1/10. Since you last celebrated your birthday till the time you celebrate your next birthday, this entire world would have experienced at least 50,000 earthquakes. Families in North America often give a 'sweet sixteen' celebration to mark a girl's 16th birthday. Jewish boys have a bar mitzvah on reaching their 13th birthday. Every single person has this birthday. At Mexican birthday parties, people traditionally hit pinatas with sticks until what happens? So, precisely what percentage of total birthdays are celebrated in August? (P.S. By Morgan Greenwald. Well, it can never be greater than 31st birthday and it can never be smaller than 1st birthday. Take The Quiz & Find Out On Tabu's birthday, here we have created a fun trivia quiz on the life and career of the actor. Our daughter recently turned 21! The least common birthday date in both the UK and USA (apart from February 29) is December 25th.

They are divided into 10 categories and each of them is attention-grabbing and best to increase your knowledge. 10. In England, when you reach 80, 90 or 100 years of age, you receive a telegram from the Queen. If we take account of all birthdays in a year all over the world, which month do you think will have the maximum number of birthday celebrations? 6. Children who are on the leap day of February 29th often celebrate their birthdays on March 1st. Caution: may contain trick questions! Get In Touch With Us. Both the lyrics and the music of the song 'Happy Birthday' are in public domain. Did you know that he died on the very day he turned 52 years old? Well, that may be quite less considering the total number of people living on earth but we need to consider the fact that birthday cards aren’t popular everywhere in world. 1. The most common birth date is October 5 and the least common is May 22 in U.S.A. Anne Frank’s diary – we have read of it or at least heard of it. If we take account of all birthdays in a year all over the world, which month do you think will have the maximum number of birthday celebrations? The tradition of celebrating a person’s birthday with a cake and lit candles originated in 18th century Germany. One of the most popular figures in world who died on his birthday was William Shakespeare. If you know any more interesting birthday facts, do let us know through the comments section.

5. Records show that for the past two decades September 26 emerges as the most common birthday for people born in England and Wales. The wife of a Roman General. The day of the week in which the most babies are born is Tuesday while Sunday is the lowest day. Get In Touch With Us. The world's largest birthday cake was created in 1989 for the 100th Birthday of the city of Fort Payne, Alabama. Those three concerts collectively cost him $16 million. After this we shared the answers. Although you might celebrate your birthday every year, your actual birthday only occurs once every 7 years!

It happens when the person's age and the date of the day they were born is the same. It is thought that birthday celebrations originated in the Roman Empire.

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