And, really, originality and depth isn’t what’s important for artists like Eilish and Juice. At the Disco, My Chemical Romance)—each is still in the process of moving beyond them. It’s natural, of course, to have limited influences and to wear them loudly when you’re not even old enough to drink legally. But the performance was interrupted by a series of thirsty comments from the rapper Lil Pump. And within the broader hip-hop ecosystem, a feature from a SoundCloud rap star has become a hot commodity; artists like Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, and 2 Chainz have recruited the nascent genre’s biggest names to splash their recent efforts with fresh energy. One of the recurring criticisms of Juice WRLD has been his shoddy songwriting. “The more I looked at your videos, I’m like, he knows more than what people might think he does, or that his image portrays,” he said. It can be hard to hear Eilish, for instance, and actually hear Eilish—not Lana Del Rey’s fluttery voice over a thumping Yeezus production, coming from a Hypebeast Evanescence. A leading-edge research firm focused on digital transformation. But the performance was interrupted by a series of thirsty comments from the rapper Lil Pump. Her newest single, “wish you were gay,” finds her... wishing an unrequited lover were gay—anything would be better than rejection—which is, at best, a banal premise. It’s never been so easy to have a voice. And the artist best positioned to unseat Juice is the 17-year-old ukulele-playing goth songstress Billie Eilish, who will release her major label debut, WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?, on Friday (it’s already shattered the record for Apple Music “pre-adds”).

Billie Eilish rejected Lil Pump's advances on an Instagram Live. The contrived nature of the op is palpable. And though the influences of both Juice and Eilish are somewhat counterintuitive—the white female singer was influenced by rap (Tyler, The Creator, Kanye West) as much as the black male rapper was influenced by emo rock (Panic! The irreverent cartoon raps of Pump lampoon our absurd reality while the emo threads in the music of Eilish, Juice WRLD, and deceased peers like Lil Peep and XXXTentacion act as a salve. Because this generation of young artists largely won their legions of fans through social media, they haven’t looked, sounded, or been received like past generations of young artists.

Billie Eilish went on Instagram Live to play some of the "American Beauty" soundtrack on the piano for her fans late Monday night. Even J. Cole, a self-serious rap traditionalist, lauded Lil Pump, who had previously dissed him, in a taped conversation last year.

All rights reserved. “Kids use my songs as a hug,” Eilish told Rolling Stone in a recent profile.

When the novelty wears off, will the bond hold? Garcetti puts on a good face, but next to Eilish he looks stiff and out-of-place, the step-dad who’s really trying. As Gen Z artists release their first official projects, they’re firmly putting their mark on the charts. notion of what a pop star is has been turned on its head. While they can be unhinged on social media and in their music, in more traditional mediated settings they often shut off. Subscriber Lil Pump didn't give up, saying "I'm serious" and sending love heart emojis. At the moment, the top spot on the album chart belongs to recently 20 Juice WRLD’s Death Race for Love. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Condé Nast. She started to laugh and tried to ignore his comments of "Lemme take u on a date" and "Plz lemme wife you.". The legally troubled 19-year-old rapper-crooner YNW Melly currently has two albums on the Billboard 200. And perhaps as a result—or just because they’re moving at a faster pace than the rest of us—they’re largely being taken seriously.

With her blue hair tucked in a black beanie covered by a casual red hoodie, Eilish, like Pump in the Cole video, looks like she just woke up.

Billie Eilish Rapper Wallpaper Sky Maluma Pretty Boy Lil Peep Beamerboy Lil Peep Hellboy Goth Boy Face Tattoos Lil Pump More information ... People also love these ideas He reportedly freestyled Death Race, recording most of it in just four days—and it shows. “People are more impressed if you’re younger and good at something,” Eilish told The Fader.

She’s making an earnest appeal (Vote! “Even when I find my true happiness, which I find more and more of it every day, I ain’t finna stop the mission that I’ve been put on,” Juice recently told Vulture.

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