Mia says life after Lulu arrived was not as harmonious as ads for the gym, featuring Ramon and Lulu, made it seem. Ramon Sosa: After we start having problems at home, with the marriage, there was issues with the gym. Maria Sosa was sentenced to up to 20 years in prison for hiring a hit man to kill her husband Ramon.

© 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved. Heading out from the apartments. Mia's brother handed her the phone. Peter Van Sant: And forgive the pun, but you were under her spell right? Ramon Sosa: I fell in love with the sport of boxing. You know, Ramon ends up dead? Ten days after launching their sting, Ramon, posing as "Paco" the fake hit man, texts Mundo -- he's gotten a "9 millimeter gun" costing "200 dollars. To this day, Ramon Sosa finds it surreal that he was the target in a murder-for-hire plot. I would've never thought that it would be happening to me. Mundo says he was friends with Lulu, as well. Peter Van Sant:  And was Lulu afraid of Ramon, afraid that he may seriously hurt her? Lulu is charged with solicitation of capital murder. I was under her spell. Read on to learn more about Maria “Lulu” Sosa’s trial and prison sentence. But when I see the bottom line here, it's not adding up. So I just kept my eye on her. LULU SOSA [handing money to the undercover detective]:  I have … umm… I have a thousand. Lt. Mike Atkins:  He was kind of dumbstruck. And it was at that time, in June 2015, that a man -- who asked "48 Hours" not to show his face --- was working out at the gym. He'd send texts to this fictitious killer with details about the hit -- details he'd share with Lulu. …I've seen that look before … just people that are serious about what they're saying. Beth Blair: She doted on him. Ramon Sosa: She … told Mundo that … when they kill me, to make sure to take my watch … That is why I wear it all the time now.

Eventually, the Puerto Rican Express ran out of steam. LULU'S SON: Please don't take my vehicle. Lulu Dorantes became Lulu Sosa on March 15, 2009.Ramon Sosa: She treated me well. But after six years of marriage, the Sosa spell began to break. Lulu claims she has no idea where Ramon might be: LULU SOSA: I haven't seen him. Ramon Sosa is a boxing coach in the Houston area. …I remember sliding on the back of the wall, down to the ground, and huddled into my knees crying my eyes out. Ramon's final resting place. I couldn’t sleep thinking about all the things you said about how you wanted to kill me.”. Natalia Flores: She told me that he doesn't want to work too much and he stay more at home. ", For Ramon Sosa, the police sting to bring down Lulu seemed to be taking a cue from "Witchcraft," the first song they ever danced to. LOOK: What would have been Ramon’s final resting place was actually part of a complex sting operation. How pretty. Lt. Mike Atkins: They have. They needed more evidence. It's July 23, 2015: UNDERCOVER AGENT: So? Julio Joglar: I think that Ramon Sosa is someone that was very violent to his wife. He came back to the gym the next day and confronted Lulu, who told him that Ramon was physically abusing her. In July 2017, D'Souza published The Big Lie: Exposing the Nazi Roots of the American Left. Peter Van Sant: How much money were you guys making a month or a year? Sosa is a boxing coach, motivational speaker and gym owner in the Houston area and has spoken out about his experiences with domestic violence. And I did the pistol sign [gestures pointing a gun with his fingers]. Ramon Sosa: I'm an ex-professional fighter. … And it was late, you know, I didn't expect my brother to be sitting on my bed. And all these are claims, not one of 'em -- not one have -- have I been charged for.

Ramon immediately contacted police, but was told nothing could be done based only on conversations with an angry wife, as threatening as they sounded. I don't know what I'm doing.

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